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FAST 1 - Florida's Awesome Summer Tourney - July 17-20, 2008 (Register Online NOW!!!)

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Sep 29, 2007
UCF (Orlando, FL)
For discussion, questions, etc. on this tournament please go to the tournament listings thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=164840

With the recent announcement of the cancellation of FC this summer, I have decided to work on hosting a large scale tournament which will hopefully meet the size and scope of other large out -of-state tournaments, here in Central Florida. The tournament will run a course of 4 days, during which time, we hope to offer several different events in both Melee and Brawl. Here are the details that I am looking at right now:

Dates: Thursday July 17, 2008 to Sunday July 20, 2008

Location: The Central Florida YMCA, the Y will be able to offer us not only a huge basketball court to have the main event, but also a smaller room for check-in and registration, and the Lockheed Martin center, complete with multiple laptops, displays, and projectors.

Also, there's showers, so don't stink up the joint!!:laugh:


814 W. Oak Ridge Road
Orlando, FL 32809


too lazy, i'lll do it later, mapquest, qq nubs

**Possible schedule of events!** (NOTE: ALL EVENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME)

Day 1: Thursday July 17, 2008

11:00 AM - Registration/Check In, Online Confirmation

1:00 PM - Super Smash Bros. Melee Doubles tournament

When Doubles ends, either 1st round of singles pools will begin or Crew battles, depends on how much time doubles takes.

Day 2: Friday July 18, 2008

11:00 AM - Check In for Singles (Check in will only happen if singles did not start the day before)

1:00 PM - Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles Tournament (If pools start the day before, we will continue pools during this time, then progress into brackets). At the end of the tournament, people can play until the venue closes for the day.

Day 3: Saturday July 19, 2008

11:00 AM - Check in registration for Doubles (are you seeing a pattern in the schedules yet??)

1:00 PM - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Doubles Tournament (again, we can start singles early if time permits, otherwise we can do Brawl crew battles).

Day 4: Sunday July 20, 2008

11:00 AM - Check in for Singles (again this will only be if singles did not start the day before, although we will do fast check ins to make sure people did not mysteriously disappear between rounds).

1:00 PM - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Singles Tournament

**If there is any spare time at all during the tournament, we will host random/low tier tournaments provided there is enough interest**

ALSO, let me know if you guys want 64, we can find setups, its just about whether or not people want it.

End of Tournament


Super Smash Bros. Melee

•4 stock
•2/3 sets
•3/5 finals
•8 minute time limit
•Items off
•Ties broken by lives, then %
•First stage agreed upon or random
•Dave’s Stupid Rule (DSR): No stage may be used twice in a single set if the counter-picking player has already won on that stage.
•Double Blind character pick can be called at anytime.
•Stage Knock Out: Each person may choose one stage to be disabled for the entire set, it must be chosen at the beginning of the set, after initial characters are chosen.
•Advanced Slob Picks: Loser may choose the next stage or select to go random. The winner may then change their character, followed by the loser.
•Bring your own controller
•Controller Mods, Glitches (IC Freeze Glitch, Mewtwo Soul Stunner, etc), and tactics used to stall a match (wall-bombing, rising pound), are banned.
•Team Attack will be ON
•Life stealing allowed

Wobbling is allowed until 150 percent, in which case it is considered stalling the match.

The Mages DQ Rule is applicable when a player is late for a match and it goes as follows:
2 Minutes Late – Warning
4 Minutes Late – Loss of first match of set
6 Minutes Late – Loss of set
(i <3 the mages rule)

- Singles Stages on random – Final Destination, Dream Land 64, Fountain of Dreams, Battlefield, Yoshi’s Story And Pokemon Stadium.
- Singles Stages Banned - Hyrule Temple, Yoshi 64, Fourside, Icicle Mountain, Flatzone, Venom, Brinstar Depths, Big Blue, Great Bay, onnett Princess Peach's Castle, Great bay, Yoshi's island (pipes), Mushroom Kingdom 1/2

All other levels open for counterpicks.

Regional crews rules

10 players per region
40 stock
stadium, fd, dreamland=randoms
if you pick a specific level, the opponent has the opportunity to switch chars. otherwise each crew will have everyone write down predetermined characters and who goes first.
The first stage is random or agreed on.

all crews will play each other in a round robin. best record of wins and losses win. If two crews die, aka go 4-1 or something, whoever won the head to head wins. If somehow the head to heads off set in a 3 way tie, winner will be determined by # of stock.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Rules= Stock
Stock = 3
Handicap = Off
Damage Ratio = 1.0
Friendly Fire = On
Self-destruct = -1
Items = Off
Best 2/3
Finals best 3/5


Final Destination
Yoshi's Island
Lylat Cruise


Pokemon Stadium 1
Luigi's Mansion
Delfino Plaza
Castle Siege
Pirate Ship
Frigate Orpheon
Rainbow Cruise


Pipes (Yoshi's Island - Melee)
Distant Planet
Green Greens
Green Hill Zone
Jungle Japes
Pokemon Stadium 2
Bridge of Eldin
Big Blue
Mario Circuit
Shadow Moses Island
Port Town
Mushroomy Kingdom
Rumble Falls
New Pork City
Mario Bros. Old
Flat Zone 2
Hyrule Temple
Spear Pillar

Regional crews rules (there haven't been any real crew battles yet, so there's not real specific rules, but i'll just use the melee rules with changes in stages.

10 players per region
30 stock
fd, battlefield, smashville = randoms
yoshis/lylat/PS1 = counterpicks
if you pick a specific level, the opponent has the opportunity to switch chars. otherwise each crew will have everyone write down predetermined characters and who goes first.
The first stage is random or agreed on.

all crews will play each other in a round robin. best record of wins and losses win. If two crews die, aka go 4-1 or something, whoever won the head to head wins. If somehow the head to heads off set in a 3 way tie, winner will be determined by # of stock.


All prizes are going to be some form of currency, most likely it will be a percent of the pot to be determined later, or a fixed prize, but we hopefully want to give out at least 10 thousand in prizes. Also, I want to pay to a lot of places also, sooooo yea, the more people show up, the more money, ya dig?

Other stuff/Misc. crap


**The following packages and offers may change at any moment, especially individual registration, we may later abandon it for a full package in order to minimize loss of expenses**

You may have noticed in the schedule, that there are 2 hour check-in periods for all 4 days. That may change depending on whether or not we can have online registration, but irregardless, there will be separate fees and registrations for each event. Even though brawl is new, we have to accept the fact that some people will come just to play melee (in fact we're counting on that to bring in lots of OOS'ers), and also that some people won't want to play melee, but instead will come to play brawl, since they know they would just get ***** in melee. So, we're gonna set up things like this:


Melee/Brawl events

Ok, so for the prices the breakdown is this:

Singles events will be $25 dollars each.
Doubles events will be $40 dollars per team (each person will have to pay $20)

In addition, a mandatory $10 dollar per-person fee is included in all events. The prices shown reflect the fee, the fee is per event so each event price is the final price.

Alternative package


This covers the following:

Brawl singles ($15)
Brawl doubles ($10)
Melee singles (15)
Melee doubles ($10)
Venue fee ($10)

ALL CREW BATTLES ARE SEPARATE FEES! They will be 5 dollars per person, per crew, according to rules, each crew must have 10 people, therefore it will be 50 dollars per crew. You can pay for crew battles the day of, there will be no online registration for them.

Online Registration

Registration is handled by Acteva, an event management and registration group. You can now register here:


The prices indicated are the prices here, unfortunately there is a processing fee, which varies based on how much the tickets cost (so the 20 dollar ticket will only have 1.25 fee while the 60 dollar package will have 2.82). Please make sure to answer the question below (i think it will force you to anyways).

There are no refunds, so do not buy anything unless you commit to go!!!

Registration is Visa and Master Card only for now, I will see about getting PayPal up later.

This tournament is still in early stages, but it will happen, don't be fooled, this is gonna be the biggest tournament ever, tell all your friends, tell everyone you've ever met to come, I don't care how bad they are at smash, they need to be here!!!

Right now, I want opinions people, ideas, suggestions, I'm open to anything, hit me with your best shot, I want this tournament to be run exactly as people want, no screw ups, aight!?

Possible Attendance/ Pot Size

Basically, as far as attendance/pot stuff goes, this list is compiled of people who either posted/were mentioned in the three separate threads on boards right now. Even if you're not sure, or it's like a "i'll be able to go if hell freezes over thing", i'll still put your name down, cause i want everybody here no matter what. So i'm pretty much putting everybody's name down lol. With that being said, here's da list:

1. Frames
2. Honors
3. Mankosuki
5. Fenrir VII
6. SheerMadness
7. derf
8. JackHouser
9. hungrybox
10. OTRU...
11. GameDragonX
12. C@sh Mooney
13. everlasting yayuhzz
14. Kidd01
15. Eggz
16. Toubz
17. Atlus8
18. Revolutionary1804
19. Shmooguy
20. RockCrock
21. lime_backwards
22. killer tofu
23. QueenDVS
24. Pritch
25. purekorea
26. Hylian
27. Nick Riddle
28. ESAM
29. TheManaLord
30. Diego
31. xYz
32. Dop/Splinter/WTA
33. ColBol
34. BO!
35. TBP!
36. R.I.P.
37. TheLaw
38. Rx-
39. Finch
40. kiwiii
41. MattDotZeb
42. kirkq
43. Gimpyfish62
44. Lambchops
45. dguy6789
46. Evil_Peach 18
47. festizzio (REGISTERED!!!)
48. BentNapkins
49. Rohins
50. DJ Combo
51. TheZhuKeeper
52. Silent Wolf
53. Chip.
54. Deva
55. JTB
56. Kira
57. The Game II
58. Linguini
59. Laijin
60. Raistlin
61. DaRkNeSsOfHeArT
62. S4MUS4theWInN
63. Tsunami157
64. Gerbil
65. h1roshi
66. Atomic_Punk
67. Dark Sonic
68. Rob_West
69. Envy
70. BossMagnet
71. Marin
72. Zoro
73. uuaa
74. bluray
75. at&t
76. kyon
77. vericz
78. legion
79. action *******
80. leafgreen386
81. CultofRubrik
82. BladeofApollo
83. Ares
84. Harriet the Guy
85. Wizkid
86. Captain Crunch
87. GA Peach
88. PaperstSoapCo
89. 2-Tone
90. SmashMac
91. Sworddancer9034
92. Renth
93. xxhvosukexx
94. Lavos
95. DaShizWiz
96. KeepSpeedN
97. Handorin
98. Kamano
99. UltimateShinigami
100. OffTheChain
101. HugS
102. Samus_Abe
103. XGShadowstar
104. SamDvds
105. nice1
106. Boxob
107. Kraz
108. many 37
109. Rend
110. dsoli
111. Rutger
112. person 701
113. Angry Lobster
114. Shai Hulud
115. Chexr
116. Eci4
117. LozanoGarbanzo
118. Gmoney
119. C-PO
120. J-SON
121. AMR
122. Jesus
123. Lukas
124. XOFF
125. ReDD
126. TBAR
127. Tetsuo
128. Broke
129. Jono
130. BL
131. RTKO
132. Necro
133. Kei-Kei
134. araknophobik
135. Fizz-sama
136. Prac352
137. MarsFool!
138. The Alpha Gundam
139. Miztik
140. Monk/Honkey/Banana
141. 8-bit
142. Afro Thundah
143. smashplayer16
144. Ballistics
145. Sethlon (REGISTERED!!!)
146. Tom
147. dogy samich
148. I Am Infinity
149. PolMex23
150. Cort
151. D3ltaPunk
152. Vicious Delicious
153. daisey
154. Teczero
155. soap
156. WWJasonD
157. MrPBody
158. Tears of Sephiroth
159. ashes
160. Dobs1007
161. sumtime
162. Ranjiz
163. Kyon Owitawa
164. Superstar
165. Proteus
166. 19666falcon
167. skrach8
168. Jx31
169. StripesOrBars
170. IShotLazer
171. OffTheChain
172. TheReflexWonder
173. HRNUT
174. CO18
175. Lounge805
176. Fearless
177. Loto
178. crispyone
179. Force
180. nevershootme
181. Duchock
182. Gindler
183. forkgirl
184. quatripain

Ok, maybe not ALL of these people are coming for sure, but they've expressed interest, which is a start! :)

IF THEY DID, however, here's the estimated total pot size @ 60 dollars a person (assuming everyone pays for all events):

$11,040, to be distributed among 4 events.

Let's keep it up people! :):)


Smash Journeyman
Oct 4, 2005
Epsom, Surrey, UK
Quite ambitious, Florida hasn't had a nationwide tournament since MLG hosted in around 04, 05 much less doing a major tournament alone. I would suggest you post this on the tournament listings if you haven't already to promote this tournament and convince them that it will be a great tournament. This will help you get out of staters to come to FL. Usually major tournaments need 2-3 months notice minimal so people can plan. The only disadvantage with FL as it always been since the beginning of smash is it's location, but I'll wish you the best of luck!


Sep 29, 2007
UCF (Orlando, FL)
Yea, it's in listings, and i'm gonna try and hype this as much as possible :hype hype:.

Stupid bottom right corner of the US, either way, florida offers a lot, and it's about time people see that. Floridaaaa step it up, and help get people here! :colorful:


Smash Master
Aug 18, 2005
Lol Florida doesn't need out of state to have a 200 person brawl tourney. Florida's brawl scene has to be 1 of if not the biggest in the country.

Good idea though Frames. Also what about holding it in the big Pegasus Ballroom?


Smash Ace
Jun 1, 2005
gainesville, fl
.....it might be hard for me to miss school friday. is it possible to maybe start doubles later friday evening or something? or failing that, start singles saturday

i mean id love to go at least for the melee part

edit: while i would still prefer a later start time on friday (didnt FC start during the evening on the first day so people could fly in that day?), both my summer classes have online feeds, so personally theres a good chance im ok


Sep 29, 2007
UCF (Orlando, FL)
Lol Florida doesn't need out of state to have a 200 person brawl tourney. Florida's brawl scene has to be 1 of if not the biggest in the country.

Good idea though Frames. Also what about holding it in the big Pegasus Ballroom?
200? That's like nothing, I wanna break the bank, son!! I want like 500 or something crazy, plus this'll give us a chance to show just how good Florida is. As for pegasus ballroom, that's option 2 if for some reason this doesn't work out, and i've already looked into booking space there as well.

EDIT: Pegasus is out, they're doing orientation that weekend.


Sep 29, 2007
UCF (Orlando, FL)
Well the thing is, i want a lot of people to come, and i know that there's enough dedicated brawl players in FL we could get 200 easy for brawl, but the melee's what's gonna really bring in the OOSers, so i decided to have those events first.

As for the dates, I've been thinking of alternatives, I don't want to conflict with school, but unfortunately I can't do 4 events in one weekend, or people would die from 2 days of non-stop playing with no breaks, and even then that's only what 48 hours? Still couldn't do all that, plus friendlies and other shenanigans. We could capitalize on the speed of melee and probably do doubles and singles in one day, but that might still be too much depending on attendance. If we got it to 3 days, i would probably do this:

friday - melee
sat - brawl dubs
sun- brawl singz

But then why does melee only get one day, it should deserve two , plus that would leave no time for crew battles and such. Another idea for that week would be this:

thursday - melee dubz
fri- melee singz
sat - brawl dubz
sun - brawl singz

This is the same setup FC was going to have, and I think that it's good, but if people have school, it's going to be hard to miss 2 days in a row, whereas with the fri/mon schedule hopefully you'll have time to find out what you missed, and what you're going to miss on monday, IDK it's just something to think about, lemme know wat you guys think.

C@sH Mooney

Smash Master
Apr 4, 2007
Probably playing TF2.
Frames your amazing. <3

I'll be here, no matter how bad of a game brawl is(imo at least).

And for melee :)

3+ days of smash? **** yeah =D

Frames, this belongs in tourney listings, not the AS. ;)


Smash Hero
Sep 16, 2005
Combo Status Island
washingtonnnnnnn ^___^

washington vs FL crew battle MM

may the most technical mofuggaz win
im gonna advertise to my negroz now


Smash Apprentice
Mar 13, 2008
Miami, FL
yo im so down. but i dnt unstand why there are more counterpick stages then neutral stages. like castle siege, that level is ghey...
but yea i shall come trough. my boi is also down we rep fa da DADE COUNTY!


Smash Journeyman
Dec 22, 2005
Frames and I are probably going tomorrow or today I guess to see about to room. We'll keep you guys posted.


Not even death can save you from me
Sep 9, 2004
Switch FC
I am going to bring all of texas to this.

All of them.

All of Gamefaqs as well.



Jan 3, 2006
This looks amazing. I'll at least go for Brawl singles...I'll try for Melee singles too! Oh, and I'll bring ESAM for whichever ones he can come to!
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