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Yung Mei
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  • That would be awesome!

    dude, you are my new hero.
    I cant wait to get it from you man =)

    Also, I wish you a very happy new year! (20 mins till midnight/2011 here in Holland, Europe!)
    No, it's like this:

    The HBC doesnt show as a channel anymore, the only channel that shows is the WAD manager (But WAD manager doesnt work)

    I think the problem is that I updated my wii to V. 4.3E like a year ago >.<

    So my guess is: empty my sd card, and install the HBC from scratch.
    But how do I do this?

    I found a guide via google, but it says I need a wifi connection to install the HBC. why is that?

    If that really is necissary I'll have to wait till 2morrow night, as then I'll be home again, and thats the only place where I have internet on my wii. =/

    Do you know an easy way to install the HBC on a wii V. 4.3E?
    Thanks in advance
    dude, I have a small problem:

    I once had the homebrew channel, but all that's left is the WAD-manager..?

    How do I get access to the homebrew channel?
    *hopes it's easy*

    I googled it, and didnt get it >.<

    Please send it to me as soon as possible =D

    And please also lists everything I have to do with what you send me.
    I kind of suck in that kind of thing.

    Many thanks in advance!
    Got moved to sylers house, theres no club things at PLU this week I guess.
    Ah, cool. Ima be up in Ruston area or w/e, I don't know tacoma too well lol, so if you wanna smash anytime that week just hit me up on here.
    Sounds great.

    What part of tacoma are you in? I happen to be house/dog watching for a friend and I'll be down there for a week starting wednesday.
    Building I'm not sure of yet. One of the guys from Olympia is running it I guess, I heard through syler, who knows much more about it than I do. I texted Syler so hes gonna post all the details soon he says.
    There is no cost for the smashfests for sure; tournament most likely not as well.
    Set-ups are welcome at any smash occasion as far as I know, usually we are low on them.
    And yeah 6:30 is cool, most of the good players wont get there until late, around 7 ish I think.

    i can't remember remember.....

    it's probably one of the matches he played in at West Coast Smash League

    or Mango Juice

    im really sorry man =(
    Wish I could, but we've got too many stickies as it is... I've added it to the Welcome Wagon though.
    Lil Wayne isn't the BEST rapper alive... People just respect him because he makes so much music and dedicates so much of his life 2 it.

    N I promise U if there was no language barrier Eminem would murk every1..... The guy has so many voices in his head they'll just come out and gangrape anyone

    I gave him my links yesterday. Seems like he's not attending the tournament afterall... So we can just take our time with his other requests, lol.

    Sure, I'll have a go at the Vs Cyrus one. I gotta fix something up with SmashClash's request as well. Do you want to do Nysyarc's request or should I do it?

    Alrighty, thanks.

    Are you doing your "half" based on Sonic Storm's website link or his mediafire link (these ones)?

    Yep! Just lemme know if you can't do it.

    I made a mistake on number 6. It's Pokemon DPPt - Frontier Brains (There's no Hoens in it, that was a typo lol)

    Once these are done, I'll get back to you about the others :o

    Hey Calvo.

    Have you downloaded those music from Sonic Storm's link btw? Just wondering how we gonna split this thing.

    These are his top priority ones which needs to be done before his tourney on Saturday. I've started on the first couple. Can you do the second half of these while I do the first half? If you can't, don't worry about it.

    1. Super Mario World - Athletic Theme
    2. Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road
    3. Super Mario RPG - Still, the Road is Full of Dangers
    4. Super Mario RPG - Smithy, Who Likes Transforming
    5. Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga - Vs. Cackletta's Spirit
    6. Pokemon DPPt - Frontier Brains
    7. Pokemon DPPt - Vs. Cyrus
    8. Mario Kart 64 - Koopa Beach
    9. Pokemon Colleseum - Semifinal Battle
    10. Kirby Superstar - Milky Way Wishes Credits

    Not sure if you saw my post, but I linked an .rar file of all of Gokian's remixes to be converted. I hope it helps.
    That's great to hear! If you need any help, tips with Link, just let me know. :) :link:
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