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  • Don't want to clog up the thread, 'a far cry' probably wasn't the right expression as Ixis is a notable threat in his own right. I didn't mean to insult him in any way, there were definitely better terms to use to state what I meant. I do believe though that there is a gap between him and Glutonny.
    I just noticed you're signed up for Albion 2 next weekend.

    Awesome, I might see you there. It will be nice to put a face to some of the users who I see commonly on here.

    Enjoy your time in the UK!
    Can't post in CI due to personal things but I will agree that Cloud is the strongest on paper but his consistency bars him from being the practical best at all times. Diddy and Sheik are hot enough on his heels to be better overall, Cloud's sorta shaky gimmicks and how he works prevent him from ever being the best 100% of the time (it's like, 70% IMO)
    CPUs in this game do air dodge on reaction.
    But are not going to cancel their raw hit stun early with air dodges or attacks, from what I gather, as early as humans can under any circumstance.

    So setting CPU's to attack don't make things real either.
    Why don't people know these things? #_#
    Hello Yikarur. This is LV from Sm4sh 2 nights ago. I played almost entirely Robin and my friend played Wario. We played probably about 30 matches. Just wanted to say you're the best player I have ever played against online and your Yoshi was an absolute beauty. Thanks for the games and showing me how many of my setup don't actually work ( QQ ). Shoot me back a friend code if you'd like to play sometime.

    hey :) you where my most fun opponent in for glory so far.
    I'd really like to play you again some time :)
    If you have skype you can add me there (same name)
    Sure thing and thanks! I'll add you tonight! might not be able to play until then weekend though!
    Hey Yika! I was just wondering how exactly the end of the Smash Lab came about. I'm kind of curious, ha ha.
    Aw man :/ yeah, it's really ridiculously costly to make APEX, especially if you want to visit NYC a lot.
    Ew... ;___; that explains all of my stupid accidental flash cancels and inability to properly buffer grabs, I assume... bleh. I should really pick up a better controller :/

    Thanks btw :)
    From your post in the tier list thread: "Other ways of "poking" would be releasing the shield button to early or playing with Classic Controller / Wiichuck and you get a signal disruption."

    How exactly does signal disruption work, and are there any ways that I can limit it from affecting my gameplay? I hate it so much when this happens X_x
    Is there any chance you could get the Smash Lab to work on collecting ledge action data? Like the frames (invincible/FAF) for getups/rolls/attacks, distance on rolls/attacks, and disadvantage on shield for attacks (all at both under and over 100%, obviously)? It would be VERY much appreciated :3
    I hope you know that I simply adore you and I'm just having fun with you in the SSD thread :)

    no homo
    Guess who's being interviewed? :awesome:

    "it's always a special moment for me when I see Gheb using smileys."

    Ich versteh's nicht ;_;

    Hello, I've created the smash lab skype group. If you'd like to join in then if you'd please give my your skype name (or you can send me a contact request if you wish, my skype name is "guest438").

    If not, then sorry for bothering you. >.<
    (I've already sent a request for contact info to you though, found out through my not so amazing lurking skills :p)

    So, just wondering. You're in the Wolf social a lot. Do you play him, or do you just like the people in the chat/like to spread SemiFUR hype?
    So, question... How many frames does it take to platform drop OoS? As in, what would be the first frame I could start another action?
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