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“2B Activates for Battle” Nier:Automata Smash Analysis Part 2


Hello, and welcome to Part 2 of the 2B and NieR:Automata Fighter Pass DLC speculation. Previously, we looked at 2B and how she could possibly play as a fighter. In this part, we will look at what kind of content NieR:Automata could bring to Smash.

NieR:Automata Stage


Amusement Park

The origins of many stages in Smash fall under one of a few categories. Some are based on a centralized hub in their home game, such as:
Others are based on an iconic area such as:
Finally, they are are stages based on the very first level encountered such as:
In regards to NieR:Automata, I was considering four areas as possible stages. The first one, Abandoned Factory, is the first level of the game and sort of sets the post-apocalyptic tone of the game. Forest Kingdom is another notable area, which was a huge departure from the whole “doom and gloom” nature of NieR:Automata and gave a nice, positive and natural look. City Ruins is also another popular area that further hammers in the state of decay and destruction of the game. And, finally, Amusement Park. While it's not the most important location in NieR:Automata, it's fun and a stark contrast to other spots in the game. This is why I chose Amusement Park as the represented stage. As for cameos, it wouldn’t make sense to include the plethora of characters found in the game, the other YoRHA androids, 9S, and A2 could possibly be cameos. This is especially the case for 9S as he traveled with 2B at this level in the original game. Other cameos include the numerous machine units found in the park.


The Amusement Park would be a traveling-type stage much in the same vein as Garreg Mach Monastery, Port Town Aero Dive, and Skyloft. I imagine it to have five phases with a floating stage platform that transports players to each location. The first phase would be in front of the Amusement Park entrance. Both sides would have walk-off blast lines, and it’d be entirely flat. In the immediate background would be the fountain seen in the original game, plus various robotic Park-variant enemies such as Small and Medium Bipeds and Small Flyers. They’d all chant “Let’s dance! Let’s dance!”

After a while, the platform would lift up and transport opponents to a now-defunct twisting thrill ride. In NieR:Automata, 2B and 9S must platform around the individual “cars” on the ride as the camera turns. This would be replicated in Smash but with the camera turning with players having to keep up. Falling behind or falling off while platforming would result in a loss of a stock. After some time, the turning would stop, with the match continuing on the “cars” of the thrill ride.

The third phase would take place on a crumbling, multi-tiered rooftop overlooking a decorated plaza. The rooftop would be similar in design to the first phase of Castle Siege, with ledges on either side and several floating platforms. In the background, several robots would be dancing before the Amusement Park-variant of the Goliath Tank appears. It would drive around the air while releasing small fireworks, balloons, and confetti. None of these would affect the stage in any way.

The fourth phase

The last two phases would be different, as the transportation platform is absent because, like Castle Siege, they transition into eachother. After the third phase finishes, the transportation platform would pick up and carry players to the roller coaster boarding station. Upon setting foot on this ride, it takes off on a sweeping and flying track, circling the main castle. This coaster features lots of falls and drops and banking curves to enjoy on this ride while Smashing. Be careful not to touch the coaster tracks as, like in Big Blue, they would cause damage. Thankfully, though, they would prevent you from falling to the bottom blast zone. Occasionally, Small Flyers would appear and could be used as floating, moving platforms.

This phase could offer a beautiful view of the Amusement Park Castle and its fireworks show. Once the coaster slows down, the tracks break apart, and players would fall down to the next phase with no damage taken. Upon landing, players would find themselves on a stage similar to the first phase with walk-off blast zones. Emerging behind the curtain would be the grand machine herself, Beauvoir, also known as Simone. Like all downloadable stages, there wouldn’t be any noteworthy stage hazards. However, for the sake of making it interesting, let’s look at Beauvoir through the lens of a stage boss. Some of her attacks could include:

  • An attack that electrifies the floor, which references her sweeping ground laser attack that forces 2B to maintain aerial movements to avoid it.
  • Firing off ring-like projectiles that can stun players. This references her projectiles that forces 2B to fend off hacking attacks via hacking puzzle mini-game type features.
  • Launching either a barrage of bouncing, damaging purple orbs from the base under her skirt or firing several homing missiles from her back.
  • Lifting her skirt, quickly slashing out with large, rotating blades and causing high damage to those caught in the whirling destruction.
In this capacity, Beauvoir could be attacked and “defeated,” causing her to retreat to the background where she might begin flaunting and posing like she does in the NieR:Automata. This would count as a KO for whomever lands the hit. In a non-boss battle, Beauvoir would still release her attacks but wouldn’t interact or damage the opponents on the stage. In addition, the attacks wouldn’t reach the stage, but would rather reach above it or off to the sides. After some time, she would close the curtain, and the transportation platform would rise back up, thus returning the stage to its first phase.


This time around, though, players might find themselves dropped off at the Amusement Park's Rabbit Plaza instead of the Front Entrance. The only difference here would be the Amusement Park Rabbit replacing the Front Entrance fountain.

NieR:Automata Mii Outfits


NieR:Automata is full of interesting characters: the pacifist robot, Pascal; the Android resistance fighter, Anemone; the team who help support the YoRHA androids in the space station above Earth. I chose Mii Fighter outfits based on how integral characters are to the games, while also considering how realizable they might be as outfits.

9S Mii Swordfighter


9S, more formally called YoRHa No.9 Type S, is a Scanner-type YoRHA Android. While he functions primarily in investigation, analyzing, and hacking, he does have attack functions as well. He primarily fights using a sword and can also attack enemy units through hacking. Unlike 2B, he was programmed to be emotional yet kind. This comes off comically sometimes as he can often be heard commenting on how strange human culture was or asking 2B to call him “Nines” as a nickname.

Medium Biped Mii Brawler


These hulking enemies are common in NieR:Automata. They are of alien origin, but were left on Earth by intergalactic forces waged a war against humanity. While its bulky design might seem unfit for a brawl, it’s perfectly suited to take down android units.

Nier Swordfighter


Nier is the protagonist of Nier Gestalt, in which players accompany him in his search for a cure for his daughter, Yonah. He's aided by the magical tome, the Grimoire Weiss, along the way. Despite his intimidating exterior, he's actually a kind-hearted man.

Emil Hat


Emil is a recurring character in the Nier series, having first been a party member in Gestalt and Replicant. He managed to survive the time lapse between the first two games and Nier:Automata, but his being was transferred to a machine. His creepy, iconic head would be perfect as a Mii Fighter hat.

NieR:Automata Spirit and Spirit Battles



Beauvoir, or Simone, is a Goliath-class machine residing in the Amusement Park. There, she adorns her body with android parts in an attempt to woo another mechanical life form, even if it means cannibalizing her own kind.

Spirit Info
Type: Support
Class: :starman::starman:
Ability: Metal and Giant

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultdaisy: (Giant, Metal)
Stage: Castle Siege (Throne Room, Omega)
Rules: Stamina
  • Opponent uses Down Smash often
  • Summons normal-sized Metal Peach allies
  • Turnips bounce when thrown
Inspiration: This battle would be based on the Beauvoir boss fight, in which she performs spin attacks, summons near-dead androids to attack 2B, and unleashes bouncing damage spheres.



Spoiler Warning

Pascal is a strange robot in that he abhors violence and loves poetry and philosophy. He resides in a village of other like-minded robots who have disconnected from the main robot server. There, he collects and sells machine and android parts and maintains a good relationship with the android-based Resistance Camp and its leader, Anemone. Later, his village becomes overrun by corrupted robots who begin to eat each other, so he rescues a few of the children and flees. In teaching them about fear, he ends up losing them in the worst way possible.

Spirit Info
Type: Support
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Item Gravitation

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultmario: (Metal)
Stage: Onett
  • Opponent avoids conflict
  • Opponent will flee when damaged
  • Opponent may try to run off the ledge to self-destruct
Inspiration: The match draws inspiration from Pascal’s pacifism. On a morbid note, it also references how Pascal’s “children” kill themselves when he leaves for a bit due to Pascal inadvertently teaching them about the concept of “fear.” This leads Pascal to plead to the player to either erase him memories, kill him, or banish him.



Unlike his YoRHA sisters, 2B and A2, 9S is a high-end model with computing capabilities that make him extremely effective but also a risk to the YoRHA organization. He often tries to get along with people and even has a sense of humor. He is especially curious about the state of humanity prior to them leaving Earth and, while traveling, ponders the things he sees. He may even provide colorful commentary about seemingly normal human behaviors like dancing and television which seems foreign and strange to the androids.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Shield
Class: :starman::starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Jam FS Charge

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultrobin:, :ultrob: (Tiny, Metal)
Stage: Bridge of Eldin
Rules: Stamina Battle
  • Opponent’s magic damage increases randomly
  • Opponent’s sword damage increases randomly
  • R.O.B. ally comes with a Jetpack
  • Opponent’s attacks damage shields
Inspiration: This Spirit Battle would mimic the fight in the original game between 9S and A2 when 9S learns the truth behind his and the YoRHA androids' creation. This, and (to avoid further spoilers) the death of a dear friend, led him to fight a final confrontation against A2. This is just one of the many endings available.



A2 is a rogue YoRHA android who was once a prototype leading to the creation of 2B and 9S. She was deployed some years earlier to monitor machine activity on Earth in a secretive mission, but most of her squadron was lost in the descent. She allied herself with remaining non-YoRHA android forces.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Attack
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Metal Killer

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultzss: (Black)
Stage: Dracula’s Castle
Rules: None
  • Opponent comes equipped with Beam Sword
  • Taunts often
  • Overall increased speed
  • Relies mostly on kicks and item attacks
Inspiration: A2 uses more kicks and sword attacks than gun-related attacks in her fights. In addition, she is the only YoRHA android capable of using different taunts. 2B and 9S taunts are their respective Pods flashing their lights at enemies.

Commander White


Commander White is the leader of the YoRHA androids and directs them and their missions via the orbital satellite called “The Bunker.” She has a calm and collected personality that shines under pressure. She is aloof to most emotional issues, especially in relation to the androids. Despite her rather rough personality, she is quite whimsical when off-duty and tends to throw her clothes on the floor. She often carries a riding crop along with her.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Attack
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Metal Killer

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultpeach: (White), :ultpeach: (x2) (Black)
Stage: Mario Galaxy
Rules: Timed Battle
  • Opponent favors using her Side Smash
  • Opponent favors using her Down Special
  • Reinforcements arrive shortly after starting
Inspiration: Her move preferences reference her use of the riding crop and throwing her clothes onto the floor in her room. The Timed Battle is a reference to how there is a timed self-detonation of the Bunker after she was contaminated by a virus in one of the endings. Finally, the reinforcements reference the operators for 2B and 9S, who work along with the Commander.



Emil is an enigmatic figure who has survived centuries. He was first present and joined with Nier’s party while trying to solve the disease plaguing Yonah. When the aliens invaded Earth, he was there to protect it. He created multiple versions of himself to help, but it was all for naught. He still survived and wandered around the desolated earth in a robotic body, selling goods to the androids. He also has his clones, which sport his iconic head.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Attack
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Trade-Off Ability ↑

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultkirby: (Giant, White), :ultjigglypuff::ultkirby: x 10 (White)
Stage: Gerudo Valley
Rules: Defeat the main fighter
  • Reinforcements periodically arrive
  • Items periodically get powered up
  • Opponent is distracted by items
Inspiration: Giant Kirby is based on Emil’s head while the regular Kirby’s are based on the clones. The incorporation of items references Emil’s role as a vendor in the game.

Adam and Eve


Adam and Eve are human-looking robot brothers, with Adam being calm and measured and Eve being anxious and childish. Adam is fascinated by humanity and seeks to emulate it. While Eve doesn’t share his brother's fascination in humanity he does want to make Adam happy. Thus, he often sports human clothing and has dinners with Adam.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Shield
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Unflinching Charged Smashes

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultcorrin:, :ultshulk: (Shirtless)
Stage: Unova Pokemon League
  • Defeat the primary opponent
  • Secondary opponent gains buffs every time the primary is damaged
  • Avoids combat at first but gradually becomes more active
Inspiration: This match is based on the first fight with Adam, where he initially doesn’t attack. It also draws inspiration from Eve wanting to protect his older brother no matter what.

Grimoire Weiss


Grimoire Weiss is a grimoire that contains advanced spells called Words. Wielding this living book grants power beyond the imagination. It is often called the “white book,” with its opposite being Grimoire Noir, the “black book.” Grimoire Weiss accompanies and aids Nier on his quest to save his daughter.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Support
Class: :starman::starman::starman::
Ability: Magic Attack ↑ ↑

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultrobin: (White)
Stage: Bridge of Eldin
  • Opponent’s tomes do not run out
  • Magic attacks deal higher damage
  • Player’s physical and magic attack power is weakened
Inspiration: Since Robin uses tomes to cast spells, it makes sense to buff them since they can be attributed to Grimoires. In the mobile game SINoALICE, there is a collaboration event along with NieR:Automata. In it, Grimoire Weiss can neutralize all attack and magic attack power.

NieR:Automata Music

NieR:Automata has some amazing pieces that have been widely acclaimed for their depth and emotion. There are orchestral concerts devoted to game's soundtrack. Here are some selected tracks from the series:

Wretched Weaponry (Dynamic) NieR:Automata

Forest Kingdom (Dynamic) NieR:Automata

Pascal NieR:Automata

Amusement Park NieR:Automata

A Beautiful Song NieR:Automata

Possessed by a Disease NieR:Automata

Birth of a Wish Become Gods NieR:Automata

Grandma Destruction NieR:Automata

Bipolar Nightmare NieR:Automata

Emil’s Song NieR:Automata

Sound of the End NieR:Automata

Shadowlord Nier Gestalt and Replicant

Outside of the Fighter Pass

NieR:Automata has some content to give Smash Ultimate outside of the Fighter’s Pass.

Boss Battles

There are a number of potential Boss Battles to include in Smash Ultimate aside from the potential Beauvoir boss battle. There’s Marx, a massive Goliath-class machine that spins itself at high speeds, which gives it tremendous destructive abilities. Another potential boss is Engle, a massive robot built to resemble an industrial building. The power it generates due to its size is so great that it sparks flames when it attacks. There’s also Grun, a massively tall machine lifeform created solely to destroy androids (although it had a tendency to destroy its fellow machines).

Assist Trophy

While 9S, A2, and the Amusement Park Bunny, (one of the many enemy units (and cough Blood-Drenched Machine cough)) would make for good Assist Trophies, Pascal would be absolutely perfect for the job. This peace-loving robot also serves as a vendor, and the player could purchase much-needed items from him. He would reward players for not attacking him or other players while he is on the stage by giving players items.


NieR:Automata is a critically-acclaimed game well-received for its gameplay, storyline, multiple endings, graphics, and soundtrack, and 2B has gone on to be featured in multiple crossover games such as Soul Calibur VI, SINoALICE, and Granblue Fantasy. While NieR and Drakengard doesn’t have much history with Nintendo, it certainly is still a historical, iconic, and popular series that deserves representation in one of the greatest crossovers ever.

Author’s Note: Do you think 2B and NieR:Automata deserve to stand along with some of the greatest fighters in gaming history? What was your favorite part of the game? What part gave you the “feels”? For me, it was deciding the fate of my dear friend, Pascal. Let us know what you thought of this article and is you support or don’t support 2B in Smash in the comments below!
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Nice very good.
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this was very well made!
This was actually done back in April or early May but, as we have a dedicated editing process, it took a while to get into readable form. It takes a lot of time to work on these so I’m glad

Wow. This was really well-done... Thank you for sharing this with us Venus of the Desert Bloom!
As mentioned above, this kind of article involves a good portion of our writing staff. I solely compile and write the content with occasional staff input if I’m unaware or don’t know the series that well. That was the case for Doom, Guilty Gear, and Crash. Due to its length and content, it takes a lot of time to go through to perfect it. I appreciate the feedback!
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