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  • I'm not sure if I'll end up going to HDL's tournament.

    If he has a TV that we can use for Brawl, I'll consider it, but either way, I doubt Norman will actually take me. 4Bidden might. I still need him to teach me Melee.
    I'm not that Zelda obsessed. ^_^
    I'm not one to replay single-player games, unless the game was REALLY good (Like Paper Mario 64, which I played 6 times).
    I agree.

    So far, MM goes between TP=MC and PH=aLttP. Then again, I haven't even beaten a temple yet, so it doesn't count.
    Ur thinking of Link's Awakening, and Minish Cap is my favorite 2D game.

    My zelda tier list:


    MM=? because I haven't played enough of it.
    OoT is such a good game. aLttP was good, but I got sick of it when I replayed it after my Gameboy Advance cartridge got stolen. I was like, "Not this part again..." and I stopped playing it.
    Beaten: Wind Waker, Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, OoT, aLttP (I think), Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks
    Played: Legend of Zelda, MM

    Not played: GBC ones, LoZ II,
    Too late. I already beat the game.


    Not only did I finish the game, but I stashed it in my closet, where all my other Zelda games are!
    The thing is that things like that aren't even supposed to happen. Trains don't have one single track with traffic going both ways. Every time I lose to that, I don't feel like I got careless, I feel like I got cheated through poor planning on Nintendo's part.

    And other than that, the train is boring as balls.
    No. The train got on my nerves. I couldn't stand playing through it, but I forced myself to.

    As for MM, ehhh.....
    I'm not motivated to play it. I'll eventually play it though.
    I beat Spirit Tracks.

    I haven't touched MM in the longest time. I'm still right at the entrance to the first temple.
    Btw, if you want premium, you have to give me your password.

    When I ask for it, just change it to something else, so that when you get premium, you can just change it back.
    Si ya sabia de ese torneo, tal vez pueda ir, todo depende de como esten las clases para ese tiempo. Pero por ahora si voy pq esta cerca el lugar.
    lol a wetback is a mexican stereotype. it means that you're an illegal mexican that crossed the border. hence, wet back.
    Pues vas a tener que esperar ahora, tristemente, tipo... Estamos todos entregaos con Monster Hunter 3! Si se da un smashfest en algun lado, te aseguro que te vamos a invitar pa que vengas a jugar. Hace DEMASIAO tiempo que no jugamos, tipo. :/

    Y esta bien lo del torneo. Falló, pero por lo menos se aprende de la experiencia pa la proxima. ;)
    El hermano mio que siempre tiene el carro que uso tiene varicelas... Si pal 1 de Mayo todavia tiene varicelas (o todavia esta en casa), pues cuenten conmigo pa'l pon. pero si se va de casa antes del dia, pues entonces no se que se pueda hacer.
    Yo ni sabia que tu hablavas español.

    Bueno pos eso era todo. Solo es que de accidente le hize "cliq" a tu pagina, y me di cuenta que habian casi puros mensajes en español. Asi que pense, <bueno, porque no>, y yo escrivi aqui tambien.
    Pa mi esta perfect. :)

    Si quieres, haz un blog sobre eso para que la gente lo lea, y sepe que el torneo no esta asegurado todavia... Para que mantengan el dia separado.

    Y espero que no te sientas que estoy medio hostil contigo, lo que pasa es que en casa mediomundo tiene varicelas, so estoy ocupao mucho... Mas papi se pasa gritandole a todo el mundo de que "son unos vagos" y que "el se pasa haciendolo todo", so me tiene de muy mal humor.
    Tanto tiempo! I'm so bored...... No puedo jugar Wii. No puedo usar mi comp. v_v aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
    Hey, next time were both on AIM, I have some ideas vs Diddy to share with you ;)
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