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  • I THINK I have a disc, but I'll probably get one used or something if I don't when I get paid on the 8th. But I want to try for like a month or two of getting my *** kicked and seeing how bad it gets. I feel like if I can get anywhere close to the level I play Brawl I might be able to at least get mid level at melee.

    My schedule is pretty hectic this semseter. I work every other weekend for like 30 hours over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and the weekends I don't I usually am hosting/attending brawl tournaments. However, Mondays I am free pretty much until I have to go to class at 2pm, Thursday I'm free until I have to leave for class at 5pm, and Friday I'm pretty much free all day until I have to work at 930pm. So after I get my basics down, it would be hype if we try to play like Monday and Friday a couple hours each time or something if you're down. I'd like to fest it up for a while though before I decide if I want to dive into full tourney mode
    oh my back was turned so I thought that was directed at me >< that makes more sense now lol

    thanks for apologizing, that means a lot. But honestly when I look back, what you said is pretty understandable lol I'm sure it was really annoying to play me with people cheering me on and hearing all that outside interference. So definitely don't feel bad or anything

    yeah and definitely ggs in our sets, you're reeally dang good at that game >< can't wait to play you more at upcoming tourneys
    hey pal good job in smash64. I dont know who was cheering for you in grand finals but im guessing you are friends and i called him some names after i lost because he was SOOO annoying when we were playing. I should have just told him to stop though instead of being a **** about it. Apologies over the internet are silly but idk if I will ever see either of you again. I hope so though i will look for you at any melee tournament im at so we can play some more 64. those sets were awesome
    lol jace i love you but you got to stop trying to spend the club money. you arent even by JCCC standards a part of the club
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