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Recent content by Mundungu

  1. Mundungu

    WI Thread

    I'm guessing #8 (since there's a peach there). I actually know the whole list except #5 I think. Chansen, you should come to a Thursday or Friday fest. Let me know if you want to play sometime.
  2. Mundungu

    Madison Wisconsin Smash

    We play weekly on Thursday and Friday nights. Thursdays are downtown on Campus, Fridays are on the west side off of University Ave. We'll probably be taking a break next week, but let me know if you're interested in the future and I can PM you some addresses.
  3. Mundungu

    The Big House 4 Results [Oct 4-5, 2014 - Romulus, MI]

    Shoutouts to everyone I played, and props to the Ann Arbor TO staff for this awesome tournament. I still have not had any luck finding my setup after the tournament. The whole thing went MIA after the end of the event, so please PM me if you accidentally took it by mistake. The setup is a...
  4. Mundungu

    WI Thread

    lol good to hear. I'll talk to them this weekend.
  5. Mundungu

    WI Thread

    What the heck, haven't seen you around in years! Crashman and Sauce live here in Madison. I haven't played them in a few months, but they play casually still.
  6. Mundungu

    WI Thread

    Gary Oak on Stream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sew3ohHYN1Y
  7. Mundungu

    WI Thread

    Yep, we still play on Thursday nights. We've also been playing on Friday nights, but its a bit more crowded.
  8. Mundungu

    Minnesota Melee Power Rankings: Summer Season Update (April 20th-August 31st)

    Does this mean no one uses the secret MN forums anymore?
  9. Mundungu

    WI Thread

    Thanks for hosting, it was fun. Next time we won't have different teams in every event, which should make things run much smoother. Anyone else interested in the Milwaukee tournament this weekend?
  10. Mundungu

    WI Thread

    So who all is going to Iowa tomorrow? I think we might need 2 cars if a bunch of people are interested. So far I think we have me Frootloop, Alex, and Steven.
  11. Mundungu

    WI Thread

    I'm going to a local tournament in Iowa this weekend, so I won't be able to make it.
  12. Mundungu

    WI Thread

    I will bring a melee and PM setup. I'll be bringing NBA Jam too.
  13. Mundungu

    4/12/2014 - IMDB11 Madison, WI Results

    IMDB11 Results Tournament Thread Melee Singles (59 entrants) 1: Frootloop 2: Tom R 3: ORLY 4: Sveet 5: Richardo 5: Good Kenneth 7: Quaz 7: Tapion 9: John9Blue 9: Sago 9: Mundungu 9: Yadam 13: Zexy Swami 13: Ferronatr 13: Gibby 13: Fade 17: Zicore 17: Jon 17: PGH_Housewife 17: Dire Drop 17...
  14. Mundungu

    [Apr 12, 2014] IMDB 11: Madison, WI - 4/12/2014 (Madison, WI)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1j4IEMzyKI Results Thread is up
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