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  • My personal cell number is 504-320-7961. I have my own GC controller for Project M, and I'm working on getting it.
    Yes... There WILL b Melee feat Green Mario and Ballistics


    phone number.

    I play both games. although I like brawl slightly more. but if you just wanna play melee ill definitely play with you.
    Hey man, I'm back in Panama City if you want to smash sometime. I messaged Zone so I think we may play sometime soon.
    you know, I had no idea you were talking to me because you weren't responding to me on my page >__>

    Just click view convo and done. respond.
    Yeah, but I don't know exactly how when/how long, as if my cash situation is reasonable I'll probably be roadtripping it over to jacksonville and/or random central fl locations (I'll definitely be hitting up the melee gigs in orlando). Hook me up with some contact info (and probably remind me closer to the actual break) and I'll try to hit you up when I'm in town.

    You'll find PC to be much less interesting smash-wise than gainesville, though. There's only 2 other competent people to my knowledge (though at least with you there we'll be able to have teams games without having to recruit random scrubs). Nothing like playing with exarch, derf, rock, and etc though. Incidentally, tell exarch I said hi.
    Hey man. I was looking at the Florida thread and saw that you're one of the few melee players from Panama City.

    I go to UF in Gainesville but I'll be in PC over Christmas and will be looking for some more serious people to play with. Are you going to be there during Christmas break?
    The tally PTQ was last weekend. Makes it a little hard to attend at this point.

    Besides, I don't have a lot of current stuff atm - I got a lot poorer right around when ravnica rotated out. I keep playing because the people at my shop are cool and let me borrow stuff, but obviously that's not a privilege I can just extend to anyone.

    I'm gonna probably go to the Tallahasse PTQ>the orlando one. its only an extra hour anyways.

    I just noticed the ptq isn't limited. wtf? since when is a ptq not limited >_____>

    anyways. I need to build something, because I'm going to Berlin regardless. Do you have any stuff for kithkin that I can borrow? Or something simple to build like that.
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