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Brawl, Melee & Project M APEX 2014 Results - January 17-19, 2014 - Somerset, NJ


Sep 30, 2012
Tucson, Arizona
sad i went 2-0 in my pool for pm but it's w/e. thought there would be setups for the friendly room instead of it being "hope you can manage to take a setup or two and have friendlies with 30+ people" room.

@ Vixen Vixen - i commend your dedication to hacking and setting up all of the wiis and tv. i clocked out after like 3 hrs but you kept going the entire night. major props
The worst part is that people still ****ing complained. Like, what was the point of all the work of supplying all the set ups if everyone is just going to john?


Jul 22, 2008
Bloomsburg, PA
I know it's a little late but I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to whoever thought it would be a good idea to stick their sd card into my wii's disc drive. As it turns out, this does not load P:M but in fact makes it pretty much impossible for the wii to read any disc based game (but hey, how would we have known if nobody tried?)

So anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the free sd card.

Grey Belnades

The Imperial Aztec
Jan 20, 2009
Brawley, CA

It's time for late late shout-outs!

To my roomies (AlexoftheAura, Jellybean, Paper, Tekkie, Vermanubis, and Zeonix) - I had a blast rooming with you guys. I hope you all had at least a good time and I am really sorry I was sick. I'm also sorry I gave you my sickness if you got it.

AlexoftheAura - I hope we've reached an understanding that my Ganon is superior (next to Verm's). It was nice meeting you again and if you want that controller, I can ship it to you.
Jellybean - I'm sadden to hear you turned to the dark side but I'm glad you're doing well in it. You really improved from the last time we've played. I'm also glad Raptor kicked you out of his room because you ended up staying with me and it was great.
Paper - Mah boi Paper. I'm glad you were able to make it to Apex man. I am looking forward to the next time we meet.
Tekkie - It was nice to meet you again. You really saved me with the cough drops and Emergen-C powder. You are awesome to room with and if I ever make it to the EC again, I hope to meet you again.
Vermanubis - You were such a total blast. From the conversation about sleep paralysis to the difference between Black and Death Metal, it was nothing but fun. If we ever meet again, I look forward to updating you on my sleep paralysis adventures with the demon.
Zeonix - Thank you so much for giving us rides/pickups. I hope you had a fun time in the room. Thank you for bringing a setup. For the little that I played, I really enjoy playing Melee.

To everyone I've encountered:

DLA - You had my number but it was fun to go out with honor against you in pools/Gauntlet. Still though, I want a salty run-back in the future. The only way how: Ganon v Ganon.
Pidge AKA John Madden - Thank you so much for paying for the taxi and buying us all nachos at the diner. I still owe you a dollar though. I will make it my life's adventure to make sure you get your dollar.
ESAM - Thanks for ordering the appetizer for the whole table. Also, that chowder soup looked heart stopping good.
Vixen and the staff working in the room at 1 AM Friday - I thank you guys for the hard work you had to do to prepare the event. Modding the Wiis, bringing in the TVs, and setting it all up - the mission was intense. I'm sorry I only helped for I think like an hour or two but I was sick and I had gone almost 3 days without sleep. Apex was saved by you guys.
Alex Strife - Shout-outs for hosting an excellent event.
To the room ESAM was staying in - I don't remember who it was but thank you for offering White Castle burgers. They were delicious and now I can see why people like them.
Mike Kirby - It is just fun messing with you but I loved meeting you again.
Bam - Tagging along with you and Verm was an intriguing turn on Sunday. The conversation you and Verm had at the diner was engaging and the pancakes made it a treat to go along with it.
Goofball - You drunkenly barging in my room and talking nonsense brought the room a chuckle. I don't know if you remember but thanks for the laughs.
Guy who drank too much and passed out on ground with his bare ass out - Yeah....that was a surprise to open up the door to.
Player 1 - I never thought I'd be so disgusted watching a pools match. That poor kid...
Shdw - Thank you for not nadoing me to death.
Rizner - Thank you for teaming with me. I'm sorry we didn't do that well. I hope you at least had fun.
Tyrant - Damn man. I always seem to run into you at any tourney I attend. We gotta play sometime or at least do something.
R-U Hungry - Thank you for delivering. You saved my Apex experience.

I'm sorry if I forgot anyone. My memory's a little fuzzy from being sick but if I met you in someway or form at Apex, shout-out to you. I'm also sorry if anyone got sick on my account. If it makes any of you feel better, I ended up catching the flu back home.


Smash Cadet
Jan 27, 2011
Not Milwaukee, WI
Somehow I completely missed this, but s/o to the guy who told me arm hair was sexy. Unfortunately, I give that line a 0/10 and would not recommend using that on any other girl ever.

Also this was my first Apex and I thought it was pretty darn okay! Yay!


((((((((((( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) gotta go fast!
Jul 13, 2011
Pidge AKA John Madden - Thank you so much for paying for the taxi and buying us all nachos at the diner. I still owe you a dollar though. I will make it my life's adventure to make sure you get your dollar.
This basically guarantees I will be at apex 2015
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