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  • Oh. You're the wrong type of person :mad:
    And try changing profile pic to Katara maybe? :rolleyes:
    If your profile pic isn't reletive to your gender in any way...

    I still don't want to bare children wiff a stranger -_-
    I'm taken, you should go find a rock.
    yeh , it did but helen and austin are going in a diff car so we have 3 open spots (two in trunk XD with seatbelts) but check the neoh thread for my contact info
    Hahaha. Yeah rPSI and I study PSIence together. He created Rocket PSIence and I study it as a PSIentist.

    BTW, my name doesn't mean Young Link like a lot of people think it does. ^^;
    AHHH! I'll change my name back soon, it was just a joke from a tournament.

    "She's so awesome and fluid...she's like Ness' essence itself!"
    Well I tried and the option wasn't there :O

    lol it doesn't matter so much anyway.
    yaaaaaay now i can post VMs on your wall lol.

    Your right it is a bonus to having a new friend to the contact list ;D
    Alright. I'm a pseudo peach main anyway. I started with Falco, wanted to search for someone else to play. Got it to Snake, backed off of him as I still do better with Falco. Then, I wanted to play peach, which even though I lose, I still try to play with her. So, if we ever played, I would probably lose as peach from lack of match-up experience. Olimar just scare me >_< Well, I'm heading out for today.
    Well, when it comes to this, I sort of not sure what is better. I constantly see advantages and disadvantages for everything. I see what you mean by him being limited, but it depends on the part of the stage he is on. On the sides or underneath most certainly. But once he grabs that 3rd level, it looks difficult to hit him anyway. To get to him you pretty much have to get onto the 2nd level. Once you are there, it is all about circle camping by going back and forth between the levels.

    But yeah, I'm mostly thinking of the strategic play that could go on with that stage. It's so versatile in thoughts or survivablity, camping, and anti-camping methods.

    Do you use wifi at all? I'm sort of in a position where I cannot really play offline all that often. Anyone I can play online is a godsend.
    Exactly on that mentality for posting. Plus, waiting around is boring lol

    Well, I can see Luigi's Mansion being a big asset in multiple points of view. Imagine Wario is air camping on this stage. The stage makes it easy for him right? Wrong. You can destroy the stage creating a stage that is flat and longer than final destination I believe and has huge blastzones. Wario's camping is instantly hurt without platforms. You have nothing to fear from breaking pillars if he is camping. And if he does try to attack you, he just quit camping and started to approach. Either way, win situation.

    Plus, I can see it being useful to Olimar in a few ways. Huge ceiling means you can DI attacks up without much harm giving you more air time to move to the stage which is rather large. This means less worries about being gimped in recovery, only you worry about being juggled then.
    We also lurk the tactical dicussion and make massive amounts of posts late at night also. lol What else do we have in common? >_>

    Right now, I would like to generate my own idea of a stagelist. Just a little project to take up my time. However, I run into many conflicting thoughts when trying to select one stage over another. I need more information. I would really like to try to get some discussion thoughts from what the BBR went through.

    Overall, it would improve my knowledge of stages in the end. Right now, I am fairly convinced through thinking that luigi's mansion is perfectly legal. I just need to test it again to see if it really see how quickly it is for Falco, Peach, etc. to break those pillars. That is the key to it's viability is the ability to destroy the stage.
    Well, if that is the intent, then it will not do me much good. Right from the start I was alright with the ruleset.

    It is as they say. The TOs organize the ruleset in the end. BBR does the best they can with the resources they have. This is, with extensive debate, they believe to be best at the current time and place. Luigi's mansion was once allowed, banned, then revived. G&W was once high and is now lower. People find faults with decisions all the time and change them. I have my own opinions such as Norfair does indeed seem to be difficult to deal with while Luigi's Mansion is not. But, better to accept things as they are and move on.
    Oh believe me, I do. I can only hope they actually read it though

    lol I followed the link to that thread 3 times now from your siggy and still haven't read it yet. Although, I am going to read it now. I feel a bit guilty for not having read that OP as of now.
    Haha, nope. I just saw you under the "Users Browsing This Forum" in Decisive Games. :p
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