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Recent content by SphericalCrusher

  1. SphericalCrusher

    Pacific West 2GGT: Feat. Fatality

    Good luck and have fun Fatality! Let's go GA BOYZ
  2. SphericalCrusher

    Event Preview: Dreamhack Winter 2015 feat. Armada, Mango, Leffen, Hungrybox, and many more

    Thanks for the info. I love these posts. So helpful! I usually make similar ones on GA Smash 4 page for events relating to that.
  3. SphericalCrusher

    Atlantic South Cool Hands Smash 4 Tournament w/Bonus Monado Sword!

    Cool Hands is celebrating its one year anniversary by throwing a Smash 4 tournament with a killer bonus prize! A replica Monado sword!!! The tournament will have the normal cash prize but with the bonus Monado on top for first place. This tournament is Saturday, December 5th starting at 5PM...
  4. SphericalCrusher

    Georgia Smash 4 Season 4 PR

    This post contains Georgia's Smash 4 Season 4 Power Rankings! The post was copied and pasted from the document I created on our Facebook group. -------------------------------------------------- This is the result of amassing data on Georgia’s regular tournament goers between August 18 and...
  5. SphericalCrusher

    Legend of Zelda Next Zelda remake?

    I'd love a Link to the Past HD style remake (even using Link Between World's graphics unless they go WiiU/NX). Skyward Sword would be awesome but it's too soon IMO. I'd like an HD version of the first two on NES also - that could be neat. Links Awakening as well. Lots of possibilities.
  6. SphericalCrusher

    Social 7th Heaven - Cloud Social Thread

    I got FF7 around when it came out and it's still my favorite Final Fantasy to this day (although 9 is right there as well)... I am happy to see Cloud in this game. I think it's going to be pretty neat, but I hope that this is the end of 3rd party characters for the game.
  7. SphericalCrusher

    How much do you guys play each day?

    Lately, on average, I play a couple hours a week. I usually place around 12th at tournaments in my area though, out of 50 people (average). I'm a causal. :P
  8. SphericalCrusher

    What are video games to you?

    "An escape" and the most consistent hobby I have had for 25 years.
  9. SphericalCrusher

    Mother 3 coming to Japan VC next month

    Hopefully NA gets it. I've only played the fan translation, which was a ton of fun... but it would be nice to play it again!
  10. SphericalCrusher

    Yuji Naka's "Rodea: The Sky Soldier" - Spiritual Successor to NiGHTS, With a Dash of Sonic

    I have been following this game since it was announced for Japan. I saw that it's out on 3DS but I am planning on picking up the WiiU version. I just have SO MANY GAMES to play right now... but hopefully I'll get it with birthday money or for Christmas once I've wrapped up a few games.
  11. SphericalCrusher

    Smash Back Room Launched for Wii U Version

    Very happy we finally get this. Now we are one step closer to a final tier list. I work with Reflex on Georgia PR and he's one of the smartest people I know. He will do amazing work.
  12. SphericalCrusher

    The Mega Master: ScAtt

    Scatt is a friend of mine and a fellow GA player. It makes me so happy to see this.
  13. SphericalCrusher

    Myran, Feel Tension, Lyric, And Seagull Joe Signed By Arcane eSports!

    My boy Feel Tension!!! Congrats to all!!! It makes me so happy to see so many Smash 4 players get sponsored. This is the best game series ever.
  14. SphericalCrusher

    The Official 'Xenoblade Chronicles X' Thread: Spoilers will not be tolerated!

    Glad to hear man. I'm very excited for this. Loved Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii. Bought the 3DS version but only made it a couple hours in due to the hundreds of hours I put into Wii version, lol.
  15. SphericalCrusher

    Official General Post-DLC Discussion [Closed]

    Maybe we will hear something about the ballot soon.
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