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  • hey ggs earlier they were funny.... cant wait to do some 1vs1's again... you kinda boosted my confidence up a bit ....
    it`s fine, it happens, even tho on paper, we hve a small disavantage it could change, matchup ratios are sometimes biased XD ^^
    heard he`s a good lucas, player, other than that, idk, I think u can keep up with lucas, tho and I notifying sho_gun fox about it lol XD ^^
    u need to invite or notify ppl on the board, also ur friend`s are most likely going to enter if they want lol. (last time I tryed, only ppl who knew me rly came, others were just random lol XD ^^) ur welcome about my advice ^^
    I'll give you the full instructions.
    1. Click UserCP
    2. Click Group Memberships
    3. Click the bubble that sounds Join group next to Tournament Directors
    4. It'll ask for the URL of your thread, put it there.
    5. Whenever they approve of your request, they will make you a tourny director.
    Well now I don't think so, since you don't have a lot of people in your tournament. So you have 2 choices: You could give it a try now just for the heck of it, or wait till you get more people and then try requesting. I would suggest inviting just a bunch of random people to join your group, then it'll be popular like mine :)
    Oh well you could try requesting now, but it's a higher chance if more ppl join lol
    Well first make a thread for your tournament, cause that's the proof you need that you're hosting a tournament. You can't tell them to look at their group, because they won't -_- So once you do that, click User CP, click Group Memberships, then from there you should know what to do.

    heres my FC iam on a losing streak so dont expect much from me until i get back into shape... ill add you now...
    Yes I did, and thank you buddy! :) So do you wanna play brawl buddy or later on? :)
    Hey buddy I got a question, we can pick our partners this time? Or it's still random?
    well, it helps, to see how u can react, and ur knowledge of prirotizing the 2 spin dash moves XD, also depends on the experience of said mainers , also to help wat u need to work on as a sonic mainer and adapt some strategies from that person ex: me and u r almost quite the same, but since I got a bit more sonic experience than u gives me a small advantage but it still even, player skill changes that by a small margin
    I don`t main him out of fanboysim. I main him, so I can prove the world, that sonic isn`t a charcter to bother about, and to kick *** with a low-tier. I can keep up with his almost all of his worst matchups XD ^^
    You were asking if you should quit smash, I'm saying you shouldn't :p YOu could get on btw, I'm playing right now :)
    Aww heck no Sonic don't give up man. I personally think Sonic is really hard to be good with, that's why you don't see much pro sonic's. And even if they do they don't win tournaments. :) If you're not satisfied with your Sonic, why not jump aroudn different characters. =D
    Well Sonic you're in the Round of 32, the deadline for the Round of 32 isn't until next Sunday :)
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