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  • there's a Baby shower going on at my house right now O.o sorry i was eating some food that was brought over ^^
    I already attacked, and if you attacked during this period, you still have to wait until past noon, in which case will still be only 9 o clock my time, but I'll be asleep by then.
    The biggest problem will probably be the DB. It'll stop midway if there is any lag and you are doing it at top IRL speed.
    gl you're going to need it. I'm sure you are aware that Marth is notorious for being difficult to play w/ online lag right?

    Anyway represent Marth!!!
    i want in on the steak tounaments. wait, i can only play wi fi in certain situations...um could we discuss.
    Dude I'm not that mean ;)

    Anyway did anybody respond to your post? Doesn't seem like it..... If not I would PM somebody. Fear, Steel or Bengalz are good people to PM.
    You can't, you either have to edit the individual post, or you have to had made the master thread.

    Well... that's not without having to politely ask the original thread-holder... in that case, is CiTH.

    You're better off just letting everybody know in the Wi-Fi thread, and doing your own little thing in the Online Tourney section.

    See, I don't bit, and I even got banned. I'm not bitter. Your in a sanctuary in my comment wall.
    I don't see why not, any Sonic boarders who play on Wi-Fi would seem interested, although I'm not sure if advertisement threads are aloud somewhere.

    I'm sure you can make a single post somewhere on the Sonic boards that you would be hosting one, for instance the Sonic Wi-Fi thread is a good place.
    A thread like what?

    We aren't exactly happy about anymore threads, we've had enough s*** with idiots asking the same thing over and over and spam threads and then threads getting closed by the day. -_-
    Eh, I didn't even notice.

    And I doubt the others would care who mains Sonic, but an extra person at hand who is actually good with Sonic is always a bonus, as there are many people who play Sonic, but only a select few are actually good with him.

    Also you are getting there, being able to be Steak and such.
    Oh, even Online tournaments count?! SWEET!!

    I'll go see in the near future if I can host either a for real tournament or a "for the lukz" tournament.

    I kind of had the idea for a "Solimar!!!" tournament... maybe a Sonic ditto tourney, or even a Falcon Punch/Knee tournament if necessary.

    Thanks X5, and as I've said before previosu times, you're doing alright, don't let the others get to you, 99.9% of the time they are just being sarcastic and not really picking on you.

    You have nothing to worry about, except getting better, which with practice is easily attained.
    So you think you an tell me how you got that title? I would like to know just for curiosity/maybe one day I'll go in pursuit of the title for the blue font.

    And I don't think everybody was as angry as they were surprised.
    I'm not entirely jealous, I would liek a blue name just so I can represent Sonic's color though :/ owell :D.
    alright thats fine with me but yeah like I first said i should be able to play around then
    i cant play until later tonight or late tomorrow night i don't know though i'll see :D
    hey we're playing in Aryman's tournament. Sadly the only time i can play is late on Friday, like 10:30+ est
    anyways my fc- 5026-4392-5973
    see ya around ^^
    i just cant stand it when they make tournies thats 8 hours away from where we live.
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