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  • Just wanted to stop by and say that you're one of my favorite people. Was good to see you at the minifest last week.
    Working hard long enough will eventually produce the desired results. I hope.
    I would say find the person in charge of the Smash Lab (don't remember who that is anymore) and ask them what they look for in new members.
    Monster took a while for me to appreciate, but I finally did. It's a great song, and the video is good too.
    I didn't understand Paramore's music until I saw them live. Their acoustic songs are good "listening music", which is why I can appreciate them so well at home, but their rock songs are very difficult to appreciate when you can't feel or exert the energy it gives to the fullest. They are good performers, which is mostly why I like them so much.
    I should go listen to it tomorrow. I'm not too into pop punk, but Paramore was somehow able to catch my interest. They're quite unique.
    That's sweet! I love her artwork. Is that your own character or some other one? You say "in a way"... I must know o_o

    I use FA mostly now, but I need to go back and mass favorite all of her stuff sometime.
    Your avatar looks like Captain Strawberry!



    Oops! I meant to say Colonel Strawberry
    thx for all the help dawg. Im going for it wish me luck haha. Ill let you know if I succeed
    when I hit install patch it tried to start downloading and failed. Get this

    Somehow my ******* deleted the gc backup thing from homebrew . . . -_- dont ask how Im just ********. Anyway to get that back hehe =)
    My friend mains ICs. H1N1. Trust and believe I know that craingrab is dumb as balls. xD It helped me stay back in Meleeland. ;)

    i've never seen the casual side fo ANY game show so much hate towards the competitive side, not even pkmn, usually most other communities, see the other side, and just know they exist, but not really bug em....but in smash bros case, its like an all out war of them flaming us saying we're playing the game "wrong"
    This is true, however, we do have one of, if not, the largest competitive gaming communities out there that's actually commited to one series. Larger than Halo, Pokemon and Street Fighter. So there's bound to be that inevitable grudge between the highs and the lows. And Black is a douche. I know of that trolly mofo.
    well, either way a patching system or em just putting a serious amount of focus on the balance before they release it, would be fine to me....really, casual party game or not....there was no reason for stuff like the ice climbers chaingrab to be in the final game of brawl, obviously thats just the tip of the ice burg with this game but you get what i mean.

    I knew from the very start when M2K rushed to metaknight that he was in it strictly for the money, least as far as brawl was concerned, i've been telling people that forever, but alot of em meatride him and act like he's a god....i know he's the best in brawl...but really people need to open their eyes and realise that he's honestly only playing this game for the money now.

    anyway, nuff about that....yes IGN actuallly paying attention to the competitive side, and more then anythign putting it in a good light, would be amazing for the scene, slowly but steadly we could convince the non-competitives that we aren't the "evil" people they think we are, i've never seen the casual side fo ANY game show so much hate towards the competitive side, not even pkmn, usually most other communities, see the other side, and just know they exist, but not really bug em....but in smash bros case, its like an all out war of them flaming us saying we're playing the game "wrong"

    cant say we haven't caused some of the problems ourselves though, obviously their are competitive players out there...that are just flat out pricks, and attack/troll the non-competitives to the point of getting em to hate all competitive players.....(good example, just go look up a person named Black stones on Aib....)

    but yes, regardless, this is a very very very BIG and potentially good thing for the competitive smash scene, not only could we break alot of the stereotypes given on us over the years, but we could get both the competitive and casual players on more freindly terms.
    long as folks don't start splitting the money again we might get another chance at MLG....just hope its for melee.

    one of my main hopes, though its a very big one that is unlikely...

    is that if competitive smash is covered on IGN...just maybe nintendo will take notice....and see that there are many many MANY people/players, who want smash to be *both* the great party game its always been, as well as the deep exciting competitive fighter that everyone loved with melee.

    and more then anything it also might seriously make nintendo take notice of some of the imbalance issues from brawl.....

    one of my biggest hopes is that either nintendo puts a patching system in the next smash so that when certain characters techniques are found to be too oped(or other characters are found to be too Uped) they'd attempt to patch it to fix it.....or they just take an extreme amount of time and dedication again this time trying to balance the game...if only to make sure some really stupid stuff*coughbrawlclimberschaingrabmetaknightcough* isn't in the final product again.
    I hear ya, are you getting punished because you hit the platform w/ no l-cancel(from an unsuccessful EC attempt)? I actually do aerials w/ Z in this case.. pretty much spam it a few times. I'm also used to l-canceling w/ Z so if I miss the EC I always hit the l-cancel. Most people prob. think i'm crazy for doing so, but I'm kind of confident w/ it(not necessarily recommending it, though :) ) I hit EC's on command possibly the majority of the time, though.

    sounds like you just started lacking confidence with the positioning of it
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