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  • You can barely make it to the stage 10% of the time and you think you're gonna beat me?
    20 walden cypress court, gwen oak md 21207 and if gw doesn't work baltimore instead

    See u guys soon call ps is something else is up or hit me up on aim
    dude, ur sig..LMAO i saw that last night. what happened to that thread?

    =D and yea I'm going to SPOC ^_^. We should switch characters and I should go fox and you should go sheik.
    LMFAO you have SPAM in your pool.



    Looks like we are gonna drink sooner than we thought ;)
    LOL, I thought playing Hylian and UTD Zac from Texas all the time would have helped, but Mr. Vulcan had a couple of different and unique approaches to the match-up that caught me off-guard. And I lost to Malcolm's bad-*** Wario.
    Nah, I play Melee once every two weeks. My Sheik and Marth have been laughable garbage since last summer. Plus, I've got a lot of other events slated around the country before I make my way back to the EC, probably for Apex. How did you do at CoT4? I didn't really get a chance to meet you.
    Youuuuuuuu are awesome! Yeah I wasn't sure if I had it or not but I do remember talking to you on aim XD anyway I'll be on late tonight, prlly like 12am. So if you're not up I'll be on tomorrow night around 9 or 10. Yeah it's cheap because there's 11 ppl in the room >>; I only planned for 9 people but EE and Btree needed a room.
    Yesh for the driving and nope, nothing happened. I just wanted to chat with you about the pricing, it's going to be 45 for each person so please tell your friend as well (you were bringing someone right?). And I also need your aim so I can chat further about the driving situation :) I don't have your aim right? XD I don't think I do...

    Anyway I'll be sending a PM to everyone in the room by end of day today regarding other things.
    Sup thumbs, it's mits the wolf mainer, good **** at chu's bi-weekly, we have got to do somemore matches, that was a blast. Maybe we can try teaming next time, me and bro's tactic clash too much, we both have really good banana controll, we could really do some dmg.
    the date isn't set yet, though i talkd to the guy who runs things at DM on saturday when i was at their guilty gear tournament and he said he would call cort and try and get one set so it shouldnt be too long before theres a definite day. yah and you only had 2 bananas imagine the insanity with four lol.. i can''t wait to try it.
    hey, since your said your prolly going to the next esticle wanna team diddy's? i've wantd to try that for a while now... 4 bananas would be fantastically fun... team name would be Mojo Jojo, lol. anyway let me know what you think, i don't really know many diddy players so i figured i'd ask you
    That was a heck of a match. It was the hardest match I've had in a long while. I thought I had you for awhile. I assumed you made it pretty far in the tournament. Congratulations and I look forward to playing you again.
    Hey there! Are you the Diddy Kong player that defeated me in Round 3 of the Otakon tournament? I was the Red Olimar.
    sounds interesting i might check it out once i get internet back up and running again... also do you know whats a good player for .mkv files... right now im using VLC media player, does that work for them or do you know what does?
    no i haven't seen them yet, i wanted to finish air before i move on to the other ones by them, but yah i heard clannad is the best too. And no whats bokura ga ita about?
    i've seen air, its really good, i never got to finish it though, i seen up to episode 9 or 10 i forget out of 13.. the last episode i got to all of a sudden it jumpd to the past for some reason and really confused the crap out of me... have to finish that tooo.. anyway thanks for the list ill check some of them out
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