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  • naaah I like having cool people on my aim that post like everywhere I do :O

    my aim sn is Jbandit999 iirc. If it isn't right just check my little aim thing on my profile.

    It's alirght i alot of the times forget to get on lol =P
    Yay that'd be great! And do you have a fb? I know you have aim, but you don't go on it often.

    Edit: forgot to change font color to blue.
    This is like a facebook wall-to-wall, lol. I do have a cellphone, but I can only use it when I go out, and I can't text, and I can't call, and it'll only receive calls from family members @_@ And I'm in grade TWELVE....minus 3.

    Btw, my uncle still has my Wii because he was doing asian stuff to it, and I coincidentally won't get it back till this Saturday, lol. I haven't played brawl in foreevvvveeeerrrr. I do have my wiichuck tho :D
    Anyways my high school is like 20-30 minutes away from penn via Septa. And I get out of school at 2:28 most of the time. Let me know if I should appear out of your dorm's refridgerator sometime.

    Oh and no tengo un telephono.
    chibo's an Smod, and he has the ability to change avis because sometimes users don't...make the most appropriate choices with them...and thus we need to be able to change them :p

    my post count is silly cause I in a thread I was like "post counts are dumb, I wish I didn't even have one" and an admin changed it to 0 for laughs. and I was like "oh can I keep that?" and thus it stayed 0 for a while, but then another admin was like "you can't have 0 as a post count, has to actually be a number" and I was like "can it big a super large pointless number?" and it was like "yeah sure"
    stuff like what? lol

    my post hax are from ages ago when I wasn't even red or black lol
    Chibo changed my avatar when I wasn't on. The next time I was on was during a like 10min break during work and I of course wanted to change it back. When I got home I went to reupload the pic, but while going through my pic folder I was like "oh I guess I can use that one". And started using:
    yes, that it did!

    and so did yours, but I feel that probably happens often
    Since most most of us live a few minutes from each other, we don't really organize stuff...... we usually plan practices kinda last minute. :urg: But it's usually mentioned in our crew thread:

    I also have a list of people I text/call whenever people are playing over my apartment in case they wanna drop by..... I can add you to it if you want.
    Hey, sorry I didn't get to you about the Smashfest til late..... there were a ton of people there, so I didn't hear my phone. :urg:

    We play at least once a week tho, so anytime you wanna drop by, lemme know!
    Smashfest is today, I can get you there but I don't think imma be able to make it :/ .
    That is like the best case! It is hard and has lots of tricks but it is overall the best <3

    haha they wanted to use the name Bikini :3c
    Exactly where are you in philly, because I know how transportation works around your area, so I could help you get to the smashfest tomorrow.
    The third one is my absolute favorite you HAVE to finish it. I just beat it for the third time tonight. (not consecutively xD) But yea it is amazing. <33333 Dahlia so much lol
    It really all depends on the situation. ._.

    Just test out a bunch of stuff and see what works. :)
    If they're doing a good job of targetting you (when it comes to team fights, rocket jump should be used to jump away-not used offensively, btw), get a Frozen Mallet after the Infinity Edge. It'll give you 800 health + a nice slow.

    That or if they're heavy on magic or attack damage you can get something good against those like a negatron cloak or something.
    Yeah, I'm sure that visiting every topic on every board every day will keep you up that long.
    I was actually going to go to bed, but not after you said that.
    Xenosaga MOMO > Avatar Momo
    Any argument you can provide to the contrary is just masturbation.
    I say, this drink is incredibly delicious.


    What you say about mah mama? :mad088:
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