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  • Lol good thing because May is booked solid. Go for June while it's still left lol.

    August is HERB month (maybe), so I'd stay away from the end of July for now. Maybe you wanna wait til September or October?
    East NC has much support as far as numbers go, so probably.

    Melee/Brawl or Melee only? I suppose it depends on the size of the tourney you're lookin for.

    Most dates are booked already. May is booked solid now. Go for June while it's still left lol.
    We're gettin to be legit bro. Give it a little more time. Boss Hog is starting to compete again, too really soon, which will only make the list more powerful.

    Jim=Pyrostormer. Ganon main. Pretty solid and he's from Hickory. He usually has to get a ride with me (as does Stingers) for tournies.
    3 main problems with guessing on that. I really will after I tell you this if you still want me too, though.

    Honestly, the results are all over the place.

    And then there's Pac, who I think could care less about Melee, but will probably get on it anyway, which adds ******** variables and such.

    There's also what to do about Jim, who went to HERB and tied with like half of the PR bros cause everyone lost quickly and hasn't been to another tourney since BUT can't be penalized since he did make it to one of the tournaments in this ranking period.
    Ahhh I gotcha.

    Well, I can understand how rough stuff like school is now, so good luck with all that and I'm still anxiously awaiting the finished product.

    Maybe you could do a trailer for hype. Just a suggestion. I'm sure it's more work though, so you can do whatever.
    Go for it man. Brawl is an ok game in its own right I suppose, and you've given melee a fair shot, so try hard and this might just be your thing.
    i can moderate everywhere on the board and can moderate the mods :)
    i think i did it justice.

    i DID say i would wreck those threads, after all :x
    i think its because im awesome.

    let me check.


    yeah, its because im awesome. :)
    You can do whatever you want with them.

    If it works better mixed, then you just do that. I'm fine with either.
    Man I hope so. I tried to get the best, but I know there's some fat to trim. I'm glad that I've contributed to the ultimate **** of LoZr's combo video.

    I'm hyped.

    Oh and yeah, it'll be cool to see you again bro. It's been several months man.
    Ok, Youtube didn't work.

    Megaupload is on the way though! I'm tracking the progress. It'll be done in a little over an hour.

    Should be sent to your e-mail too.
    Huh....is it still supposed to be uploading? Is 212 MB worth supposed to still be going up?
    The file says it's done then says it won't work....no I don't remember the technical term for that but it's not cooperating.
    Oh, I knew about all that, but how do I make it into a file?

    Found it. Wouldn't it best to just e-mail it to you?
    Ok, I got it figured out and have done quite a few combos.

    I'll try to get them to ya before HERB.
    Oh....I'm gonna do them, because I found out how to import them lol. But now it seems that I can't find out how to cut out the non-combo parts. Maybe I'll find a way....

    Lol too true. Masta Chief all dai.
    lol, i dont know, some people just see what they want to see I guess. And yeah, I can remove threads but usually we just close them unless its something awful.
    You mean the TC thing? Man I'm still wanting to team with LoZR lol, so I won't be entirely happy no matter what.

    I shouldn't be like that...

    Anyway, TC doesn't like teams and he's kinda rusty. Twig isn't rusty and ***** at teams. Seems like a good idea to me but if TC has improved then I don't wanna hurt myself.
    I couldn't find where the vids are on my comp....

    Lol this sucks.

    I don't really understand where i have them saved. Just looks like firefox to me.
    Dogy is too good.

    Anyway, how do you...get files downloaded onto WMM? I feel like this is something obvious that I just can't find.
    oh sorry i've been distracted. Practicing for final round. And right now im actually at final round on pb&j's laptop.

    its like, there's a list of things that we can hand out infractions for, the points differ in the severity of the infraction. Um.... it goes as far from 1 point to permibans. I dunno if i actually can permiban people myself since i'm just a mod. I dunno. XD

    Um. I know Chaddd and Wes are about to get a 12 point combo from me and Mike G cause they beat us twice in teams yesterday. Not really, but that's the running joke 'round here.

    Does that answer your question?
    Title seems fine to me.

    Lol true.

    Oh crap thanks for reminding me to put these files in WMM lol.
    I don't know what to say about your not getting infractions; if I see something against the rules, I infract for it. On the subject of name changes, we are working on that in the staffer shack right now on a massive scale so hopefully I can get back to you on that soon.
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