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  • HEY. How are you? see: this post! I hope you're doin well! Where did everyone go :( Also the Celtics lost ;_;
    I'm pretty sure most of it would mellow out eventually. My birthday is in about a month and a half (May 15th) so it wouldn't be much time spent during here to there.
    Well, there's a minor problem with that. I don't exactly have Photoshop, although I know of a place I could refer my parents to to get some type of student discount. From the looks of it, it cuts off at least 85% of the original pricing. I could probably use it via school time (yes, we have Photoshop in the entirety of the school) and port some screens back home day in and day out. The problem with that is that it won't be realtime based and the process would be slightly slower, but it could still work. Another issue is the fact that Skype is installed on this PC, but for reasons unknown cause strange network dsyncs and a lot of log in failures. I suppose I could check into that too for the time being to see what's up with that. It's probably one of the few things I never really understood.
    With that kind of skill, I would assume it were to be some type of layering work in Photoshop, though people can never be too safe with assumption... actually, have you made some type of tutorial on how to make signatures of that style?
    Hey, just saw you around the forums and seen some of your cool posts and just wanted to say Hi and see how you're doing. XD Hello, I'm Peachy (that's what everyone calls me :p) How are you?
    Oh whoa I never even got a notification for your last VM.

    Yah I just got back to classes after our February break last week. All of my mid-terms were before the break, which apparently never happens because all my friends hate me for it, lol.

    Otherwise it's going swell -- yup, swell, not well -- haven't actually learned much in the way of computer programming yet (started a BSc of computer science this year), but I'm willing to let it take it's time for now. How about you?

    Oh, yah I was actually at his place for a bit while you guys were chatting the other day, lol. Jesse's probably already said this but I wanted you to know none of us here (except Jordan apparently) have any problem with you at all, like I completely understand your side of that whole thing.

    Anyways, that's all I'll say about that unless of course you want to talk about it.

    So how are things? :awesome:

    Up the road :p A little closer to the beach / university.

    Sad to hear about your health though :(
    Haha, maybe I will. ;)

    Yeah, I imagine that's kind of tough to deal with. But it's also a tough age too, I guess. That still sounds awesome though.
    I'm sorry, I wish I could! I'm on a borrowed computer though, since mine is having issues, and it doesn't have Skype. ;-;

    That's awesome though. Congrats! What age group, or thereabouts?
    Yeah, I hear you there. I'm kind of slowly phasing myself out, so to speak.

    That's awesome! What kind of teaching? Like, subbing?
    Np, things are a bit slow these days maybe we can figure out something to get it fired up again, I'll see you around.
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