Delzethin Breaks Down Piranha Plant's Moveset

piranha plant.jpg

Now that Piranha Plant is in players' hands and the community has had a chance to get a feel for the character, we're starting to see more and more content focused on the character. As with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's previous newcomers, Delzethin has put together a breakdown of Piranha Plant's moveset. While not an in depth guide, it does provide a decent overview of the character's design and overall playstyle.

Generally there seems to be a trend towards verticality with Piranha Plant's moveset, with decent burst speed but average to sub par sustained movement on the ground, strong anti-air options, and somewhat slow aerials that seem more suited to finishing combos than ending them. The character still has some strong options for controlling space on the ground, from a down-smash that hits surprisingly hard to a side special that's useful for covering approaches.

Author's Note: What are your thoughts on Piranha Plant so far?


Piranha Plant is surprisingly fun to use. I hope he gets the Mewtwo treatment: first dlc character that is bad at launch but manages to get top tier thanks to buffs. Btw NES skin best skin.
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