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”Monster Hunter Joins the Hunt!” Smashboards’ Monster Hunter Series Analysis

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of the Monster Hunter potential downloadable content within a Fighter Pass. Previously, we looked at the Hunter and how they could play as a fighter. In this part, we will look at what kind of content both the retro and modern Monster Hunter could provide in Smash.


Monster Hunter Stage


Ancestral Steppe

This stage may seem familiar, as this is where players fight Rathalos as boss and originates from the Nintendo 3DS game Monster Hunter 4. While it’s tempting to draw a stage from World, I didn’t include it though as it wasn’t on a Nintendo system. The Shrine Ruins from Rise might be a potential stage, but we know little about them, so the idea was shelved. Since the players move from area to area in these games; Ancestral Steppe was designed to emulate this.

The beginning phase in Ancestral Steppe is Zone 1 which has plenty of rolling hills and easy or passive monsters. The next zone the stage will travel to is Zone 2 which is a jungle full of tall trees, vines, and a dense canopy. The third zone after that is rocky Zone 4 that is situated on cliffs of a mountain full of precipices and canyons. The fourth zone, or Felyne Village, is a rather charming zone inhabited by Felynes and Palicos. The center of Felyne Village is an altar of a red rock shaped in the head of a Felyne. The second to last zone is Zone 8, which is again a mountainous zone with tiered cliffs. The final zone is...well...the Final Zone, as it doesn’t have an official name. This is where players fight the flagship monster, Gore Magala. It comprises of a bowl covered in bones surrounded by darkened sheer cliff sides.

Next, let’s look at the monster cameos. Please note that I split the monsters between Common, Rare, or Very Rare. Common monsters will appear in groups of two or more while a single Rare monster may appear with a smaller number of Common monsters. A Very Rare monster will be the lone cameo on the stage however and won’t appear with anyone else. The monsters do not interact with the stage and are not stage hazards. Most of the monsters that appear here are in Monster Hunter 4 and occur in the Ancestral Steppe. In fact, many of them coincide with their actual zone in 4. This isn’t standard though, and the monsters have been spread out evenly to keep the zones fresh and active.

Zone 1

This relaxing zone is reminiscent of the one that Rathalos is fought on in Ultimate but with more sloping hills. There are walk-off blastlines on either side, and the right side of the stage has a raised earthen hill that serves as a secondary platform.

Cameos here include:

Zone 2


Zone 2 is a dense jungle covered in lush plants, vines, trees, and a thick forest canopy. You will wish you were back at battling it out in Zone 1, as Zone 2 is very difficult by comparison. The most notable issue is the canopy as it prevents Star KO’s. Taking an idea from The King of Fighters Stadium, the canopy will cause any launched opponents to ricochet off from it. If hit hard enough or often enough in the same spot, however, they will launch through it. The stage comprises of yet again walk-off blastlines You can see the layout here:

Cameos include:

Zone 4


Zone 4 is similar in design to Bridge of Eldin where it’s a single long platform. Unlike Bridge of Eldin and the previous two zones, though, the right side is not a walk-off blastline. The major feature of this stage is that the center of the platform has a sizable gap in it, causing players to jump over it. Another feature is that the left side has a second raised platform.

Cameos include:

Zone 10


The next zone Felyne Village, where Felynes and Palicos live in bliss and peace and the background has the Felyne shrine with various tiki torches and Felyne huts. The stage itself is simple but has its own dangers. It has a walk-off blast zone, but not in the traditional aspect since the stage lies in the middle of a flowing river with solid ground being several pieces of land on the left bank and “stepping stones” in the river. Jumping into the river can cause drowning and the right side is just plain water. There is a Felyne Hut on the left side of the bank where players can jump on and can even destroyed. However, doing so will cause the Felyne inside to become angry.

Cameos include:

Zone 8


Zone 8 is rocky but not the same red rock as Zone 4. There are several platforms with four stories like Gaur Plains but it’s important to note that the tiers are not all leveled together. The stage is rather jumbled and platforming for skills are important to traverse this location. Unlike previous zones, there aren’t any walk-off blast zones and the bottom of the size is a bottomless pit. Miss a ledge and you might fall down.

Cameos include:
Seltas, Aptonath, Gargwa, Remobra, Khezu
Rare: Seltas Queen, Rathalos
Very Rare: Chameleos

Final Zone


The Final Zone is barren and lifeless with sheer cliff sides on either side and smashing an opponent into one of these cliff sides will cause them to bounce off of it. The only way to KO an opponent is by launching them upwards. The middle of the stage has a slight indentation and is full of bones on the botrom. This zone is rather straightforward and doesn’t require much explanation.

Cameos include:
Gore Magala, Brachydios, Kirin
Very Rare: Fatalis
Extremely Rare: Crimson Fatalis, Dalamadur

Monster Hunter & Related Mii Outfits


Monster Hunter is well-known for all the armor that players can create by defeating powerful monsters. I avoided using iconic armor sets such as Rathalos and Kirin as they were included in the alternate costumes for the Hunter. Please note that each outfit involves the armor sets as male and female variations.

Zinogre Mii Swordfighter

The Zinogre is a Fanged Wyvern who first appeared in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd as its flagship monster and has the element of Thunder. Since then, it has become a staple in the series and one of the more popular monsters. This Mii Outfit wields the Usuperer’s Storm.

Nargacuga Armor Mii Swordfighter


The Nargacuga is a Flying Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and has the Water element. This monster is popular for its striking, black appearance and the difficulty of its battle. I chose both this Monster and Zinogre not only because they are popular but also to contrast each other as Zinogre has a canine appearance while Nargacuga is more feline. The weapon this Mii Outfit uses is the sword, Hidden Edge, minus the Shield combo.

Bone Armor Mii Swordfighter

Unlike the earlier two, the Bone Armor is not based on an existing Monster but on a simple theme: Bones. This is the only content included from Monster Hunter World as its appearances comes from there. The sword is the Bone Blade.

Felyne Hat

Felynes are the mascots of the series and are...well...feline-like monsters that have their own unique culture, language, customs, and society. are the closing living thing to sapient beings other than the humans found in the Monster Hunter universe. For added content, a Melynx, a subspecies of Felyne, would also fit well.

Sir Arthur Mii Swordfighter

Next, let’s look at some potential Capcom Mii outfits and Capcom has tons of characters they can offer.

The first is a Mii Swordfighter outfit of Sir Arthur from Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts. This series has been getting a lot of Capcom love lately, with Arthur appearing not only in Marvel vs Capcom 3 but also Infinite and Project X Zone and Monster Hunter Generations. He would work well as a Mii Costume because of the lance he uses in battle but made to be smaller to fit with the Mii Fighter dimensions. It would be great to see his underwear version but including that might be a bit difficult.

Viewtiful Joe Mii Brawler

The last Capcom Mii Costume that I want to focus on is our favorite superhero-loving nerd, Viewtiful Joe. After getting sucked into a movie, Viewtiful Joe went off to save his girlfriend and to fight evil using his amazing reality-bending powers. While Joe would make for an interesting playable fighter, a Mii Brawler costume is the next best thing.

Monster Hunter Spirit and Spirit Battles


Spirit Info
Class: :starman:
Ability: Weapon Attack ↑

Spirit Battle

Tiny :ultbrawler: (Cat Outfit & Headgear) x15
Stage: Ancestral Step (Zone 10 - Felyne Village)
Rules: Stock Battle
  • Opponent is distracted by items.
  • Gains more health when eating Food

The Felynes typically aid Hunters in their battles or will even cook up delicious food. They are truly man’s best friend. For the Spirit Battle, the Mii Brawler Cat Outfit makes perfect sense. Felynes also use various weapons and tools in battle, so that’s why items distract them. The opponent gaining more health after eating is a reference to how they can boost the player’s stats while in and out of battle.



Spirit Info
Class: :starman::starman:
Ability: Weapon Resist ↑

Spirit Battle
:ultyoshi: (Blue)
Stage: Ancestral Steppe (Zone 1)
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Opponent flees from combat
  • The opponent occasionally will receive an attack damage buff and will then go on the attack

The Aptonoth are large herbivores that appear to be a mix of a Parasaur, Pachycephalosaurus, Triceratops, and other dinosaur-like creatures. It’s rather slow and will run away when attacked but Alpha versions may turn and attack the Hunter if threatened. In its Spirit Battle, Yoshi is the enemy because of its dinosaur-like features and they are a species rather than an individual. Both Yoshi fleeing from combat and getting an attack buff and attacking is based on the above characteristics.


Spirit Info
Class: :starman::starman:
Ability: Enhanceable at lvl 99

Pink Rathian

Spirit Info
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Poison Immunity

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultridley: (Yellow)
Stage: Ancestral Steppe (Zone 4)
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Opponent favors the Neutral Special
  • Opponent jumps often
  • Down Special has a Poison-effect to it

The Rathian is the female counterpart of Rathalos, a monster people may be familiar with. Unlike Rathalos, it has a browner color compared to Rathalos’ red color. Also, unlike Rathalos, it’s capable of spewing multiple fireballs at once, while Rathalos can only shoot one large one. Its Spirit Battle uses Ridley despite Ridley being a male. This is because, much like Rathian, Ridley can fire multiple fireballs at once and can charge them up. The Down Special inducing poison damage is also based on Rathian’s poisoned tail attacks.


Spirit Info
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Falling Immunity

Spirit Battle
Giant :ultkrool: (Brown)
Stage: Gerudo Valley
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Stage shakes often from earthquakes
  • Opponent comes equipped with a Pitfall Seed
  • Opponent favors the Down Throw
  • Opponent favors the Down Smash
  • Opponent favors the Down Tilt

Diablos is a Flying Wyvern that first appeared in the original Monster Hunter. Diablos lives mostly in deserts and has powerful and durable scales to deflect incoming attacks with. It’s noted for its territorial and aggressive personality, but they are herbivores as they feed on the cactus found in the deserts. The inspiration for the Spirit Battle draws from these characteristics. First, King K. Rool bears a slight resemblance to this reptilian monster. K. Rool favoring attacks that can bury the opponents are also a reference to its ability to dig through the ground. This is further referenced with K. Rool starting the fight with a Pitfall Seed.


Spirit Info
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Easier Dodging

Spirit Battle
Stage: Spear Pillar (Battlefield)
Rules: Stamina Match
  • The stage is full of electricity
  • The opponent gets a random Final Smash
  • The opponent utilizes the Down Special often

The Kirin is an iconic monster found in the Monster Hunter series and has appeared in almost every game. This Elder Dragon might not seem so dracon-like given its unicorn appearance, but it in fact has scales rather than traditional fur. It has command over lightning attacks which it uses to scorch the Hunter with. In its Spirit Battle, I chose Corrin because of his light coloration. In addition, both are characters who are dragons despite them not appearing as such. Spear Pillar was chosen because Dialga and Palkia are also Dragon-types despite not looking like traditional dragons.

Lunastra & Teostra

Spirit Info
Class: :starman::starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Lava Floor Immunity (Resists the lava floor stage effect)

Spirit Battle

:ultincineroar: (Blue), :ultincineroar:
Stage: Castle Siege (Final Phase)
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Both opponents have the Superspicy Curry effect.
  • Fire attacks heals the opponents
  • If one opponent gets KO’d, the other opponent gains a big damage attack boost.

Lunastra and Teostra are Elder Dragons that first appeared in Monster Hunter 2. Lunastra is a female and Teostra is the male, so they are the same species but just gender differences. These differences are quite pronounced as the former controls blue fire while the later controls red fire. Their Spirit Battle references this by having two Incineroars on a team together. The Superspicy Curry effect is a direct reference on how these two monsters can use fire breath attacks rather than a usual fireball. Also, as a reference to the cooperative manner in World, the surviving Incineroar will gain a huge attack buff when its teammate dies.

Gore Magala

Spirit Info
Class: :starman::starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Enhanceable lvl 99

Shagaru Magala

Spirit Info
Poison Heals

Spirit Battle

:ultgreninja: (Black)
Stage: Ancestral Steppe (Final)
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Floor is poisonous.
  • The stage darkens occasionally.
  • Opponent gains increased jump and attack stats when at half health.

Gore Magala is the flagship monster of 4 and is the juvenile form of Shagaru Magala which it gets after shedding its black scales. Gore Magala is notable as it is a monster of an unknown type. It has sleek, black scales, six legs, and large wings that scatters dust around that blocks out the sun. It’s quite the mysterious creature and its Spirit Battle represents this. Greninja was chosen as Greninja is also a mysterious Pokemon and a Dark-type. The floor being poisonous and how the stage becomes dark comes from how it’s dust can poison opponents and can block out the sun. It also becomes more dangerous as the battle continues on, which is a reference to Greninja getting higher attack damage at lower health.

Lao Shan-Long

Spirit Info
Class: :starman::starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Armor Knight

Spirit Battle
Giant :ultcharizard:
Stage: Temple
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Opponent starts off with 300%
  • Opponent has superarmor
  • Opponents' walking/dashing does damage
  • Rarely attacks unless it sustains heavy damage
  • Opponent has increased weight

Lao-Shan Lung is a massive Elder Dragon first introduced in the original game. It’s one of the largest monsters ever in the series. It’s so large that it relies mostly on its massive girth to trample hunters rather than elemental abilities. It doesn’t even seem to pay attention to other hunters and seems intent on breaking down forts and settlements instead. The Spirit Battle draws from its size by making Charizard giant. Charizard won’t also attack opponents unless it gets hit with a powerful attack, but can do damage by walking or dashing. The stage, Temple, is a reference to how Lao will constantly try to attack forts and settlements to destroy them.

Monster Hunter Music

The Village of Deeply Blessed People
- Monster Hunter 2

A Door to a Hunting Life - Monster Hunter Tri

Sea and Land Tremble - Lagiacrus - Monster Hunter Tri

I Want to Dance Because I’m a Hunter - Monster Hunter Tri

Zinogre Battle Theme Monster Hunter Portable Third

Mizutsune Battle Theme - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The Cloak that Conceals the Light - Gore Magala Battle Theme - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Ancestral Steppe Battle Theme - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Imperial Wrath of the Blue Dragon - Monster Hunter Frontier G

Main Theme of Monster Hunter Stories - Monster Hunter Stories

Pondry Hills Battle 1 - Monster Hunter Stories

Shrine Ruins Theme - Monster Hunter Rise

Outside of the Fighter Pass

There is already a lot of content from Monster Hunter in Smash with Rathalos featured as both a boss and an Assist Trophy, music, and a spirit. I’m going to take a page from Palutena’s Guidance but, instead of only writing Pit's take on the Hunter, I’m going to do something different. On the Ancestral Steppe, players can find a weathered piece of parchment. Picking that up will start a Monster Dossier!

This opens up a text box over the HUD, much like Snake’s Codecs and Palutena’s Guidance. This will feature the weathered parchment (albeit translucent) and will feature a voice-over reading the text on the paper. As the reader reads it out loud, the text will slowly scroll downwards to keep up with the reader. What’s the subject about? Well, it’s about the fighter the Hunter is facing!


The Hero of Mushroom Kingdom and self-appointed Princess rescuer. In one hand, it wields a burning flame and, in another, a cape that can reflect many weapons. However, this pyromancer lacks any significant weaknesses or strengths, making it a rather balanced foe.

Threat Level: ★★★★★ (if you are a Koopa)


A princely warrior who wields the legendary sword Falchion. This blade dancer weaves in and out of battle with such dexterity and grace that it’s like watching a performance. Using a powerful attack to catch him off guard isn’t advised, as he can just use counter after counter.

Threat Level: ★★★★★ (watch out for the tip)


A miserly, greedy germ of a creature with a comically oversized mouth. Just be careful not to let yourself get chomped by it. It uses an otherworldly vehicle to get around and doesn’t seem to be able to steer it correctly. This monster can use a powerful poisonous attack that comprises a large fart. Take care, Hunter.

Threat Level: ★★★★★ (it your are weak to bad smells)


A denizen of Smashville, catcher of bugs, chopper of trees, and gold collector. The Villager is a strange anomaly that has a habit of collecting almost everything. It may look innocent enough, but behind those eyes is an evil can make a Rathalos quiver.

Threat Level: ★★★★★ (Killager….)


A space dragon with the cunning of a human and the darkness of a demon. This reptilian plague is not above devouring entire colonies and belittling his victims. Many have fallen to his powerful Plasma Breath, which can cook a Mosswine in mere minutes. This one seems smaller than the Ridley encountered previously.

Threat Level: ★★★★★ (If you are susceptible to trauma…)


It seems the Hunter has become the hunted. All that reckless killing of monsters has led to a near extinction event, and now it’s time to pay the price. Like any Hunter, this Hunter of Monsters comes equipped with deadly weapons and armor. This is what you get for chopping down one too many Rathian.

Threat Level: ★★★★★ (If you are an Aptonoth…)

I included a character from each Smash game including Ultimate’s DLC, but I want to mention that Jigglypuff and Pichu would be a ★ on the threat level. And maybe Luigi.


Monster Hunter is a juggernaut in gaming, even if its effect isn’t felt much in the West. It has contributed much to the gaming industry and pioneered the entire genre of “fighting-big-monsters-and-crafting-items-from-theme”. The biggest obstacle for the Hunter going from a no-show to playable character is that we already have Monster Hunter content in the game. Crazier things have happened in Smash and Monster Hunter getting a rep isn’t exactly a crazy idea. Monster Hunter is a massively popular series that could use ore representation in Smash; even if it already has it.

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Special Mention: FeliciaFan Monster Hunter Character Idea video
Sources: Monster Hunter Wikia
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