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  • Haha I would like to play against you too Sonic if you're not too busy or too sleepy :p I just feel like playing
    haha, that`s y, We going to fight them early, also want to do some dittos in a little bit if ur not too busy or too sleepy? XD ^^, so u can improve ur steak XD ^^
    haha, I guess sometime like 4-5 est. I`m going to go applie for jobs, so my mom can screm less at me and hence make me lose my concentrate apptizer of steak XD ^^, also, so we can catch them more often during those times lol. be there k?, we almost had a chance to fight them today, but that`s okay XD ^^
    haha, just don`t use it too much XD ^^ or abusing it as a recovery either. That`s how u get b-air stagespike- or spike or gimp o-o XD ^^
    if u feel like that, I think u need to corporate more mindgames, a little bit more mix-up on recovery tho, since I see u side-b alot, and some spring with some spinshots XD ^^, anyways think u feel even more predictable, wall jump. On offense u probably hve to do a little bit less spindashing, but use it to cover alot of ground, less laggy d-airs, but make them lagless, if ur going to use them o-o XD
    ah the momentum canceling, also we f-smash them for ilussion. We use the fastest aerial to get back. Also we can do double footstool spring combo as a last resort to get ahead of ppl if we r just a stock behind XD ^^
    well, for one strategy of mines is called the spindash fakeout blitzkrieg lol, where one of us go full on down-b and other spinshots from above to attack land and air XD, Another is spring crazy, where we use ground springs and mess with their heads by d-airing and attacking them from a istant aerial from spring Too many good strategies XD, another set-up is d-throw to u-smash to spring -delayed f-air/ up-air. I also use grinding and foxtrotting to stop before attacks hit me and dash attack and u can DACUS into them. Defensively we can fight back with hit and run tactics lol. WE can also use retreating b-airs and foxtrot- shuttered step f-smash. Haha, too many possiblities with mindgamez XD ^^
    Hey Sonic, get ready to do some exciting ffa's in one hour again with Caleb, me, and DK! =D
    haha, that`s wat alot of ppl says lol XD ^^, thanks, I think ur avi is awesome. It`s sonic`s were-hog form XD ^^
    hmm, we almost did, except zeo had it on team attack. Ah well I footstooled him for that lol, that was too pro XD ^^
    no prob, by synchro full on mindgamez and/ or combos is the only way to confuse with our setup lol XD ^^
    hey more good FFa's earlier.... :) DK2 wnt phycho and was only walking w/Ike and when Zeo would go to spam blaster Ike didnt even flinch and then Zeo got smashed to death i LOL'd so hard!!!! XD^^ ^o^ :D
    Alright whenever you're ready Sonic, it's probably gonna be a ffa with you, Caleb, and DK
    Haha alright I'll play him later tonight and see him in action. You're welcome to join too Sonic :) I'll message you when I can play alright?
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