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  • Hey im from MIlwaukee and i have been looking to play competitive Smash for a while now but i noticed there is not a community of dedicated players here .. :/ i seen you are from Madison would you happen to know anyone from milwaukee or the closest thing is in Madison ?
    let me know what we can do about the controller converter thing? call whenever, or just message back
    yo brah I hear the other mn car is staying with sanchez so its just gonna me flux and moe prolly at your house maybe amanze but that doesn't matter anyways just wanted to get your adress and ****
    I think I'm gonna swap to AT&T.
    And you didn't answer my other question about uploading the videos. At least put my Roy up!
    I didn't have problems either until I went inside. What carrier do you have? (Since I need a new phone I should get the works inside my apt.)
    Also when you uploaden dem vidz?
    whatz up, this is sanchaz, do you go to any of viperboy's smashfests or tourneys, if you do, do you have a extra spot in your car for me, I can help pay for the gas plus possibly bring a setup.
    Hey man, me and penj are looking to smash. I saw that you were online. What does the rest of your day today look like, and what about the upcoming weekend (7/19)?
    Yo mundungu, you still play melee at all? Been a long time, it'd be fun to get in some matches some time soon.
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