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  • I should bribe Sakurai to make Typhlosion a playable character in SSB4. :awesome:

    I love teammates who are afk! It's the best! :mad:

    No sir.
    I know I have one for SM64 and PD64, I can't remember anymore off the top of my head tho. And they need to bring Pichu back in SSB4 IMO. Or else. :mad:

    I love it when I finish killing a guy and my teammates throw nades near me and those count as kills for the guy who I just killed. :mad:

    I was pretty good at hiding. :smirk:

    Some people lost achievements and their entire GS. Microsoft fixed it tho. One friend had over 30,000 GS but it said "5" for me. He was pretty pissed. :laugh:
    So much truth in that first sentence. :awesome:

    I have a few Prima guides for some of my N64 and GCN games. :cool: (This was before the Internet or Gamefaqs.)

    Halo pissed you off? How??? :O

    I wish the sticks on the 360 controller lasted longer...*sigh*

    Hiding is fun, especially when you're playing a 1v2. :troll:

    Agreed, did you hear about the GS glitch today? MASS CHAOS!!!
    At least N64 games had barely any loading times as opposed to the PS1/PS2. :awesome:

    Stupid Gameshark...entering your own codes = a living hell. Are they still in business?

    Well you bought a Microsoft product, what do you expect? High quality? HA! :mad:

    Which games made you break them out of rage? (Is it one of those new ones with the changeable d-pad?) I rock the old white classic ones. :smirk:

    You ever hide? HLG? :troll:

    Damn those online Halo 3 MP achievements. :mad:
    Okay, time to reply to your previous VM. :awesome:

    Remember blowing into the cartridges back in the day? Like, I have a Gameshark (lol) for my N64 and it'd only work like 10% of the time. :mad: (inb4sexualjoke)

    Really? Were they the official Microsoft ones or expensive ones? I'm currently using an old Turtlebeach X1's which a friend gave me. Before this, I had 2 official Microsoft headsets but they broke. (No surprise there, pay a lot = **** quality.) :mad:

    You sure about that? :smirk:

    I play to win. :awesome:

    Most of the time, DLC is a scam. This is why I rarely buy it.

    I played Halo 3 last night, fun game! Too bad I can only play on some of the playlists... :(

    Elephant canon on Sandtrap! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :awesome:

    I love the social playlists in Halo 3, t'was fun!

    I only rented ODST for the Halo: Reach beta. :smirk:
    ...maybe. I'll never say. :smirk:

    How well do you take anger while playing video games?

    Remember when the map packs for CoD4/W@W were $10? Those were the days...I want to play Crash, Vacant and Strike for MW3. (CoD4 maps.)

    Halo 2 was fun, some of the glitches were funny. BxR and super jumps. :awesome:

    Oh yeah, that map. I've only played it a few times. The best map in Halo 3 was The Pit. <33333333333

    That's bad? ODST sucks btw.

    R.I.P. old Rare. :(
    In response to your other VMs:

    You sound surprised, why is that?

    Sounds good, I'll let you know what I think once I get to that part.

    That's one thing I hate about Bungie/Halo, at least in CoD, you can play all the playlists/game modes even if you don't own any of the DLC. Except for W@W, Treyarch ****ed up big time with that game.

    The Halo 2 map packs weren't free intially, it took a while but I got Halo 2 in 2007 with my 360, lol. (My first online console game!)

    Free Halo 3 map? I forgot it's name...

    I can understand Reach but what's wrong with the CEA?

    But that's all the 360 has! :smirk:
    Giant cosmic Marios??? :O

    rotfl, I died when I read that article. I hope whoever did that got fired or something. (They should also feel really bad.)

    I have most of the map packs for Halo 3 (not the 2nd half of the mythic map pack) and a lot of songs for RB1/2 cause IMO, those are worth it! (Well, Bungie basically forces you to buy their map packs or else you can only play in like 1-2 playlists...) :mad:

    I have faith, a lot of good people from Bungie went over to 343i and they're bringing back the BR!!! <3

    Awesome, HOW COME YOU'RE NEVER ON XBL!?!?1? :(

    Yeah, 360.
    SM3DL is actually the most difficult Mario game which I've ever played before. =/

    FAKES! :mad:

    We don't get that stuff over here. D: (Wait, really? LMAO!!!)

    They raised the price of a year of XBL gold from $50 to $60 cause of CoD and their timed exclusive map packs. =/


    You see the new Halo 4 video?
    I guess I've been spoiled by my 360/PS3. I care more about the gameplay than graphics tho. :smirk:

    I'm currently on World 8 in SM3DL. (My older brother let me borrow his 3DS.) The ship stage on World 7 pissed me off. I died 15 times. :mad:

    Why not get rid of FCs in general? No one likes them! "But F8AL, why won't someone think of the children!?!?!?!?!!?" D:

    They need less/no ads on the 360 dashboard and ads on the PSN. (Since that's free, barely anyone has PSN+)

    Haha, I remember the clan system in Halo 2, it's a shame Halo 3/Reach didn't have it. D: (And Halo 2 and the OG XBL died for nothing, no increase in the 100 friend limit on XBL.) :mad:

    Master Chief. :smirk:
    Is Banjo owned by Nintendo or Microsoft?

    Sakurai needs to add tripping mid-air. He'll call it "turbulence." :troll:
    Cause. I was so used to the graphics on the 360 and the Wii doesn't have that many games which I want to play. :(

    I hope the Wii U doesn't have any FCs (Not sure if that's been confirmed or denied yet.) as those were the stupidest things ever IMO! :mad:

    Yeah, XBL rules all! I like it better than PSN and the dashboard > XMB imo.

    I don't mind paying as I play online quite a bit with my friends and get quite a lot of value out of the service. I like the current 360 dashboard, **** those ads tho. :mad:
    Awwwwwwww, I'm so touched. You're always welcome in the Light House, my friend! :)

    We'll see, I'm approaching it with cautious optimism cause the Wii disappointed me. :(

    I hope the Wii U has good online like the 360/PS3. Wonder who the new characters will be?
    It's cool, and you took a week off from SWF? WHY??? D:

    It should be illegal to lie to students about "if you don't buy the textbook, you will fail." :glare:

    Agreed x 9,001, I hope Nintendo can win me back next gen with the Wii U!

    You looking forward to SSB4?
    In response to your other VMs (I just got around to replying to everything...) :

    Textbooks are such scams, I spent over $1000 over the course of 2 years of buying them. (Well, make that 1.5 years, I stopped during the 2nd year, 2nd semester.)

    I only managed to buy one used textbook in college, and I barely used it anyways. x_x

    Now if they gave me back 60% of the valve, I'd CONSIDER selling them back but they don't so they can screw themselves. :mad:

    $180??? And here I thought that I had it bad! D: (Online codes = BULL****!!!!)

    Now you make me wanna replay CBFD on my 64. (N64 = the best console IMO.)
    I moved your latest post from the 3DS thread to the PSV one as it mainly focuses on the PSV itself.
    Why thank you very much! I had a good time celebrating with family up in Boston, though it was a wee bit cold :p
    I also love it how they rarely have used textbooks in my college's bookstore. Or when they only offer you 40% for your textbooks. (I kept all of mine, it's the principle!) :mad:

    My most expensive textbook that I bought in college was like $150 and I had to buy a $30-40 scientific calculator. I love it when you buy an expensive textbook and barely use it. :mad:

    My fav modes in CBFD is the heist one and the one where you gotta stop the frenchies from reaching the end. :smirk:
    Don't forget expensive textbooks and online **** which you have to pay for! :mad:

    Oh? Why? And thanks! :)
    Yeah. I mean, I would love for Impa to get into Smash, but his reasons... well, let's be honest, they SUCK.

    Jeez, when Waluigi has a better chance, something's WRONG.
    I had a small handful of bad teachers during my 3 years in college, like, some of them had no clue on what they were talking about and I imagined some of my money being burned in a fire pit. :mad:

    Thanks! Uh, they work together with the Marketing Manager and other departments in advertising/promoting the company and it's services/products. :)

    For the most part, they were pretty good, had a few difficult courses and some easy ones. I learned a lot and I had a blast there over the past 3 years. Made lots of friends and I felt accomplished when I graduated with honours. :3

    I'm a Marketing Associate for this video game company.
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