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3/23/13 - SMYM 14 Vids Kels Trail Matt R Dart Jace and P:M!


Smash Lord
May 4, 2006
Madison, WI
Results Thread

Melee Singles
GF Kels vs Trail
LF Trail vs Matt R
WF Kels vs Matt R
Jace vs Dart
Jace vs AnDeLe
Jace vs Sanchaz
Jace vs Hindawg
Jace vs Ripple
Ripple vs Oranos
Sanchaz vs Arty
Arty vs Modern
Shinobi vs Scythe

Melee Teams
GF Tink & Kels vs Frootloop & ORLY
LF Frootloop & ORLY vs Matt R & Tom R
WF Tink & Kels vs Frootloop & ORLY
LS Matt R & Tom R vs Sanchaz & Mundungu
Sanchaz & Mundungu vs Shinobi & Bieber
Kels & Tink vs Frootloop & ORLY
Frootloop & ORLY vs Shinobi & Bieber
Scythe & John9Blue vs Fluxwolf & Meneks

Project M Singles
P:M Vids uploaded by Metoid
Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF7EpQS-96inGL3OJCDec4qkNzBZJjGwT

WB1 - Fishburne (Ness) vs Scythe (Wolf)
WB1 - metroid (Ike) vs Arty (Ganon)
WB2 - Dart (Marth) vs Scythe (Wolf)
WB2 - metroid (Ike) vs Kirk (Bowser)
WS - Dart (Marth) vs Kirk (Bowser)
WS - ORLY (Fox) vs Oro (ZSS)
WF - Oro (ZSS) vs Dart (Marth)
LB3 - Kels (Fox/Falco) vs metroid (Charizard)
LQ - Kirk (Bowser) vs Strong Bad (DK)
LS - metroid (Ike) vs Strong Bad (DK)
LF - Oro (ZSS) vs Strong Bad (DK/Fox)
GF - Dart (Marth) vs Oro (ZSS)

PM Doubles (Playlist)
WF - ORLY (Bowser) + Strong Bad (DK) vs Scythe (Ganon) + Kirk (Bowser)
LB3 - metroid (Charizard) + Nap (G&W) vs KOKingpin (Ganon) + Mr. Pickle (Wario)
LS - Kels (Falco) + Tink (Marth) vs Nap (G&W) + metroid (Charizard)
LF - ORLY (Bowser) + Strong Bad (DK) vs Tink (Marth/Fox) + Kels (Falco/Fox)
GF - ORLY (Bowser) + Strong Bad (DK) vs Scythe (Ganon) + Kirk (Bowser)

PM Singles Pools
Pool 1
metroid (Ike) vs Hoeffler (Luigi)
metroid (Ike) vs Oven (Peach)

Pool 3
Sanchaz (Fox) vs Anon1 (Falco)
Schwick (Lucario/Diddy) vs GooeyBanana (Wario)
Sanchaz (Fox) vs Schwick (Diddy)

Project M Friendlies (Playlist)
Nap (G&W) vs Scythe (Wolf) 1-2
Nap (G&W) vs Rat (Squirtle) 1-3
metroid (Ike) vs Mr. Pickle (Wario) 1-3
metroid (Ike) vs Alex (Wolf) 1-3
metroid (Charizard) vs Mr. Pickle (Wario) 1-5
metroid (Charizard) vs Alex (Wolf) 1-4
metroid (Charizard) vs Alex (Falco) 1


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2008
East Peoria, Illinois
Was your setup recording during Melee pools by chance? I had some reallyyyy close matches that whole pool that I'd love to rewatch if they're available. No biggie if not :)

Strong Badam

Super Elite
Feb 27, 2008
Hey Mundungu, do you plan to upload the crew battle from SCSYN5?
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