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  • thank you, I have pulled off some of those combos other than the thunder one because he doesn't play as fox/falco

    It was a pain in the *** to make but crap I will get to remakeing it in a week or 2. I will do what can.

    All I know is people can learn from it. But it needs work
    I,ve asked if I can come back in, why,and made blogs.

    But it would be really cool if you made a pichu thread for the video (look down)V

    And you could make it a thread why we should bring me back, with the pichu guide thread thing
    bad news my coputer destroted all my work for the pichu guide, so I have to start all over, but I am going to take my time to make it much better than want it was going to be
    Good news, I figured out how to edit videos and put them on youtube so now I can make a pichu guide, any ideas what to put in it. I will have a few stage tricks,up-B stuff,thunders uses in combo starting and edge gaurd(they can go together), and sheild pressure.

    I begin on monday and I should finish it that day.
    hey man the pichu boards seem to love to dosargee with anything someone is trying to do with and make pichu even wosre than he is. This is partly why pichu is really hard to be good as you don't any love unless you are really good and keep in mind no one really got anywhere with pichu. Tommy was the best at one time but wasn't someone who pushed their charcter to the linit like taj and gimpy. look they are on state powerrankings with bottom tiers. Really their needs to be someone who leads them and I have been banned from the melee boards so it can't be me.

    upair has more forwards range than nair and it sets up combo for everyone and grabs for fox,faclo high%s and falcon middle %s just to mix things up
    I know my **** man. You if you ever need any help with anything I,m here, just banned from the melee boards. If your thread goes nowhere then turn it into something useful and you can post that video if you want, I know that's better than what anyone esle can do. I mean even tommy messed a much higher percent of the time in his vs matches when he used it.

    I will make a advanced pichu guide and a combo video on youtube if I ever figure out how to edit videos.
    Yes, I have Yahoo, as well.
    or simply witchmimete if it's the screenname, I forgot what exactly was required for YIM.
    I was the last pichu and I got kicked out of the melee boards for it. I still do what I can do to help out like find pichu players/video and etc and what's messed up is I wrote a guide about pichu's advanced game play in detail and I discovered alot about pichu's grab game like pichu's throw knockback is lower than pikachu's knockback, giving him more combo options. I even discovered how to chain throw more people with up-throw. I know A s***lot of stuff about pichu that isn't even in the pichu boards like pichu's jab puts him about 100% out of peachs and zeadlas grab range means it's amazing sheild presure and near all the way out of gannon's range(so it works)

    You can combo fox with down-B if it doesn't hit you.

    Dude If you really want pichu's metagame to get going I have to be on the melee boards and if you want to find some of my discovers you can click the link on my Sig(guide can't be edited sorry)

    Just something http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57eA803YNXs I am petty techical for pichu player
    =/ Roomie didn't take anything to her room so what was on the table is what was on the table... she said she'd keep a look out for it though. I also posted on smashboards but nothing

    If it's here it'll show up, i think it could be at your place though, try asking around at the tourney
    That was my other friends FC. He fills his list extremely fast and deletes them after a while. BTW that other 4 should be a 9. I was in a rush and put the wrong number.
    ill add you at the end of the week,gonna see if anyone else messages me by end of week before i all you guys up

    thanks alot!
    I don't have time to type out a fully detailed response at the moment, but I'll try to hit on one point.

    The SBR's charge is to create a rule set that promotes healthy competition. The point Sirlin is making in his article is that oftentimes scrubs complain about a tactic being too cheap when, in reality, it is far from cheap. It is really quite easily avoided or countered at high levels of play. However, when a tactic is discovered that is so powerful that the entire game is literally reduced to using that one tactic (thus ending all public interest in that game), then we start entering the realm of "too cheap". The SBR never bans something without careful analysis.

    In fact, you may find this interesting: when the SBR stumbles upon a tactic that might be "too cheap", the first thing they tell everyone to do is to use that very technique as much as they can. Everyone is literally instructed to just "go and win tournaments using this cheap tactic". This is a beautiful system because 9 times out of 10, it just doesn't work. The cheap tactic is overcome by something the SBR did not foresee. When M2K comes out and complains about a certain tactic, it is not because it is the one thing holding him back from his 1st place prize. Quite the opposite. M2K's opinion is very important to the community because he is a top player (taking 1st place almost 100% of the time). M2K complaining about planking or whatever else is a red flag that the technique needs to be analyzed because if our top players cannot escape the cheap tactic, chances are no one else can either.
    The echidna and bat make a very good couple, their chemistry in X is the best, I hope it is as good in Archie.
    To find a venue you need to see how many people are coming first. then find a suitable location. Probably somewhere downtown. As for who to talk to, probalbly the owner of whatever venue you are trying to get.
    Well I don't cometo you for nothing. You'll have to tell me waht the proper resources are. As for transportation issues I have that covered as I contacts that can take care of that issue. TV's Wii's Brawl/Melee can be covered as i have contacts for that also. So 2 problems out. And you have someone who can get the word out? Good cause I sure as hell don't. So what else can there be?
    There are no TO's in Detroit. And you look well qualified or at least online seem to have some experience at hosting tournys. Unless I'm wrong.
    Top players do not avoid infinites/locks/chains for reasons you think they do. If a top player avoids such a tactic, it is because they did use it and eventually discovered that it is not as powerful as it originally seemed. It has nothing to do with the reasoning you presented in your signature. Top players are top players because they do anything and everything to win.

    Were you around during the Melee era? The top players used quite a few infinites/chains/locks. Wobbling, shine infinites, etc. were very common. In Brawl, it is not as much the case because top players are good at avoiding being caught in an infinite. It has nothing to do with your philosophy of "rising above mediocrity".
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