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  • wow you really failed when it came to making a thread in the pool room
    it belonged in the general discussion tuff luck
    Lol usually when you break up thigns stay broken :p I'm good though been keeping out of trouble and I don't really have anything to do with my time now but work a lot, so I'm gettign rich and getting over her easier. How's yours?
    I used to think the same thing last year. :) Until I picked up Ness and just played so well. We had a 3 person FFA and you were Marth and I was just like "****, this guy doesn't know what he's doing." xD
    All you did was fsmash.
    That's a picture of Sonic. :) You have no profile pic.
    Oh, and Ness's fair/nair kills pikmin, which is probably better than some girly priss's sword. ;D
    I still don't believe you... D:
    Marth isn't that good against campers, lol.
    Yeah man I tried to back you up.
    Team battle confuses me sometimes especially with Frendly fire on!
    Good partnership.
    I lost all respect for you. :( We need more Ness mains.
    Marth mains account for 35% of the SWF population.
    a i have three there are lucas marth and ness and i meet him first ness later marth and lucas i like to use ness from the start because he demostrate a very good moves than tha anothers and later in the melee i was challenge by marth and in that he don't leave me won easily and with lucas well in the video promotional of th brawl i see him and i like to now more so i investigate about him and i like to play with him because i like the personality of lucas and perhads is a very good character for a flexible combos and for have a good defense too
    a thanks i will be waiting went my brother have a job for he can leave the wii
    si es es que me gusta tener amigos y si les puedo ayudar me siento mejor por eso los conoci por movitos de jugar y bueno aunque no pueda jugar por el momento aun asi puedo hablar con ellos y ver lo que pueda hacer por ellos
    well i went my brother go because if he will be all day playing with the wii and well you have a chance for go is just to take a shuffle for go and return that leave in the specific point of the city that cost 18 $ for go and go and pick for go 36 but + or - depending because im a one hour to tucson and you can also can check the nearest toysrus and print it for have the specific directions and print it for you can say to the shuffle driver and call then for they can pick you later of the eventor say ho much time you will be there for they pick you in that accourding time and well if you cn't go i can save a clon of my regigigas for you (went i have it ready ok )and also i have a clon of shaymin
    bueno caundo mi hermano no este porque si esta el usa el wii todo el dia y bueno aun hay chansa para ir como yo le hice tu tambien puedes es de agarrar un shuttle d ida y vuelta que te deje en el lugar especifico cuestan como 18 dolares de hida 36 de vuelta mas omnos porque de mi ciudad a tucson es una hora puedes checar eso en la pagina del toysrus e imprimirla para que puedas ir y señalar en donde pueden dejarte y llamarles o decir cuanto tardaras para que te recogan si no puedes ir te puedo guardar un clon del mio incluso tengo ya clonado a shaymin ok
    a hi sorry for not reply soon i was go to the regigigas pokemon event in the toysrus of tucson the 5355 east of broadway and i was have a lil problem with a free ride to the comeback but i meet a very nice persons that help me with that and well how you got yesterday something fun or of enjoy and how are you?
    DK weakness is against grabs.
    But I doge too much, so it's quite hard too.
    Also projectiles, but you don't use anyone with it.
    Oh yeah sorry I left.
    My Wii got over heated lol.
    Well at least you got to see that I use variety of characters.
    a well i have to rest for the school tomorrow ok so see ya tomorrow and good night ok sNess

    a bueno tengo que descansar por la escuela mañana ok asi que te veo mañana ok y buenas noches ok sNess
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