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Perfect Duck
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    Why is the dragon in your avi so cute? :3
    Hey could you pick me up today from the Johnson County Library. I can play smash at your place
    Perfect Duck I made it back home from church! let me know when you ready ok. :)
    FC 1805-4015-6048
    Hey buddy! where are you buddy! Let's do this challenge buddy!
    Your my next opponent Perfect Duck it's an honor to meet you! :) Let's make this an epic battle ok buddy. :) FC 1805-4015-6048
    Hello, if you have received this message, you have entered for the Pro Brawl Tourney(s) November Tournament. Since we almost have about 64 competitors, the draw will come out on Friday. The rules are stated in the group "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)." So be prepared to play.
    well looks like we need to play today so ill do my best to be on as much as i can
    Well the deadline passed buddy, and I believe you told me that you cannot play on weekdays. So should I just give the win to Jimbo? Or you think you can arrange a time today?
    Sorry my adapter got held up so I withdraw from the tournament but maybe we can brawl sometime just let add you to my contacts so I'll add you just one question do you want to enter my doubles tournament? It has random partners and you get to keep your partner and if you want more info or to join message me okay bye.
    Hey Perfect Duck there may be a chance that I'll have wifi Friday or Saturday are will you be free?
    PerfectDuck I think my connection will be setup on thursday but I'll keep you posted if you if it' s sooner or later okay bye.
    Hey, Perfect Duck I'am SonicX580 I'am your opponent for round 1 I think I can brawl next sunday that's the deadline and I will keep you posted sorry i can't brawl you immediatley my lan adapter got delayed. pm me when you get this message.
    Hello, getting this message means you have signed up for the tournament. Since we now have 64 people, the tournament will start as of today. Keep checking the social group "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)," for a draw will soon be posted on it. Once you know your opponent, arrange a time to play with him/her, and give me the results at the end of the match. Check the rules if you don't remember.

    P.S. (very important) Make sure you tell me the score of your win or loss for example, 3-0, 3-2, etc
    Hey, there's a big online tournament from MLG ($7500). I think we should team (I would avoid jace only because he has HUGE online lag :p)
    Olimar + ROB ftw?
    get back to me on AIM if you can ;)

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