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  • Thought I'd send ya friend request in return for nominating me in the Disco Room, is the least I can do. :embarrass: :bee:
    It was! I can't wait till I go on another cruise. (Whenever that is, prolly won't be for another few years.) :( I wish that I could go on a 1 week cruise every year but we recently bought a new car. (We replaced our can with a CUV and we also fixed our roof.) And yup! I can literally sit on my *** all day, eating chips and drinking soda and not gain a pound! It's great since that means that I don't have to work out! :awesome: (How bout you? Is your metabolism good?)

    Ah okay, do you own any games on Steam perchance? Steam is great btw, dedicated servers + free online + free DLC/updates/patches etc. Steam > XBL > Nintendo WFC > PSN :troll:

    Sounds like a solid plan! Are you going to brace yourself whenever Nintendo announces the Wii U's price btw? And do you have any local movie theatres in your town? (Sorry if I already asked you question before, my memory is pri bad..) :( And I see. Most of my shirts are either white or black. I'm actually thinking about buying some shirts off of this site, what do you think? (http://sharkrobot.com/) I want to buy a few t-shirts off that site (esp. the egoraptor ones) :smirk: but I'm gonna wait for a sale or something since $17.95 for a t-shirt is pretty expensive if you ask me. =/

    Good point. Typhlosion is happy that you said that btw. :tytypoo: + :cool: = :awesome:

    That sucks, why not? And oh? What did you think of Black btw? And I don't think I've ever gotten my Pokemon to level 100, I usually stop grinding around level 70-80ish. :smirk: And do you have any grips with Conquest? How long is the game? Is the replay value high? Can you play it online?

    And that sucks, IMO, they should make a new Earthbound game for the Wii U. It'd sell 1,000,000,000,000,00 copies if you ask me. :smirk: :awesome: :cool:

    Really? Can you link me to that article please?

    lol so true, and I'm like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvdf5n-zI14 :glare:

    Maybe...I've only played the game once at this official Xbox store in downtown Toronto, if I ever had a Kinect and could find a cheap copy of that game then I'd def consider picking it up! The Kinect only has like 2-3 good games. (More than the PS3 and PSV combined btw.) :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: :troll: CD-I > PS3/PSV too. :troll: :troll :troll:

    Yup! Some parents have over sensitive!!! :mad:

    You should ask to get your own emotion/smiley uploaded to SWF's servers IMO. :tytypoo:

    lol and it's about Twilight Sparkle (The purple pony, she's the main protagonist in the show) who travels to Equestria and has to make friends/learn lessons along the way. Why? Are you thinking about watching the show now? :smirk: :tytypoo: :smirk:
    That sucks. :c And it was great! I had a lot of fun exploring new places and being out in the hot sun! I also ate 5-6 meals a day and when I got back home and weighed myself, I gained 10 pounds. It's a good thing I have a good metabolism so I lost that weight in a short period of time. :smirk: :awesome: :smirk:

    Isn't smoking expensive btw? And I accepted your friend request on Steam if you haven't checked it in the past few days.

    And what do you plan on spending your bday money on? And $30 is pri good in movie gift cards. Have you seen Ted btw yet? And you're into Spiderman? Let me guess, white plain shirts? :sick:

    And you're lucky on both sounds. Watch out, I may swing by one day to "borrow" your Charizard card. :smirk:

    And they aren't available on the Wii VC? And have you beaten Black yet? And I know!!! I can't wait for B/W2!!! I'm also planning on getting Conquest one of these days! Are you?

    And why am I not surprised? And things can only get better from here on out, right? And has that guy tried to contact Nintendo about that? And yeah, M$ prolly wouldn't let Rare do that. =/ (I also wanna play Hotel Mario :troll: :troll :troll:)

    And I'd rather burn my games then resell them to GS. :smirk: And ofc they would, all I wanna do is walk in, buy my game(s), pay, then leave NOT get offered a GI sub 9,001 times or a GS game warranty :mad :mad: :mad:)

    Tell me about it. :mad:

    Yeah, the CoD games sell the most on the 360. I think it's like 5:1 when you compare sales from the CoD games on the 360 to the PS3. It's also like 1,000,000,000,000,000:1 when you compare 360 CoD sales to the Wii ones. :smirk: And maybe, iunno.

    Pretty good, makes you sweaty tho. :c

    lol I agree, that'd be pri awesome, not gonna lie. :awesome: I would cry tears of joy if NSAF made it into SSB4 btw. :smirk: :cool: :awesome:

    It sucks how BoI never made it to the 3DS eShop. =/ (Binding of Isaac)

    Thanks for the list!

    Type in : tytypoo : (w/o the spaces obv.) :tytypoo:

    People like the animation and the characters. I used to watch MLP up until December of last year then I got bored of the show then stopped. inb4WHYF8ALWHY!?!?!?!?!??!?1??!
    Got any travel plans for this summer? It's almost been a year since I went on that 1-week cruise. (Best week of my life!) And you smoke? D: I've been pri good, playing some iOS games on my old iPod Touch and I recently got back into TF2 on Steam. (Do you have Steam btw? If so add me: F8AL09 and let's play one day!) :)

    And that's fine, how much money did you get if I may ask and which movies do you plan on seeing? I plan on seeing Wreck-It Ralph and Skyfall (New James Bond movie coming out in NA this November. The last one I saw was back in '06 - Casino Royale.) later this year. :awesome: And were they Nintendo shirts? :smirk:

    Do you know if they fixed that problem in Pokemon Stadium 2? And ofc it was those OP Pokemon. :smirk: (Did I ever tell you that one of my childhood dreams was to own a holographic Charizard card? I never got one on those packs which I bought...D: :mad: :c)

    Pokemon Red followed by Pokemon Black. :awesome: :tytypoo: :cool:

    You already had be sold at Kirby 64. :smirk: :awesome: :smirk:

    That's a smoove move putting SMRPG on the VC if you ask me. :cool: And ditto. Really? D: And why is it updated so infrequently? What happened??? And I'm approaching the Wii U with cautious optimism, don't wanna jump the gun like I did with the Wii. And I doubt it that you'll ever be able to buy Earthbound off the VC. :c (Same thing goes for Rare's old games...doesn't M$ own all of those IPs nowadays? Like Banjo and Conker?) How about some CD-I games? I wanna be able to buy those Zelda games on the CD-I. :troll: :troll: :troll:

    "GS sucks in general." (Fixed that for you.) :smirk: And that sucks btw. :c And yeah one of my buddies from HS works there. Are they even allowed to use their employee discount on friends? And they don't ask your brother any questions when he does that? :tytypoo:

    The only game which I'd want to sell would be Hitman 2 on the GCN, there's this one glitch in this snow level which locks up the game, thus, preventing you from beating the game. I was so mad when I found that out. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    CoD1 = Never played
    CoD2 = Pretty good
    CoD3 = ****
    CoD4 = Godly <3333333333333
    W@W = ****
    MW2 = Pretty good
    Black Ops = Pretty good
    MW3 = Horse **** **** **** ****** **** **** ***** ******* ****


    And did you hear that Vivendi wants to Sell Activision Blizzard for $8.1 billion? M$ should buy Activision IMO and make CoD console exclusive. They'd basically end next gen before it even started. :smirk:

    The only game I like on the Kinect is Dance Central. :cool:

    I really only buy 1-2 games a year. =/

    NOU.JPG :mad:

    What would his moves be if he became a playable character? His taunt would be ****ing epic!!!

    And really? I did not know that! Thanks! Lucky people. :mad: And Nintendo should man the **** up if you ask me. :glare:

    Are the mother games only on the NES and GBA or something btw? :tytypoo:
    I will! And what have you been up to lately btw? (I also asked you on FB on what you got for your birthday but you never responded... :c )

    Tell me about it, I swear, they all have lower HP and ****ty move sets which often piss me the **** off. What the hell was Nintendo thinking when they decided on doing that?!?!? And lucky! Which ones btw? And let me know how that works out for you! :bee:

    $40 is not bad...which Kirby games will be included in that btw? And :o that extra stuff sounds pretty good! :tytypoo:

    Is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars on the VC btw? And how often do they update it? And you know me, trying to save money wherever I can. :smirk:

    Mine is like a 5 minute drive from my house. Do you know the employees that work there by any chance? Get dem discounts? :smirk:

    A lot of my friends tend to buy a game on launch day, beat them in a week then sell them back to GS for $10 and I'm like mfw: jackiechanwtf.jpg (I've actually boughten most of my CoD games on launch day/week = CoD4/MW2/MW3 but not CoD2 or CoD3...:x )

    Does he listen to you btw? And why the **** would he buy a kinect??? That thing ****ing sucks!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I used to have a subscription to Nintendo Power but I stopped back in '07 when I left Nintendo for M$ :c (And I agree btw.)

    $79.99!?!?!?!? That's expensive if you ask me! And I'm fine with waiting a week or so to get mah vidja gamez!!! :laugh:

    You never know, I bet that they'll try to pull another fast one on us gamers. :mad: (Digital will never work out because of space and bandwidth limits in many countries...like mine. :mad: :mad: :mad: )

    You're sneaky, you know that? :smirk: :troll: :smirk:

    I wouldn't be surprised if the PS4 cost that much. You know Sony. They love to over price this ****. :troll: :awesome: :troll:

    He should have his own trophy or stage IMO. :cool:

    Is the reason that they won't localize the Mother series is cause of the music or something? :tytypoo:
    Just letting you know that I haven't forgotten, it's the summer and I've been pri lazy as of lately. :smirk: But I promise you that I'll check out Angry Birds before the end of the summer if worse comes to worse. :tytypoo:

    Pokemon Stadium is one of the few N64 games I rented back in the day, I remember having so much fun playing the mini games with my cousins and other brothers. Man, good times, good times. It sucks how I have to use rental Pokemon to battle the CPU because their team is often stacked while mine blow. :mad: (I can't even beat the easiest mode in the SP because of the AI... ;-; ) I never trade in games because I don't want to get ripped off and stuffs. :mad: And thanks, I look forward to reading it. :)

    Oh yeah, I read about that game, does it have an exact release date and a price? (I'm going to assume it's gonna cost no more than $30 or else I'm going to be very, very :mad:) :mad:

    And your VC list is pri good IMO! And to answer your question, I have none since my Wii is...*cough cough* so I can get any retro game I want on it. :smirk:

    The sad thing is that my local Gamestop is closer to my house than my Wal-Mart...those are really only the two places in my town that I know where you can buy video games...:urg:

    Me thinks your brother buys a game on launch day for $60, beats it in a week then sells it back to GS for $10 or so. AM I RITE?!?1? :mad: :glare: :mad:

    How is GI? Can't you read that stuff online? And I get all my gaming news from a couple of gaming blogs and video game forums. Amazon is great even tho you usually don't get your game the day it launches which makes me very, very :mad:

    Nope, is that even available in Canada? What is Amazon Prime? And I've played it a couple of times with a friend of mine, it's pri fun cause you get to troll each other in the mode. :awesome:

    Really? Because my reasoning behind that number is because the "Wii U is as powerful as a 360/PS3 and those games usually cost $60 at launch." You know? I really hope that they don't increase the price of next gen's games or else I'm pretty much out. Video games (or any hobby for that matter) are pri expensive. I've spent quite a bit of money on video games over the past several years. :urg:

    Nice! I remember picking one up with my local EBGames on launch week for $250 and having a blast with Wii Sports. Too bad the effect from that game wore off rather quickly...:mad: (If you don't mind me asking, why did your friend sell you his Wii for $150?)

    Not me, even tho I bought a 360 back in '07 for $500 plus tax. :mad: inb4PS3fivehundredninetyninetyusdollarslol :laugh: :troll: :laugh:

    Do you think that NSAF will be in SSB4? :tytypoo:

    And that sounds like a solid plan. :smirk: (IMO, Uncharted 3 was the "GoTY" for 2011.) :awesome:

    Nah, not after all the money and time they invested into creating the game. :glare:

    My old pro 360 model stopped reading game discs back in October so I bought a new elite (jasper chip) for $140 off eBay cause I didn't feel like spending $300 on a new slim...I bought a 2 year extended warranty for my elite for $50 which is obv. the price to sleep soundly at night according to M$ :mad: :mad: :mad:

    And yup! That thing looks fiiiinnneeeee if ya know what I mean. :awesome: :smirk:

    Why can't Nintendo play ball for once??? :mad:
    Sounds like a plan, I'll DL the free version of Angry Birds sometime this week and I'll let you know what I think of the game! Then I'll..."buy" the Space one. :smirk:

    I actually bought a used copy of Pokemon Stadium off eBay several months ago, but I can't beat the game because the CPU/AI often cheats. :mad: CRITICAL HITS MY *** / WHY THE **** ARE MY POKEMON ASLEEP FOR 5 TURNS!?!?!?!!! :mad: How is the sequel, Pokemon Stadium 2, btw? (And I actually want Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards but all the copies on eBay are pri expensive...) :c And which games do you have for the VC?

    That's cool. And I rarely go to my local Gamestop because once I saw a used copy of a game which COST MORE than a brand new copy. :glare: I also don't want them to bother me by trying to get me to buy a subscription to Game Informer or game warranty. :glare: (I mostly buy all of my games off Amazon <333333333) What do you think of the MP in Pikmin 2?

    Do you think that next gen games will cost more? What do I think? Yeah...$70/80 for a brand new game seems pri likely IMO. If that happens then I am SO out! :mad:

    How much did the Wii launch at again? Wasn't it less than $250 or something?

    And I agree w/you about Nintendo Land prolly not selling too much at retail price. Let's hope that Nintendo is smart and bundles that game with their new console later this year...Nintendo would be shooting themselves in the foot if they launch the Wii U at $350 IMO. What do you think of the non specific action figure from that video? :smirk:

    I have: Uncharted 1 - 3, Batman: Arkham City, MGS4, God of War 1 - 3, FailKillzone 3 (lol) and May Payne 3 for my PS3 right now. If you ever buy one, add me on the PSN: TheRealF8AL :tytypoo:

    I heard that the Wii U version is gonna have a "new story" or something like that...nothing is confirmed atm tho so take this rumor with a grain of salt...if this is true then I will be VERY, VERY :mad: And I actually preferred it when MGS (Microsoft Game Studios) published the first Mass Effect game...then EA bought BioWare and ruined them. (I'm looking at you Mass Effect 3!!! :mad: :urg: :mad:) You'll never be able to play the first Mass Effect unless you own a PC or a 360. :smirk:

    Agreed. I'm hoping that they can win me back after betraying me for those casual gamers and the Wii. :mad:

    If I hear ANYTHING bad about the 720's hardware then I am not going to buy it, I'm not dealing with another RROD fiasco like I did with this gen...I'm currently on my FOURTH 360 atm. :urg: :mad: :urg: (You won't be getting a 720?)

    Agreed, I remember when their games used to sell a few million back in the N64 days...:c R.I.P. Rare

    I blame Nintendo. I think that Iwata wants a GE remake to be exclusive to them...greedy ****ers!!! :mad:
    Understandable. I also did some...stuff to my iPod recently which allows me to...acquire free apps/games on it if ya know what I mean. :smirk: (Not sure if MLG allows this kind of discussion.) =/ And Angry Birds sounds like fun, would you recommend that I...acquire the original game then if I like it, I should...acquire the space edition of the game? :awesome:

    You actually had the cable(s) for that? =O LOL @ your main character's name btw. I remember as a kid, when I played the Harvest Moon games on the GBC, that I would name my dog "cat" and my cat "dog" for teh lulz. :smirk: And some of my N64 games started to lose their saved data a year or two ago so I had to play them again and unlock everything. i.e. SSB64, remember, they can't remember your saves forever... ='(

    And I see. How much are they? $30? (They'd better not be $60 ****ing dollars OR ELSE!!!!! :mad:) And when you say "Wii functionality" do you mean that you can play them with the Wiimote or the classic controller? No online? And I've played all of those games at least once which you mentioned. DK Jungle Beat was pri fun and so was Pikmin. :awesome: Are you ready/hyped for Pikmin 3?!?!?!? :awesome: And really? I didn't think they sold GCN games anymore... =O (How much did you buy it for btw?)

    And anything over $300 is asking for too much IMO. (I don't think that Nintendo Land will be bundled with the console btw...) :'( Yeah, Batman on the Wii U will basically be the GoTY edition and a new control scheme for the Wii U game pad.

    And you're right on that assumption. :urg: :mad: :urg: (I rarely play games on my computer but I do have several games on Steam. :awesome:) I have a PS3 but I rarely play it. :c And you should, I bought ME1 and 2 for $20 each and I only paid $30 for ME3 a month and a half after it's release. :cool:

    I guess we'll have to wait and see. IMO, a lot of people are still confused that the Wii U is a totally new console and not an "add-on" for the Wii. Nintendo was never very good with third party support...:c

    Too bad M$ ran Rare into the ****ing ground and most people from the original team at Rare left a while ago, right?

    I'd buy the game but M$ has been forcing them to make avatar crap for the 360 and ****ty Kinect games for the past few years. :mad: :mad: :mad: And really? IIRC, that Kinect sports game sold fairly well and made a profit, no? And I don't think that M$ would allow them to do such a thing...hence no Goldeneye 007 remake on the XBLA/PSN/VC :c :mad: :c
    How about Temple Run? That game is pri fun IMO. (And really? How is it different from the original version? Aside from being in space ofc.)

    Really? I love going right up to the net in Mario Tennis on the GBC and spamming the 'A' button and hitting them with the ball for points. :troll:

    And what do you mean by new play controls? And really? I could've swore that they made one for the DS...I've only played Pikmin 2 a few times...the MP is pri fun.

    And I just noticed that the video got removed. :c

    I guess. How much do you think it'll retail for at launch? Me? I'll say...$300. Why not buy it for the PC/PS3/360? And yes, the ending was terrible. I beat the SP a few weeks ago. :glare:

    Think Nintendo will be #1 in terms of sales like this gen? I don't think so.

    Ehhhhhhhh....and I don't think it will be.... :mad:

    Probably Sony. inb4rumble :troll:

    I wish Rare stayed with Nintendo....:c

    Think they'll ever make Banjo Threeie? (Prolly on the XBLA tho...)
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