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Recent content by TimeSmash

  1. TimeSmash

    The Ultimate Smash Bros Canon Battle: Day 14: X vs Iggy

    Peach also can throw bombs, remember. It's possible she could throw them at the Blue Falcon. Her parasol has also shown to provide invulnerability if used in Super Paper Mario, where anything that collides with it bounces off. If she's using Perry, that's a little different, but it can eat...
  2. TimeSmash

    What will it take for this game to truly be 'Ultimate' to you?

    I'd love a good Adventure mode again. I loved and replayed Melee's countless of times, Subspace Emissary was this big epic adventure but it got tedious and there wasn't a ton of desire to do it again. Melee's story, though barely existent, had those nice cutscenes and slightly alternative routes...
  3. TimeSmash

    Pre-Release The Transition: New Mechanics, Re-works, Balance Changes Thread

    A small change, but in the video displaying the Perfect Shield mechanic, I noticed that when a Perfect Shield is performed, the character's eyes will turn yellow, in the same way they did when having a Final Smash aura
  4. TimeSmash


  5. TimeSmash

    PM Arts and Alts Thread

    At least yours has color Nefnoj! I made one for Kimono Peach a while back on Imgur...
  6. TimeSmash

    PM Arts and Alts Thread

    Thank you for everything, Nanobuds
  7. TimeSmash

    Project M Ceases Development: v3.6 To Be Final Release

    I loved this game. It was a big part of how I got into the competitive scene and met tons of people on here and in real life. For all the complaints it got, and what was considered jank and wasn't, the majority of the game was well-polished and pretty smooth fighting wise. The hard work to...
  8. TimeSmash

    Do you think Zelda is OP?

    Long answer: Nooooooooooopppppppppppeeeeeeee
  9. TimeSmash

    Peach on Ledge

    Waveland waveland waveland
  10. TimeSmash

    Triforce of Wisdom: Mindgames, Applied ATs, and Strategies

    Stage discussion would be awesome! I'll change the title to reflect it. Sorry for not updating a lot--I'm a month into my program and it is definitely hard as balls. Anyways, Though I haven't played in a while, I always thought WarioWare (or WarioWorld now?) was an interesting stage for Zelda...
  11. TimeSmash

    Triforce of Wisdom: Mindgames, Applied ATs, and Strategies

    No one hate me because I haven't been on here in quite some time. What topics would y'all like to talk about next??
  12. TimeSmash

    PM Arts and Alts Thread

    Peach needs all the buffs she can get so please keep them coming haha. Ness has a bat, we have golf clubs. Simple enough
  13. TimeSmash

    Good crew names?

    Projectile Vomit, since a lot of those are projectile-heavier characters and Roy's so hot you could vomit from it
  14. TimeSmash

    Restricting tournament entry based on how many hours a player works/studies?

    When I read the title of this in my notifications, I thought it was about parenting and I was like Jesus parenting done right for a change lmao. While in an ideal world people would be able to devote more time to Smash, real life things like jobs and other time consuming crap come up far too...
  15. TimeSmash

    Din's Fire and Reflectors

    I'd have to say paradoxically it makes more sense for it to vanish/clank out in its current iteration than to be able to be reflected back, because then Zelda can just reclaim it. Also, since a reflector traditionally multiplies damage and knockback of a projectile by 1.5 or so, I'm not sure how...
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