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Dr. Mario World Is Coming Soon


Joining the growing Nintendo mobile library is our very own resident doctor, Dr. Mario!

Dr. Mario World is an upcoming free-to-play game available for smartphones that pits you, Dr. Mario, against a variety of viruses. This game will feature green, purple, a cyan viruses along with the classic red, yellow, and blue. Just like the classic Dr. Mario games, the objective is to eliminate as many viruses using multi-colored pills. However, there's a big departure from the series’ traditional formula; the pills will float upwards instead of downwards.

Lining up the same colored pill with three or more viruses will eradicate them, so it’s important to strategize. Players move the pill by using a drag and drop method. The pill can also rotate or go faster when it’s tapped. However, unlike other Dr. Mario games, you have a limited number of pills, so plan wisely. Dr. Mario World features new weapons such as red shells and colored bombs to aid you in your fight against the virus horde. These items are triggered by placing a certain colored pill, which can destroy viruses in a line or within a set radius.

In order to play a stage, you must use at least one heart which are replenished over time or by spending in-game currency called Diamonds. You can purchase more Diamonds using real currency. There are stages available including grassland, desert, beach, ghost, and sky-themed worlds. There are sure to be more stages added in the months prior to launch and possibly as updates for the game.

One of the more exciting new features is that Dr. Mario isn’t the only one fighting viruses and taking names! An all-star cast is here to join our medical experts, Dr, Luigi, Dr. Peach, Dr. Toad, Dr. Yoshi, and Dr. Bowser are all here to help them out! I’m glad to see Bowser doing some actual good in the world! Each character has their own power ups that allow them to deal with these pesky viruses! Maybe we might see Dr. Rosalina, Dr. Bird or, gasp, Dr. Waluigi.

The Dr. Mario World app will be made available for iOS and Android on July 10th, 2019. Pre-orders are available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

Author’s Note: Are you excited about Dr. Mario World? Who do you want to be seen doctor-fied? I personally want to see Dr. Bowsette and Dr. Gooigi! What worlds do you want to see included? Let us know in the comment section!
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Venus of the Desert Bloom


I want to try the game out, yeah.

Would be cool to see DKC characters like DK, Cranky or K.Rool as doctors through future updates.
Nintendo is really jumping on board with these ****ty mobile games, huh?

I mean, I don't blame them since they make money, but it is kind of annoying that they've been saying since the beginning "we're not gonna make mobile games like everyone else!" and then proceed to do exactly that with Mario Kart Tour and now Dr. Mario World except they have Mario characters so they get praise for it.
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I'm a huge Dr. Mario fan so I'm of course excited to try this.

Never been this excited for a mobile game, even though it doesn't play exactly like the real Dr. Mario game.
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