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  • just wanted 2 let u no that believe the legend was freagin sweet. :D
    btw could i add u on msn?
    How do you suggest I learn more about Link?

    It's absolutely necessary I learn him if I want to critique/give advice, and staying around here isn't doing much good for me, or people who ask for critique. What AiB threads should I be looking at, and since I know that MU threads are likely to not be up to date, where would the best place to know about the current MUs, and not the MUs 4 months ago?
    Raichu closes threads...that's actually all there is to it.

    The Haunter fanatics that post him after every post in the Sonic boards are copycats who just don't have a clue.
    Move all your stuff to AiB - video critique threads, the tier list, project Link, EVERYTHING.

    And don't DONT post on the SWF Link boards again - that's orders from the community.
    Too sum it all up, there was a member of our boards who would post Haunter after every post. He really helped out a lot for the Sonic boards but a problem he had was that he was really spammy. He originally spammed to get mod attention (we literally had no mods. Threads wouldn't get closed and we'd just double/triple post leisurely just because we could) but once things finally got worked out, he just couldn't break it. One day they Perma-Banned him after he called out a mod for something he felt that he didn't do right, and got banned...plus he spammed a lot so it didn't make him look good. We at the boards thought it was unjust and started posting Haunter as kind of a way to petition if you will. Anyway, he was allowed to make a new account (he took his old username and added a period to it) and a lot of us still post them and others do it occasionaly. It's become a habit for me so I post them a lot...unless I'm in a very serious discussion outside the Sonic boards.

    Ironically enough, that's the exact reason why I have gotten permission to make tier lists.

    Apparently, from Buzz's point of view, we violated rule #7. I had to convince 'other' moderators what he had done wrong, and what rule 7 was. I nearly got banned doing so, with my persistence.
    Oh darn, I didn't notice your message. I just made the tier list thread, should I remain holding it?

    And, as I said before, it wasn't easy getting the Ganon tier list back.
    I just figured that I got permission to make the Ganon tier list again, and I'm sure that I'm not limited to only one. Meaning that I could possibly make the Link tier list legitimately. I'd tell you how to get permission, but it takes quite a while and a lot of debates and arguments, which took me (and a friend) quite a while to do.
    Nah you are right he is an AT *****. And a good one at that. He isnt a great character though after all those AT's. I think he's clearly above the bottom two, but below the rest.
    Lol SSBKNIGHT. Train harder and I'm sure maybe one day you'll at least be a challenge for me.
    Hey you know the Link tier list post, yea I think your forgeting to put
    Dark Deku on it, he beat me with all his stocks left. He is a Link beast! I'm sad, he beat me so bad!:( But anyway that means I have to improve my Link more.
    Lol okay that's the weirdest way someone can't brawl i've ever heard...=P Anyways so you can only brawl on Weekends? its the same with me... =/
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