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  • I still need to talk to Lexx about it, but I'm never around on the Xat :<
    If you can, talk to him on the Xat about it and tell him to send me a message regarding the project and if he wants to keep up with it or not? Last I recall he said he was interested in it, but since I never see him around the boards I don't really know for sure >_>
    Depends what others think. If asked I'd probably say yes, but it depends of others think I'm responsible and trustworthy.
    any1 want my msn(live hotmail) its zaborg2400@hotmail.com
    (b sure 2 let me no who u r by ur name here on smashboards so i no if its any different then ur address)
    Hi, guessing by your friends, you play Link?
    So you know, many Link mains have move to AiB (allisbrawl.com). WSFs (world smash forms), which is here, has a better CO regional thread so I visit both sites. Some people are jerks but most are cool, don't take things too seriously. Click on my profile icon and write a message if you have any Qs. Read the stickied threads about posting before you start new threads. Here's the address of a smash terminolodgy thread to get you started:
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