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  • Rofl. I love that, and it being PMs makes it oh so much more hilarious. I'd hate to be Kawaii Bunny who openly admits she's actually a girl. She gets that kinda stuff on her wall. xD
    I always try to keep myself away from that cause when they assume or find out that you're a girl, it's crazy. I'm sure Azua would go through the same thing if she wasn't a mod.

    That is a **** move xD. People show such interest and then if i'm sick of it, I just say i'm a guy and then they ignore you forever. >_>
    I should rent a van lol and take Team MD up there

    we should get Plank, Neo, and assimilate the Dark hawks and become Team MD for the crew battles

    EE are you ready for thursday? I'll probably be at your house around 6pm, we'll drive over to the college fast and play brawl for a while. I'll try to get a tournament going but we'll see what happens.
    well i was playing smash with college kids lol it was raaaape they couldn't handle the r.o.b. heh but yeah i would have MADE time to be there heh but its all good i did tell everyone i was busy all week

    next thursday, want to go to stevenson university with me and **** the scrubs?
    not really no, there are some card shops over this way but I dunno if they still have yugioh tourneys

    next time you go to brawltimores give me a hollar! I heard you were playing with Gilman and them.

    Also, next thursday, what would you say to going to a college and whooping a bunch of college kids at brawl? They have a game club every thursday and do nothing but play brawl for 4 hours. They only have 1 projector though, but they are supposed to bring TVs next time. it is like 5 mins from your house, i'd pick you up
    I am totally not gonna have any definite idea of the money until January. I need confirmations on several people first.
    I am, i gotz the first coat done today, sorry i've really busy at work and no car makes it hard to get paint when i want.
    cool deal, yeah i'm a bit tied up this month so next thursday was the only day i have for a while, so i'm going to use it to play brawl lol
    ok sure

    well i'll see you then, i'll give a text or something day of to make sure we're still cool
    Hey EE. How does next thursday sound for smash? I could come over and practice pre CH4.5.

    Also, PM me your AIM, mine is my name easy TheTantalus
    Oh ok word its all good.

    At least you have a team mate.

    You should come to TO4 in GA like last time. We didn't get to play much before =/

    It'll be about as big as last time, if not bigger. Only at a different venue, and with a different name, since TGMT2 got postponed due to date issues.
    We will do that! You are right on the way home from work. I could stop off on an evening.

    Do you work on friday? I have the day off.
    I was sand bagging and it was a friendly so GTFO I beat u in tourney were it counts so meh
    Event 52 man, huge Melee tourny. But it's 16 hours away so I decided to fly. I should've invited you but tickets are mad expensive. Road trip woulda been nice, but since it's a 2 day event now I just can't miss that much time off of work.
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