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  • Thanks. It's just something I've heard from other gay guys and lesbians. It's like a skill or a condition that you develop out of necessity. I know that, for me, the gym is like this sex-free zone. (Or maybe it's just because I'm too busy trying to run with smoker's lungs.)

    The issue also taps into this fear that a lot of people have about being in close quarters with a homosexual. Little do they know...they probably already have.... *cue dramatic chipmunk*
    I can post a bigger one on my thread once it's done LOL
    Haw xD
    Well the original is actually pretty big. Once I finish it I can send you the original file. It's like 3000x2500 lol
    Lol well I'm actually an adult, I made the name before i turned into an adult. I decided to keep it because MysterTigerAdult sounded dumb XD

    Also, what character do you main, what state are you from and going to any nationals soon? Sorry for all the questions ^^'

    Btw, wanna wifi sometime?
    lol well i'm actually an adult, i made that name before i turned into an adult and MysteryTigerAdult sounds dumb.... SO lol, i keep it.

    I'll word check my name sometimes cause i'm to lazy to try and find the threads i'm talking in and i see yours alot and i'm like wth another tiger?! XD

    So who do you main and what state are you from?
    He's named Kurt because when Ryan Murphy saw Chris Colfer, he said, "Why do I get the feeling you played Rolph in the Sound of Music?" To which Colfer replied that he played Kurt, and had Von Trapp written all over him.
    hey Tiger, i thought i could meet my other today. Sooo.... sup? ^_^

    Btw, you should add me on aim and skype as MysteryTigerTeen
    will do and now I can't wait for it.

    Could u shoot me a pm with your aim thing. Fail ebuddy doesn't let me talk to people on here that are not added ;-;
    :O sounds fun! How 'bout this. I'll play in yours if you play in mine?

    Omg i just got the name of it....brb dieing of laughter.
    Xiivi does :o

    haha! The thing with my cpu is it keeps breaking and i gotta keep using this other cpu but it is always being hogged xD

    Your fun to talk to ;D you should add me on aim if you wanna.
    you did superb in FF7 mafia!

    Wow I hate being jynxed by stuff. I have NEVER lived past D3. Until FF7 mafia but that's a technicallity :laugh:

    Man, I have been playing all my game's with like 1 day of CPU a week. All my other posts (besides the monsters are itouch)
    aaaah gotcha gotcha it just seemed like you posted more.

    *tapes mouth shut* -prevents from spilling anything yet-

    Anywho, I watched you in Mario Kart mafia too :o died kindof early there haha.
    Yes I shall haha.

    Also man seriously. I didn't think I could ever laugh as hard again as I did when I first read Glyph's thread. I was dead wrong. "You might have thought honey... is made from beeees.... not treeeeesss..." I died
    I know what you mean. I'm at work right now. And I need to buy batteries for my Wiimote so I can finish Kirby's Epic Yarn.
    Haha yes me too, although I'm honestly not surprised :p

    Thank you!! I shall definitely keep it real, no worries :D
    I absolutely agree!! I usually respond to such threads to get some of my frustration out, which has been building up lately thanks to midterms.

    Thank you very much! That means a lot to me as I would like to get involved in political campaigning after I graduate from college. I found your argument great too! You address the topic emphatically, your message is clear and powerful, and it has validity that only personal experience can lend to an argument, very well composed.
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