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  • Sorry I missed your message until now bro, but yeah that name *****.

    LoZR said there was some kind of misunderstanding and extenuating circumstances in the situation you described to me, so I'm just gonna go for helping you out with LoZR for now. I think I can get everything done in a day easily if I work on it after school Friday or part of the day Saturday.
    Really? That is unfortunate for LoZR. I won't be much help for a while yet on any video though. Actually, if I just shirk my boards for a few days, then I could probably get you what you want.

    I would love a combo video of me, but I dunno how LoZR would take the suggestion.
    i will ask for you, but the real problem is with the registered user. i've wanted my name to be Tomato for a while but the admin's say that someone else is registered with the name, and that they can't in good judgment take the name from him unless he hasn't been here in a really long time, like '04 or something. :( so they gave me Tomato Cat
    to be honest, i'm not the one changing my name. ^^' it is the work of administrators, but tell me what you want to be done to your name and i will ask away :)
    LoZR needs to be pushed. He seemed to fall apart when he was Fox vs Darkrain. I'll just have to pressure him some more lol.

    We'll see.

    LoZR's sacked out? Oh btw did you like his sword/shield combo?
    Lol Choconilla (Justin) bro.

    Sorry mang. If I had beaten Col bol, that wouldn't have happened I don't think.
    I see.

    All of these crazy ranks are daunting though lol. I'll just do my best and learn as I go, liek in smash, only I won't know entirely what I'm doing lol.
    If I may be so bold, how does increasing in rank work in the game? Mine goes up, and I kill people, but I'm not sure what the correlation is....

    General is the highest? Nice. I wanna play LoZR and get ***** now lol.

    We definitely gotta get some games goin on too though man.
    Lol too good.

    Alright, I'll try to help out, starting next week whenever I can. Midterms are this week.

    How good are LoZR and the triforce at Halo? Are they like godly? That might suck a little to get ***** over and over lol, but my shenanigans will prevail.
    Just one more quick double check: this is Fox-only correct?

    Also, I'ma play some Halo 3 with you bros soon. Woo!
    Hmmm, It'll have to wait for a bit (scholarship mode became engaged like yesterday) but I'll work on this when I can.

    I do delete the actual matches, so I probably have almost nothing left, if that.

    I'll do what I can bro. Please give me a little time to allow for gay comp failures and figuring out WMM too aight? =p
    Do you practice? I thought you didn't play smash very much...

    I have Firefox on my laptop now, so I'll get hooked up with that program I guess.

    I mean, won't I be mostly on my own channel though? Are there other uploaded vids I haven't been able to find? (I know there's Tope vs LoZR and one VA crew battle and that one low-quality vid of him vs Rice on his channel, but I dunno after that).
    hey man...just making sure you got all three videos. 2 I know for sure got to you. 1 of them [I used a diff. service and I didn't get an e-mail notification from them] I'm not sure about...and THAT is a great vid =D lemme know so I can resend it :)!!!

    as for real life taking time away from the already tedious/difficult process of proper editing for entertainment purposes...to put it in perspective I've had footage for Kadaj's combo video for like...3 or 4 months now and still haven't made much progress :(
    Well...glad you found something bro! Also, I have a clip I'd like for you to use: my spike(Brawl) on Ali's Snake in my first match vs him. People actually cheered, so I guess it'd work. I think Chu ***** Ali, so there should be plenty there as well. I hope I helped a little anyways lol.
    I'm assuming that you mean onto Youtube from my comp. In my case, I always save the file to the drive on my comp and just...click "Browse" then go to my personal video folder then upload it. I'm pretty sure that that isn't what you wanted at all, but I make it an mpeg file if it helps. I can take it from Rapidshare or something(suggestions again as a last resort).
    Erm, I just ordinarily download it, but I'm guessing that individual matches are much easier than a project? I'm just offering to try it on my connection is all if yours isn't perfect or something. I'm just offering any help I can. If there's a better way to upload, then lemme know and I'll try to help you out ok?
    Is your connection good? It has to be a pretty solid one to get Youtube videos up now I think. My connection works if you want me to do it, but that can be a last resort, since you deserve the full credit for your hard work and all.
    Ok, Toasty isn't responding to my profile messages, so you may have to PM him for that IHOP montage. Hope that's ok....
    Nice post ZIO lol. Thanks for that man. I wanted to say something to him sooo bad, I had to restrain myself like 3 times.
    Hey man, thanks for that earlier. I'm glad someone understands my frustration lol.

    BTW, how're the montage, combo video, and my match vs LoZR going? Just curious.
    I wanna see that Montage boy! Toasty has some good sh*t from IHOPfor the montage to give you, if he hasn't already
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