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Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Trailer Announced for 6/01
  • 1,246
  • 6
This article goes over news for Pokemon Scarlet/Violet.
Indie World 5/11 Recap
  • 860
  • 2
Missed the last Indie World? We've got a recap of the games that Nintendo showed off!
Square Enix to Sell Several of Their IPs and Studios
  • 1,951
  • 22
This article goes over the news of Square Enix selling several of their IPs and studios.
Splatoon 3's Release Date Announced
  • 1,356
  • 2
This article goes over Splatoon 3's release date, plus other Splatoon news.
Breath of the Wild Sequel Delayed to Next Spring
  • 1,851
  • 13
This article covers some information on a video that Nintendo released in regards to the release date of Breath of the Wild's sequel.
Why Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the Switch's Best Offerings
  • 2,856
  • 5
This article is focused on analyzing Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. I go over its story, graphics, music, gameplay, and the improvements that the definitive edition makes over the original versions. Plus the new content it offers.
Top 10 Most Likely MultiVersus Candidates
  • 3,784
  • 17
With MultiVersus releasing this year, there are a lot of characters to speculate on who could get in. In this article, I'll go over who I believe are the 10 most likely candidates.
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