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  • I want to be in the Troll Back Room. How do you have one account in the back room but not the other?
    ill send the footage tomorrow for sure in the morning. Yeah actually we can go over starting out strats. probably dealing with characters go to spacing tools. later we can go into details regarding our harder match ups interms of what beats what etc.
    Don't want to fill the thread with any more praise, so it's going here: that pic is amazing.
    Yeah Ill check them out. And i definitely shark on delfino. Its a great stage for us imo. Not only can we shark but we get alternative kill options on walk offs, and at certain points, uthrow into a uair> uair frame trap means death very very early. AND we have Isdr there. The platforms can still be abused by our uair range, and yet they are high enough that they wont get in the way of our ASC approaches.
    Yeah, I should have more faith in my Sonic to play him in tournament. But I don't. Also, I made a sig for you. I'm about to photobucket it.
    Who are you telling? This was after my 3-4 month hiatus and I was getting back into the swing of ICs. Frustrating would be an understatement.

    Me v Joey 11/29/2034
    1:54 (ICvMK)
    3:09/3:14 (FOXvZSS)
    14:44/14:51 (SONICvTL)
    14:57 (SONICvKIRBY)
    15:16 (ICvKIRBY)
    15:27/15:31 (PIKAvIC)
    15:38 (YOSHIvSONIC)

    Me v Enda

    20:48 (SONICvTL)

    That should work. If you could record those, I'll be greatly appreciative. Plus there SHOULD be some combo vid worthy stuff from my Sonic.
    I was gonna send some replay files to you. Seeing as it's WAAAAY easier than compressing and mediafiring them.
    Tesh you need to find something epic with spindash. or something amazing with our footstool shenanigans. I believe in a drunkard.
    I may be captain obvious, but this whole game is starting to shift towards "If we do this, how will it affect MK?"

    It sucks
    Sorry Tesh, I can't get that Pepsi spindash to work. Too fasflkjalskjflkjdifficult.

    The spindash numbered grid is pretty lulzy though.

    Hey tesh, lemme know whenever you decide to head over to syncs so I can come on over too and brawll
    that song you had vs nike on r3 sounds familiar...mind telling me wut it is? D:
    Idk if you saw my youtube comment but the 3rd game between me and Nike was only half of the match then it stops, can you fix it?
    I seriously almost cried when I saw that game 2 vs K Prime failed.

    I hope you can get it to work :V
    Thanks for the info man :) you were more detailed than anyone else imo haha just need oli now..
    tesh! thanks for starting to upload the videos - I have one request though

    if you could put a description on all of my videos it would be greatly appreciated.

    vs K Prime was in Bracket
    vs P4 was in Bracket
    vs Zori was in Bracket
    vs Sama (wolf) was in bracekt
    vs Mystic was game 2 of a money match
    Any uploads you have of me at ozzfest can ya upload them? Need them for my CF boards :D
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