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  • I'm merely playing with the hand that I'm dealt. I think they (the current PR members) have potential, and you can have your own opinon on the matter, but it won't affect the PRs because I feel like I'm doing the right thing.
    I can see where you're coming from, but a top 5 is farrrr too exclusive. Top 10 is a feasible goal, and inspires more competition, and gives a better depiction of how NC smashers perform against one another for OOS and even for themselves.
    The only thing about the **** best is that people will complain that he's not M2K or something and it'll be annoying to deal with.

    If I had to pick one right now, I'd like to see it called "Straight ****" but I realized that it might be interpreted differently and be a hassle, though not nearly as much so as the former.
    I have just a teeny bit more footage to DL, then I'll be all set to start moviemakin.

    I'm also gonna assume you didn't like my name suggestions? =p

    What did you end up deciding on for the name?
    I'm not mad. I just needed to set some things straight, and I kinda did it all at once because LoZR's post needed to be responded to quickly.

    Syde does not have a high opinion of you, so he'll probably do it again.

    No man, you really haven't bugged me at all. Even if you did, there would be more annoying posters in NC than you lol.
    Do I think what he thinks? I barely know you really, but from what I have gathered I don't really agree with him.
    I'm not diggin the Latin either, bro.

    NC's finest?
    Straight ****?
    Catfish Combo?
    Leaping Catfish?=p

    Maybe something with "masterful" or "mastery"? That's all I got.
    I talked to him on AIM and he seemed fine.
    Derek is mad cool.

    Definitely bro. We're getting some of it back, though. Foxy will probably improve and Darksyde I can see doing well, and mask would be up there but he's leaving. It's enough for a decent scene, but not super powerful until we get more breakthroughs like Foxy's.
    As long as I have fun hanging out with you guys and playing Melee (and Brawl sometimes), then I'm not going to dislike the scene.

    I agree that people have been stopped by life many times in NC (whether willingly or not). Black Dolphin wants to play, as does Munkey, Dereck and Twiggy, but they're all having trouble getting back into it for various reasons.

    It's such a sucky situation for those who wanna keep playing imo.
    I know that, but it still makes me really sad. Like the fun in our scene is deteriorating. We (maybe "I") just lost our last link to the past, to some of the fun in NC smash, and to a good friend (not entirely of course, but maybe...).

    LoZR, Karn, Bill (sort of), then Twiggy for a bit. Only consistent posters are Karn and LoZR. LoZR will be the last to go though imo.

    Still, this feeling. I felt it, to a lesser degree, when all of the originals left when I was joining. Did they see this coming? Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Did I cause some of it? What might htis lead to????

    These questions are becoming more and more painful to me as time goes by, and I don't know how to deal with them. Things are only getting worse, and I'm seriously worried.
    Haha nah man, but I'm just trying to take the side of the general NC populous on this issue. I wanna help out newcomers, and I wanna make everyone happy. Obviously that's not gonna happen, but I'm doin my best.

    I have no problem with you at all, broman.
    That's just how it is. I should get some taste one of these days. =p

    Workin on some meat now actually....wait...
    I have no idea how to find songs, or I'd do it.

    I'll just listen to your songs and help break ties I suppose. I'm not really in a position to determine something as important as the song anyway.

    You have experience, and it's LoZR's video lol. I'm just findin some footage and gettin some sneak peeks. =p
    The first one wasn't as....what's the word....strong as this one. I don't mind it in particular, it's a good clip, but.....

    aight. Sounds good man.
    Oh yeah, I forgot I was supposed to be thinking of a name. I like yours though.

    DL is going along smoothly.
    He did aight at Foxy's and maybe he placed well at RM, but that's not a huge NC tourney.

    Malk and Karn do PRs different than traditional styles, so we'll see what happens I suppose.
    That placement at Bills is ****** him right now. Tourney matches>>>>friendlies, but Malk and Karn would value each equally because they might view these PRs as more of a who-beats-who system than a who-places-where system. It's gonna be difficult, but I guess I'll argue hard with them this time and see where exactly he should go. I think he should be on them for skill, but his placings make his PR life very difficult.
    I'm not great at finding music, but I'll give it a shot. I'll check out that song just to get an idea on what you guys are lookin for.

    Too true.
    Cool, thanks bro.

    Why aren't you going? I know you don't play, but Thunder doesn't either.
    Oh and, that song is pretty good, but I dunno if that's exactly the feeling I get when I watch LoZR play. It's kinda close though.

    I'd like to hear more before I chose that one though.
    I wish we could do what we want to, but I'd like to keep the PR threads open above all else in regards to their priorities.

    We're just that good. =p
    I was gonna listen to that song real soon today, honest. Sorry for the delay.

    Second, I'm getting this ish done as fast as possible. I won't let ya down mangz.

    Third, I'm not ultra creative and you're the media master here. Not sure what input I could really give other than song selection.
    Bro, do you want Falcon clips for LoZR's video too? I've been taking Falcon and Fox clips because I wasn't sure about what you wanted.

    I think you should do both because he does AMAZING things with them in what I have. Your call though.
    We would spam regardless.

    This is DEFINITELY a different group of people, which is the main reason there are difficulties. We've never had to control ourselves before now.
    That's why I'd rather let you look at the file instead of me uploading it to Youtube.

    Lol my Marth has like one passable clip so far.
    Well, I'm not uploading them all because some of them are straight ****, but I can let you look at them via Rapidshare if you'd like.

    I have 4 formatted already.
    I'm getting some good ones with Falcon, some ok ones and gays with Fox, and I dunno how good my Falco ones are since I do normal stuff and people are freakin out over it lol. I think they'll be interesting to watch, anyways.
    Hmm? What's that?

    Oh btw, I'm getting a few vids of my Falcon, Marth, Fox, and Falco formatted in case we ever decide to work on my vid.

    As far as LoZR's vid goes, I'm seriously going to work on them either tomorrow, Saturday, or both.
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