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  • It's so intense and chaotic :O

    Cool, lol yah I'm decent. But the game has a lot in luck involved so you will still prob do decent against me :)
    NO U. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :tytypoo: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I wish my friends were like that...:urg: (I have yet to try Farmville or any of that casual gaming **** like Angry Birds.) :cool:

    I've actually played the GBC (best one in the series imo) and the GCN versions. Didn't they also release one on the Wii/DS?

    I lost. I know some people who could use that stuff. :smirk: :troll: :smirk: (I'm sure you know who I'm talking about.) (Drinking too much of dat rig juice.) :troll:

    I like your new avatar btw. :awesome:

    I agree, I mean, who the hell is gonna buy AC on the Wii U? I mean, they're just gonna release a GoTY edition on the PC/PS3/360 one of these days anyways so what's the point? And people have already played/beaten the game on the current gen consoles too. Not to mention ME3 on the Wii U...even tho they won't understand most of the story or the characters since they can't play ME1/2 on the Wii U... =/ (IMO, the Wii U will still be successful, but not as much as the Wii.)

    I almost fell asleep when they were showing off Wii Fit U and Nintendo Land. Same thing for that Wonder Book **** and Kinect/EA/Nike/IE on 360 during Sony and MS' conferences. :mad:

    Yes, even people at Sony realize that that game is a blatant copy/clone of SSB. (Sony is pretty infamous for stealing ideas from Nintendo/MS.) :glare:

    Did Rare even show up? Make Banjo Threeie IMO. :awesome:
    LOL that was epic xD

    I dont get into too many 12 person rooms that last very long but when I play with friends then we sometimes will get awesome 12 man rooms :D
    I haven't watched all of it yet :(
    But my body is ready! XD

    Iv really been wanting to do mk7 but it's hard because I do like mkwii more :/

    I need to find a day that works for mk7 tourneys :/
    Lol I love the swap notes you send :D
    they always just make me laugh.
    the MY BODY IS READY was awesome :D
    I remember...acquiring HL1 on an old PC of mine several years ago. :smirk:

    Typhlosion is the BEST fire type pokemon and you know it mister!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Good, I hate Zynga. (I have most of the games on Facebook blocked.) :smirk:

    I will one of these days and nope, is that game any good?

    Links to episodes on YT? I rarely watch TV these days cause of commercials...:glare:

    OHHHHHHH THAT SHOW!!! I remember seeing this image of the show once. "Have a nice day." "Don't tell me what to do. :glare:" :laugh:

    Btw, what did you think of this years big 3's E3 2012 conferences? IMO, Nintendo did the best, followed by MS then Sony in dead last. KEYWORD: IMO
    No comment. ;)

    Have you ever played any of the HL games btw? I have them on Steam but I never did end up beating them...:urg:

    Agreed, I ALWAYS pick the fire starters when it comes to Pokemon games cause they da best IMO. :tytypoo: (lol grass starters lol) :smirk:)

    Casuals? Nintendo? Those two things go together quite well if you ask me! :smirk: inb4farmville (To each their own, eh?) Same, I still have the beat the 3DS Mario game...

    Oh yeah, that show. I saw a few episodes back when I was in America back in August last year during my 1-week cruise. Pretty good show, do you know where I can watch them online or are they being shown on Toonami? (Toonami is coming back soon!!!!!!!!)

    Drake and Josn?
    Shulk's up B for the Monado specials would probably be Purge. It pretty much works like Aether.

    Not sure about his final smash. I guess it works in that he sees the future. After using it, about 5 seconds pass, and then you start that over and can "change the future." You could also use it after/before being hit. It would slow the other character down and you could counter the attack. Knock back is higher during the vision. Something like that.
    On the Shulk moveset:

    Not super keen on it, but it's not bad. Final Smash seems a little weak. Shadow Eye also seems weird, but it works I guess.

    The idea I always had was the special moves were Monado arts and the others where standard attacks. Otherwise, it's OK just doesn't excite me.
    But in all seriousness, not all the staff here are bad. Most of them do good work and I appreciate everything they've done in the past and are currently doing. :)

    IMO, they should release HL2: E3 as an exclusive Wii U game to troll everyone. :troll:


    You don't ever feel the need to explore? Really? Let me guess...Sony and M$ fanboys, amirite? I do plan on visiting NY one day, we should chill if I do IMO. :smirk:

    I have yet to see an episode, what is the show about?
    I know, right? Yeah, but not as much as on this forum. :troll: inb4infraction :troll: (The staff on NeoGAF are also better.)

    Wii U for me, we already know that many AAA games are coming out in the upcoming months. (i.e. Paper Mario :awesome:)


    Don't go there, my friend. :mad: (Which Pokemon is your fav btw?)

    No money? D:
    For you, my love <33333333: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=474217

    My body is ready as well. I hope it's better than the past 2 years. =/

    Really? That's a shame. I'm looking forward to them showing off more of Halo 4 and whatnot. Sony should announce a price drop for the PSV since that thing blows massive ****s. (inb4PSVfanboys) :troll:

    Yes sir!

    Yeah, I think it's getting one tomorrow. =D

    What do you get when you start a NG+?

    You'd better watch that tongue of yours, boy. Or else YOU'RE GONNA BEAT BEAT!!! :mad:

    Oh, have you ever been to the Nintendo Store over there?
    Are you ready for E3? I hope Nintendo announced the Wii U's prices and launch games! Microsoft will prolly focus on 1-3 core titles and the rest will be about entertainment (i.e. Netflix, YouTube etc.) and Kinect games... :urg: (At least Sony won't have to apologize like they did at the least E3. Remember? PSN hack was back in 2011.)

    Netflix is on everything lol. (i.e. Computer, 3DS, 360, PS3, Wii etc.) I think it's about $8 a month which is good if you don't have a bandwidth limit. (I do...)

    I also have the PC version but I'd rather not leave a Minecraft wiki on in the background to see what I need to craft stuff. :mad: (That, and I can only play the game on normal graphical settings or else the game lags...) =/

    Have you beaten the game yet?

    IT'S A ****ING TYPHLOSION!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    And where do you live in Canada btw? (Saw that on your XBL GT.)
    Have you tried sending Nintendo $100,000 in unmarked bills? :smirk:

    It's about Fry (the main protagonist) who gets frozen and is awakened in the future. He meets and befriends some...interesting individuals.

    Have you started to watch the show yet?

    Minecraft on the 360 is sooooooo good. <33333333

    And where is your avatar from?
    Importing games is stupid IMO, like "Last Window: The Secret of Cape West". This is why I support flashcards on the DS. :smirk:

    Good, the same guy made The Simpsons so you know it's good! Unlike Family Guy. :mad:

    Did you try swearing at the TV? :smirk:
    One day I want to learn Japanese so I can play all those cool games they have over there. :smirk:

    Anything is better than Family Guy. :awesome: (American Dad and the Cleveland show are okay, I guess. Futurama <333333333 )

    Really? Just spam the 'A' button IMO. :awesome:

    No. :(
    *COUGHAceAttorneyInvestigations2COUGH* (Apologies, I have a pretty bad cough right now.) :smirk:

    Family Guy is SO bad, just like Jersey Shore. :snooki:

    Is that the only reason why you didn't like SS?

    Mr. Popular :cool:
    iunno if it'll ever be available on the Wii-U's VC. IMO, Nintendo should have put all their older games on the Wii's VC. Some people would be willing to pay a pretty penny to play rare games. I hate it how some games are only released in Japan/Europe. Region locking is ******** btw. :mad:

    I'm surprised that the show is still running. Fox does like to cancel good shows and extend Family Guy. (Which stopped being good like several years ago.)

    I'm disappointed in your brother. :mad:

    Maybe. I still need to beat SS one of these days...

    Why? And check your PMs.
    You know it. :smirk:

    It was pretty good, it's exclusive on the GCN and I think it's pretty rare to find these days. (Don't quote me on this tho.) I beat the game several times and have unlocked everything. (i.e. Infinite ammo and/or infinite cloaking.) :awesome:

    Doesn't that guy just heal people and insult them after that?

    I have 17 nukes in MW2, I got 15 of 'em by using my OMA DC commando pro pipe class and camping with claymores. Spawn tubing also works. :troll:

    PLAY MORE 360!!!
    You know I love you. <33333333

    Is this going to be the first MGS game you've ever played before? I've played TTS on my GCN before.

    Sorry man, been busy as of lately. I'll let you know the next time I'm free to brawl, okay?

    Would you recommend House MD to someone like me? I'm using the 1-month trial for my 360 right now. I saw you log in twice over the past two days. :O
    You joined in the worst year of this site / forum. *hint hint* :smirk:

    You don't own KIU or MGS3D? :O

    You're so smart. :smirk:

    How bout this weekend, yani?

    Yes sir. :smirk:
    You ain't got nothing on me tho in terms of join date and post count. :smirk:

    Can't you also order it online via the Nintendo store? Nah, don't think I'm gonna get it. I think it's rather silly but that's just me.

    And it usually takes me a few days to respond to all the new VMs I get everyday, hence the delayed response to this one. When do you think you'll be on AIM next?

    I also started to watch The Walking Dead on Netflix today, so far I'm loving the show! Rick's the man! :awesome:
    Okay, so this is me replying to your previous VM:

    Nice! Do you have the 2nd control stick periphiral for the 3DS?

    And I'm on AIM now if you wanna talk.

    I love you. I want your babies. :awesome:
    Congratz on breaking 1k in posts!

    And I'll reply to your VM in a bit. :smirk:
    That's fine, take your time.

    Have you tried the OG/classic KI game yet? It's in there, somewhere.

    Alright, thanks.


    When are we going to brawl next btw? :smirk:
    I'd pay top dollar to have Typhlosion in SSB4!!! I'd train to become the best! #1 Typhlosion main in the world!!! :awesome:

    Nah, I'll do it soon.

    I love it! Got anymore?
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