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  • si friendlies y free for alls con randoms :/. LOL pero pues si la pelea de smashpr para que dejaran el emoness termino mal, cerraron smashpr. :/ Registrate en boricuagaming.
    Ya definitely. We have to do mad random crap once people figure out the MU
    I did that to keep him away from me...he knows the MU too well and I decided to mix it up...we stimulated a tourney set...you wont see me jab too often
    Ill take that into consideration with diddys then...i like playing them tbh. And im looking forward to them though ^_^.
    To hell with pit being above us. But its whatever. You have any new vids up by the way? Im gonna try to MM Ally at our next tourney to get some matches up for snake ;o
    You have no idea how much that actually means to me <3. Thanks a lot! Yeah, that Marth isn't amazing. He's our best melee player and he's always played brawl, but he's just getting serious about it now.
    Did you watch the Wario ones? The Wario is our #2 player in CO. (Not a great state...) Still, I at least think he's great.
    ah dude...my friend was like "hey mjg, your toonlink is legit, but you should learn some new tricks from this toonlink" and then im like " oh hey! this is S@nt!" ^_^
    Nope, ma~ana no lo puedo llevar porque en casa lo usan pa Animal Crossing y Mario Kart Wii. Los dias de semana puedo porque ellos estan en sus escuelas, pero fines de semana... o se los puedo quitar asi porque si. :/

    Y el lunes es dia de fiesta?
    Pues claro que va a estar aburrido, si lo mejor es jugar con gente diferente y no los mismos. :/

    Y si ya lo posponieron, pues, ya no hay mas na'.
    Tristemente, no voy a poder salir pa casa de Jenssen hasta despues que almuerze, que es al mediodia. Se esta haciendo compra.

    Y no tengo cel encima, so no lo puedo tratar de conseguir. Dile a Rated que trate si quieres. : /
    No es que sea por melee, es que literalmente no queria salir pa' ningun lado mañana (Melee is just an added 'bonus'... Lo juego, pero no me interesa destacarme en el). Pero ya que hicieron los planes dependiendo de mi Wii, no tengo mas ningun remedio masque ir.

    Although, vamos a tener que terminar SSE. Me falta a Jigglypuff, Wolf, Sonic y TL, mas no tengo todos los stages.
    Aww, man, ****it. Yo no queria salir pa' ningun lao, y menos pa jugar un juego que no me importa nada de.

    Pero, whatever. De una forma u otra llego pa Jenssen's.
    So... you still can't play wii games? Or have you found a temporary solution?

    I sent my wii off in the mail today to get fixed. Quite a strange experience.
    Yeah I've heard that it's quite a common problem. It's happened to most of my mates. How did you get it fixed?
    My plan is to get nintendo to fix it cause my wii isn't hacked, but if that doesn't work, I know a guy who knows a guy that knows how to fix it.
    yeah, I just have to work at it. Im gonna change my style of toon link. ive been figuring out alot of stuff, but I dont care like i used to to implement it into my game. Guess i have to to stay on top.
    I try to get in there face after about 50%. bu they would just run. Ima just practice the match up so i can handle the lazers better and know what to do. I beat 2 out of the 3 falcos, but their has to be an easier way.
    Ooops, just remembered. hyro lost to inui then lee.

    And the way the game is played. About 3 or 4 of my games almost went to timer because falco's laser camping me after getting 2 stocked game one. Its not fun
    Yl and peach.

    Yea, hyro is good. He almost lost to ozz too though. game 3 ozz had like 80% hyro had about 140% and hyro got a charged upsmash while ozz was in the air.

    I wanted to quit brawl but hyro kept telling me not to so iunno. I'll prlly just quit after whobo though
    Hyro got 5th, I got 9th. Mjg didnt go. Hyro lost to lee twice. I lose to lee in winners, then ozz in losers right after.

    I got hard camped by 3 falcos and lost to a falco in melee. I hate falco lol.
    Ya, I saw that you re-did the MK one.

    Ill try to get my crew mate to comment on it when he gets back from his tournament. MK gettin on my nerves >_>
    Yes master.

    Hey, we never did the sheik summary LOL.

    It sort of just got abandoned XD

    Story time: Legan (the link main) and I took 3rd in doubles, which was a huge surprise since we didn't practice at all barely.

    In singles, I lost to lain (Ice Climbers main) in the second round.

    Im goin through losers bracket and I play this peach that I ALWAYS beat >_>. I end up suiciding twice in the last match and I still almost brought it back but I got timed out -.-. I suicided a total of 7 times (at least, thats what a crew mate told me). So...idk what was up but I should have placed better than 13th easily -.-. I need to fix my SD problem I guess...never happen that much...but ya, thats pretty much it dude
    I'm not sure I understand what you want. ._.

    Go edit the thread you want ti to be and then tell me which post to erase.
    No puedo. :(

    Mi mama no me dejo.
    Dijo q el no me podia llevar.
    Tengo q hacer algo para Español para el lunes.

    No puedo ir. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

    I'm such a <censored>
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