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  • Sounds good, and haha, we'll see. :p

    Which college do you attend and for what? I'm Canadian and I attended Sheridan for "Business Administration - Marketing" and it was a 3 year program. I graduated last April and I'm currently working.
    I remember raging a lot when I played DK64 as a kid. :mad:

    And I can...acquire the DS version but I can't connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection cause of my current router's security settings. :(

    Sure thing, when would be a good day/time for you?

    I'm still using my old 20 GB HDD on my Elite console. :urg: (It's actually 13 GB...7 GB is taken up by the dashboard and other **** I assume...)
    It took me a while to beat that Squid/Octopus/Dinosaur boss. (My memory with the 64 version is foggy so please forgive me if I make any errors.) I also beat Wizpig after trying 1000 times, I think. :glare:

    I should really...acquire some N64 games on my laptop. :smirk:

    Yeah, you can usually find me playing ME2 or any CoD game during the afternoon/night. Let's set up a day and time to play. :) (And which time zone are you in? I'm EST and it's 9:45 PM as I'm sending this VM.)

    It's cause M$ rushed the 360 to beat the Wii/PS3 on the market. I hope they don't make the same mistake again or I'm not buying their next console. I'm still trucking with my old 20 GB HDD from my deceased "Pro" console from 2007. R.I.P little buddy. :c
    What's new/different in the DS version anyways? (Never played it...)

    And yeah man...the N64 is my favourite console cause it has a wide variety of awesome games and the thing still works. (UNLIKE MY 360s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :mad:

    And thanks! I added you earlier this afternoon, I see that you're a bigger 360 gamer than me w/6 years and 60,000+ GS...I only have 4 years and 24,000+ GS....;-;

    We should DEF play something some day! Which games do you have?

    I rarely play my Wii. Even tho it's hacked. :c

    And the first three 360s broke cause of the RROD and they were all out of warranty and I refuse to pay them to fix a problem which is THEIR ****ING FAULTS!!!!...so I bought a new Elite for $160 off eBay about 3 months back and I plan on spending $50 for the 2 year extended warranty soon as a back up plan. (I have a lot of 360 games so I just had to buy a new one...) :c
    I was under the impression that the original DKR on the 64 was superior to the DS version, yay or nay?

    And I have quite a few video game consoles and handhelds: Sega Genesis, N64, Gamecube, PS1, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Gameboy (the fat one), GBC, GBP, GBA SP, original phat DS, DS Lite, 3DS and the Sega Game Gear.

    What's your XBL GT? Which games do you play? I'm playing Mass Effect 2, MW2 and Black Ops atm. (MW3 sucks.)

    And I'm approaching the Wii U with cautious optimism, I rarely play my Wii. ;-;

    Not sure who I'll go with next gen, it's all up in the air atm. (If the next Xbox has MORE hardware problems then I'm not buying it, I'm currently on my FOURTH 360...) :urg:
    It just didn't feel like a real Banjo game IMO...the driving controls were horrible IMO.

    And I don't think that Microsoft will ever let Nintendo have control of Banjo ever again. (This is also why we'll never see Goldeneye 007 on the Wii store/XBLA/PSN...)

    And which consoles do you own?
    Yeah...Rare stopped being good several years ago. N&B sucked IMO and I wish they'd stop making ****ty Kinect games and the 360 avatars...:c
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