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Recent content by TLMSheikant

  1. TLMSheikant

    Tournament Mode [1.1.0] Community Patch Notes

    Welp, they still haven't fixed the upbs that take away the chars second jump if they still had it once they initiate the upb. Tink link greninja and pikachu all lose their second jump still. Maybe it is intentional? But why give this mechanic to the links? as if their recovery wasnt awful enough...
  2. TLMSheikant

    Official Toon Link 1.1.4 Patch Changes

    Every patch is the same...hate patches so much as a toon link main. Ever since the first patch, theyve been taking options away from the character. It's so dumb. Every tether now has a followup or some kind of reward when they grab and they even decreased their endlag on whiff, even Villager...
  3. TLMSheikant

    Smash 4 Power Rankings Directory Project

    Puerto Rico's power rankings were updated recently: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/118LzZS5h1qX2PZrWoOQ_c9NxZqEmiNMmLjmF7T_Z8Ss/edit?pli=1#gid=0 1 @ET S@nt :4tlink: :4pikachu: 2 @Excel_Zero :4peach: 3 ET XEON :4yoshi::4diddy: 4 ET Eking :4mario: 5 @Bubbleman :4ness: 6 Doom :rosalina: 7...
  4. TLMSheikant

    Important Official Custom Moveset Project

    I'm starting to get uber scared for customs now. After ZeRo's recent tweets on them, a lot of people are becoming anti-customs. Worst of all, they want ALL customs banned because of a few offenders :(. Sigh...all that practice with fire arrows and short-fuse for nothing...
  5. TLMSheikant

    Complete Hitbox/Frame Data For Every Character (Now with KO Percents)

    Welp, I see. That's disappointing. The Toon Links have believed its frame 4 for a while now thanks to that haha. Thanks for clarifying. Also, where can I find the actual startup of the move?
  6. TLMSheikant

    Complete Hitbox/Frame Data For Every Character (Now with KO Percents)

    Are the Spin Attacks really active on Frame 4? I've heard people say Link's spin Attack was buffed recently from Frame 11 to 8 so which is it? @_@
  7. TLMSheikant

    Official Standard Custom Moveset Project Initial Release

    Only 3 Toon Links replied/liked my post but they all seem to like the 10 sets I posted: 2111 2121 2131 2113 2133 2112 2211 2212 2213 3131 Someone mentioned liking 1113. 2113 is basically the same but with better arrows though and I don't know what I would replace tbh. I wish there...
  8. TLMSheikant

    Data Standard Custom Moveset Project: Toon Link / Custom Move Discussion Thread

    Piercing Arrows aren't nearly good enough to be represented in 5 sets. I agree with Dr. Artemis that Neutral B 3 will be used only in certain matchups and should be paired with rising slash for those matchups. One set with them should be enough. After some thinking and consulting with Dr...
  9. TLMSheikant

    Official Standard Custom Moveset Project Initial Release

    There's going to be a tourney here the 21st of this month in which we're going to use this moveset project :) . Are the EVO sets going to be ready by the 21st?
  10. TLMSheikant

    Possible New Doc AT?

    Hmm...yep, now that you said that, it makes sense. For a brief moment you can see bowser start a down b. The dream is dead :(
  11. TLMSheikant

    Possible New Doc AT?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHbIR6qfj-c I was messing around with Doc vs the CPU and then that at 0:25 happened. What I did was UpB out of shield. The hitbox came out but it got cancelled by something. It reminds me of Doc's old UpB cancel in melee. I'm not quite sure what I did, but maybe...
  12. TLMSheikant

    Official Standard Custom Moveset Project Initial Release

    Toon Link's custom moves should definetely be revised. Upb2 I have found lately to help a lot in the wario matchup for example. Toon Link's upb1 and upb3 are both really prone to farts and upb2 helps a ton with that. There should probably be at least 1 moveset with each upb because they are all...
  13. TLMSheikant

    Stage Analysis & Discussion Thread

    In a monthly here, the TOs had Pilot Wings for testing. And oh boy, a Megaman picked it vs a Ness and nothing happened during the whole first minute. Everyone was watching because it was funny. Camping under the wings of the first plane is dumb. I don't think there's a safe way to enter vs...
  14. TLMSheikant

    Meta Treasure Charts: Metagame Advancement, Research Lab, and AT List.

    http://smashboards.com/threads/ftilt-with-item-in-hand.381113/ We can now ftilt with a bomb in hand.
  15. TLMSheikant

    Toon Link General Information Discussion Thread

    I won the first 3DS tourney here with Toon Link (and Diddy in one round) and also a weekly. That was in 1.0.3. The next one is in December 6th and it's wii U. Aiming to win that too :)
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