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  • apparently, we didn`t hve team attack on, and our oppenents are done for teams, sry, want to train, u need to sharpen how u kill with sonic, Racking damage is okay o-o XD
    uh oh lol Anywayz DK agreed, so we'll be on in about 10 minutes. Good luck on finding Kaze lol
    Ah DK2 being my partner, soudns fine with me :) In that case, I'll see you in 15 minutes! =D
    I can get on in like 30 minutes -_- For a partner, I'm not sure O_O I'll contact you when I'm done and if I find one
    why'd you leave buddy O_O Well anywayz I had to go too, parents wanted me to some hw. I can make some suggestions for your Sonic :) Don't use the down aerial unless you're sure you can hit, because it leaves you very vunerable O_O
    ready when u r for the team matches XD ^^, need training? We should invite some friends to do teams ^^
    and u going alot more aggressive, than me, I used to do tha, but being moar defensive in brawl, actually works pretty well against all-out assaults XD ^^, U want a match, u don`t hve too, if ur hands hurt alot tho o-o
    yea, haha, thanks and ur welcome XD ^^, Anyways I help new sonic mainers everyday XD ^^, and u can mix up the stuff, I told u about, that way, u`ll hve ur own style similar to mines XD ^^
    ic, hopefully u heal XD ^^, u need some tough mental and sometimes phyiscal strength to play, but it`s mostly mental, it was said by reozeo XD ^^
    haha yeah I know that you learn more when you lose than when you win, but I'm not dissapointed. Because I know I wasn't playing at my best at all :) And I'm probably way too busy man, thanx for the offer though =D
    Btw the way, I think I actually lost ironically due to my mental game haha. My mom was like shouting at me and I felt really bad T_T So I wasn't mentally prepared haha
    lol Well I actually lost man :) 3 - 1, Sheik sux at lag, but I guess I can't use that as an excuse :p
    haha see you're better than you think Sonic, the games all mental when it gets down to the higher levels :p Well good for you man! Now I'm about to play my tournament match too, so see ya in a bit :)
    5 to 1?? haha dude you're only supposd to play 3 out of 5. Which means first to 3. So do you know if he got the 1 before you got 3? Or you don't really know O_O
    And congratualations man!
    You mean playing advanced players?
    Not sure, but a main factor is definetely the mental part. Go in expecting a challenge, never think you're gonna lose, and stay mentally tough throughout the whole match. Once you get discouraged, you start doing crazy stuff that just isn't your playing style :) So try to forget about everything when you play geno machine, and do your best :)
    Hey Sonic, geno said he was ready on the "Pro Brawl TOurney(s)" chat, go get him Tiger! And good luck :) Make sure you check the rules! =D
    Hey hey its ok man, just because you take lessons from good Sonic player's doesn't mean you'll beat everyone haha You're really lucky to have those 2 teach you, you'll probably pass me soon :p
    I have no clue about geno srry lol.
    And yeah, I noticed that when we played. I was like omgosh, this guy plays like Kaze haha
    I thought you didn't know him so I didn't mention him, but now it makes a lot more sense! =D
    Hehe yeah you could use some work :) But overall pretty good, better than most Sonic's I've faced. Top 3 for sure :) GOod luck against Geno man
    yeah D:

    when we were taunting and crouch spamming at the beginning i thought you meant it was gonna be a for fun round to cool off after the other games XD

    some of my baits/move to punish your predictable grabs on the edge were mistimed so i ended up getting grabbed and b-thrown anyway lol.
    A little later ok buddy, because i'm helping my mom and spending some time with girlfriend because she feeling lonely again. :Laugh: :)
    haha Sonic I was asking DK to practice too :p Maybe we can do a three way :)
    My fc is 1332-7768-8897. I already got your fc btw =D
    Because I wanted to see if you really were a 'good Sonic' like you seemed to claim. `.`;

    you have to stop doing homing attack so much. It's SOOO punishable. All I have to do is run and drop past you to make you go downwards, then hit you with a spring, then you're gimped lol
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