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  • Hm... I didn't think I'd find you on this site either. It's like you broke your entire connection towards anything. No way to find you now huh? I'll keep searching. I won't give up so easily.
    Yo if the address is bergenfield will they still take it?

    and i hope you didn,t rent anything thats overdue with this card... They'll bring it up.
    Heh! Leave Luck to Heaven!
    Cynos is here! Nothing can stop me! Im going to the top!
    Its over!!!

    Heh... Dark Light is the future!
    Greatest Anti-Hero Nintendo character ever to be created!
    I think I accidentally sent you the same 20 stages today, check to make sure sorry if I did. I'll pick up from where I left off tomorrow.
    Oh sure. I forgot which ones I already sent though since I did not send them in order. I sent what I thought the most interesting stages were.
    Heh... n00b? your talking?
    c'mon Twista, I thought you said you were going online idiot?!
    Heh... forget it, dont answer that.
    I knew you weren't anyway. You're still addicted to those gay cpu games... what a shame Twista. I got it for nothing, i know... but its ok. I have 64 ppl to play with so if your not online its not gonna mean anything.
    If you want to find out you're main go online. If not... then you can spend the next couple days wondering who your main is.
    You lost... *sigh* i knew it...
    dont worry i clean ur mess up... again! its double elimination so don't worry.
    Twister did i win? What happened still had 1 more game to win :/

    edit: good games ^_^ but it seems im going to advance :( im sorry T~T Keep fighting its not over yet~
    YOU IDIOT! what took u so long?!
    listen! Dekillsage is your opponent. Beat him Twista! besides...

    I go against the winner of your match!
    already making friends i see. Hmph! cmon! stop wasting time! theres a 2v2 battle and im hosting! meet me in the forum im always in.
    sorry man got a friend who wants me to train his pit O.o and I gotta get outta here in 10, some other time okay :)
    heh heh... Super sonic... very nice. i thought u said u wouldnt pick 1 from here lol.

    bet ya cant wait 2morrow. brawl and the funplex trip.
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