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Terywj [태리]
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  • Can I choose the Starmie side but keep the mad group? That one's just a group count +1 for me. Starmie's for realz.
    im doing good, the HV clan more or less dissolved, but since basically the entire pika boards were in it did not matter. we have a PGD keeping us together :)
    i'm a math major, i used to be software engineering and i took some computer science courses so i know a little about programming
    Well I think you have a better chance than most all of these complex/kinda unrelated names like Ripostide and Teshrizap. I doubt Lithirill will be noticed, considering it was my second post ons mogon.
    Two "L's" make it to literal to Kill, i think the one l is fine. Kiljolt is pretty bad ***
    Oh I just wasn't expecting a congrats from anyone since I've done this before. I thought that emoticon was the best fit.
    When you say private, do you mean that you just can't connect or someone denied access to you?

    If it's the former have you tried using the WEP key?
    trying to find a thread to post but none of them give me a reason to post right now, btw who is that chick on your avatar?
    and before i forget, i you need any type of art banners, sprites (yeah, im a sprite artist now ) just let me know.
    soul silver, i just started (even tho i got it on the release date) and i only have 2 badges and working on the third but was occupied with getting the dratini on the game corner :p , i have the spiky eared pichu , but i need the jirachi that unlocks the pokewalker road, do you have it by any chance? i missed the event that gamestop made for that jirachi, heck i wasnt even paying attention to the current events :p
    I'd have to agree

    Still works for mine though >_>

    Feel free to use it if you want lol
    hi Terywj :)
    im sammy p! you may not know me. MAYBE youve seen me around?? mostly the pool room, or basic brawl forums... but i dont post as much as i used to.. :(
    i just wanted to say i envy your avatar IMMENSLY! ahahahah i see that Icydeath has one as well, and marthage had one at one point, and i THINK uncle sam had one before too! would you mind telling me where you got them?(i understand if you dont want to tell me or anything, considering im a COMPLETE stranger haha)
    Oh that sucks :/

    I bought it HeartGold today, and I've gotten a good bit through for my first day. Beat the first Gym leader, too. He's actually not that easy >_< I'm looking to get my Crobat somewhat early, but of course, that'll take a while. Overall, I think the game is good, though. I wish they could just make an entirely new game though (instead of remakes).
    Haha, thanks. I've payed the Poke series for a good bit, I've just screwed around though. I just wanted to check out the Competitive scene a bit. And I love all those "Cute kids dressed up like their Pokeman" pictures xD.

    Have you (or are you) gotten HG/SS yet?
    Hiya. I figured I'd go to you for some help on this, since you're probably one of the more knowledgable members (from what I've seen). Uhh, I got HG today, and I was thinking about getting into the Poke scene a little more. You think you could show me some of the ropes or the like? Much appreciated :3
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