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Stealth Raptor
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  • I need to use the Key better :lick:

    I need more Lucario experience too. >.>
    I don't blame you lol. For some reason the lag on my Wi-fi matches gets worse the more I play, it's really irritating.

    Really good Pikachu, I was surprised about the lack of UAirs though.

    Stupid D-Throw chaingrab on Ganon :mad: but nice Samus, I'm really bad at camping lol.

    My R.O.B.'s really good against people who don't know the matchup, but I get destroyed when they do. I've thought about dropping the robot, but I can never bring myself to do it. :(
    Lol it's fine. I don't (well, kinda can't) go to IRL tournaments so I'm not the greatest. x_x

    I'll be on in a few minutes.
    Lol that happens sometimes.

    Want to do a few friendlies? I'd like to fight a good Pikachu.
    Well, we already have 6 people in a room that's supposed to hold 4. We MIGHT be able to squeeze 4 more people in, but I doubt it.
    I believe the Red Roof Inn still has rooms available for $109 or $112 a night, though
    I would try SneakyTako or Quivo or Kiest I hope you guys find some
    I'll be free sunday. Tomorrow my girl is coming over (maybe I could play post 10 PM) and saturday one of my friends is chilling with me. IDK when I would be able to that day.
    Yup :(

    At a mandotory appointment right (Dsi wardriving ftw)now and will be at two tommorow. It's kinda funny that I'm busy during the tourny but no other time :/
    Ah I just remembered that Ill be out later....since the due date is tommorow, you can have the match.
    I'll have to get you next time :p
    Oh yeah! I sure didnt forgot about the tourny! *cough*

    Yes tonight would be awesome! What times are good for you? I'll be avialble anytime after four! And if we lag or whatever the match is yours!

    Stealf ♥
    Mind if I ask where you found it? I have a folder of cool pokemon images so I'm always looking for more lol
    No problem.

    Btw, do you have that video where you (or whoever the Pika was) make MK fly off the screen during his up b? And he falls to his death?

    I always forget to save that vid, and I always end up needing it for something, lol.
    I suppose we can team. you still play pika in teams? I don't play DK in teams anymore
    Not really. :ohwell: I already banned it from the social, but since the tourney thread is more about tournament performance (which is semi-related), I'm just gonna watch it and make sure it doesn't get too out of hand.
    Fixed. Somehow you managed to copy-paste the entire second post into the first post. x.o

    That's what the preview button is for, silly!
    We had branched into a all-gaming clan, but activity dwindled and the loss of a few staff members called it quits for everyone. Most of the guys still hang around on a role playing forum, but I'm pretty much the only one back on Smashboards. How about you?
    Nope! But someday in the future if you go crazy and decide to turn into a SWF bad boy, at least there'll be some evidence that you used to be a good boy. ;-;
    Lol super pro.

    Yeah, I did it because people generally know my "hours, which are 2:00-12 pm, on and off.
    That and you get a neat little icon.
    Your hiding spot. I rated the effectiveness of your hiding spot at a Nemo.

    'Cause, I mean, I found you anyways.
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