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  • Yeah, I do.

    You like flirting with Death too much. <_<

    You people with your technical right hands. Pft.
    Simpler way is to let go down, pull a bomb, throw up w/ C-stick for a strong throw, then double jump Up+B?

    If you want planking anyway. Yours is a way where you could actually damage your foe. Sasuke's way is like "**** Sakurai and autosweetspots."
    Theres no capital B in my name Viet.

    And your right, I do like you.
    Meh. You have credentials.
    Ask SasukeBowser. Tell him you're sincere and will revolutionize his gayness levels.

    Tell him I said to let you steal a spot.
    But you don't even play TL. <_<

    You'd need to be known as someone more than Anime recommendor and troll of the TL boards to get in.

    I just noticed TL can copy a lot of Marth's ****, like using platforms and stuff with his bair and nair.
    Gonna work on control...

    lol yeah...control.

    And needless TL tech skill. -_-

    **** trash tiers and their gimmicks.
    Did you get invited to the Smash Lab, or did you apply? Did you include much in your application statement?
    I'm so sure they're going to be canon but mmkay.

    And this is off of just thinking that they have opposites views of finding happiness, change and no change. And Anime typically pairs the two mains.

    Can you believe I haven't even watched all of the 1st ep?

    My friend mains Yoshi so we wanted a sub that is good for fighting Falco, Marth, and G&W. He is think DK might be good cuz he thinks he can put of a fight with Yoshi vs Falco, DK is even with marth, DK has the advantage vs G&W
    Hey whats with your Marth match up thread 3 bad match-ups and the rest are advantage marth. lol a lil bias?
    Yup yup. I loved it lol it was hilarious. Tsugumi is my favorite character Im lazy but Im going to upload some avatars of her :). Im watching Hayate no Gotoku now ^_^.

    Happy new Years btw ;)
    The Animal Crossing Fruit Tier List


    Melon (Watermelon clone without water)


    Everything else
    Their mom

    Lol by EL? Well I dunno, you seem to already know enough to tutor others. Hook me up then =P Lol na I was just wondering, im not getting better so im trying to find help or resource.
    Oops I accidentally posted it on my messages, here's what I said:

    1. Are you good for any Wi-Fi matches after new years?
    2. I was wondering if I could be a mentee of yours (deadass). Lol
    I added you on animal crossing. :p Add me if you haven't yet. And by the way.....I want to get some Marth videos up, but I don't know what to buy to record with. Any suggestions? x_x
    Hey Steel, I'm getting frame data for Jigglypuff and I was wondering how you can tell when a move has ended with aerials, because you can't just shield to stop them, like on the ground, which lets you know that 2 frames have passed. How dd you do durations for aerial moves?
    I thought we were going to go over why I ****ING SUCK AT MARTH on MSN!

    Thanks for the critique. Shaya + Steel combo is amazing. I guess no matter how patient I try to play, I'm just not very good at Marth.

    Too bad I'm too stubborn to ever give him up. I'll see how long I can bear sucking.
    Lol I'm not that basic. XD

    But yeah, I'll go with vid. you can actually critique better there. Might take me a bit to find someone to record it.
    I have a blue to a guy in Rutgers. But Hmm, it would depend. Anyways, hmm, Bunny says, I'm doing these things wrong:

    I'm using DA to much.
    That I don't hardly ever use Dancing Blade, which I don't.
    And I need to use Fair to space, as well as use DS out of shield.

    So uhm, it's kinda hard to say exactly what I am doing wrong without seeing. So I might try to get a vid up for you. I'd assume you'd prefer losing?
    Hey Steel, I know we've never talked before. But I need Marth help. 3: I know your probably not going to reply to this. But the person who I've been practicing with, Bunny, says that you could help me. So just like a few mirrors or you play someone else against me and let you see what I need to do. But thanks anyways man.
    Steel I already know we have a bad connection.

    Trying this other guy because maybe NY has some sort of sexy ISPs up there. It IS the Empire State.
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