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Smooth Criminal
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  • You should try out D3 again. It's a lot better now than it was at release. And we're getting dueling soon, which is nice.
    Like I said, theories. Not necessarily the ones I share. Just ones others have brought to my attention.
    So many great characters in this book.

    "Stop talking, or you'll go to the special hell".

    And Sir Alec Guinness as Merlin? I'd watch the hell out of that movie.

    I think Molly is meant to be a prism (maybe not the right word) of some sort in contrast to Harry. There's a reason she's going through the grinder.

    I also think DuMorne is still alive, in some way. And there's also several theories floating around;

    1) Cowl and Cowl's apprentice are part of the darkest timeline (pseudo Community reference), and are Harry and Molly.
    2) Merlin=Harry. Also from another/the same timeline, but time is very wibbly wobbly.

    Anything is possible in this universe, but this book stirred up a BUNCH of stuff.
    Well, the thing with Molly (besides being AMAZING with illusion magic) is she's so frakkin' empathic.

    Now toss in what Maeve was like... And how Molly was in Ghost Story, and how hard she worked to get AWAY from that...

    Oh, and that she's going to be close to Harry all the freaking time now.
    I know, right?

    That ending was SO ****ing heavy.

    The MOMENT I saw what Maeve did, I was like...

    Oh, ****, Molly...

    My bad. I just assumed you finished. Very...


    UnCOOL of your dad to take the book first...


    Yeah, it was from The Princess and the Frog. It's a pretty ****ing awesome movie.
    Ah, I was going to recommend Dr. Facilier. Because he's ****ing awesome.
    Can you tell me anymore about it?

    It's mostly the tropeyness and lack of gravity in most of it that gets me. I read to absorb ideas and compelling characters and themes that make me think about existence and life and humanity and so on. Generally I leave escapism for movies and video games, which provide more than I have time for as is. With reading I need something more to it all to really make it worth my time, y'know?
    Real talk, when people are gonna be lame in grand finals they should at least have the decency of making it kind of fun to watch. Pichu Dittos on Green Greens.
    Hope you aren't annoyed with what I said. Just want everyone to get along maaaaaan.

    Don't be angry about Froggy. He has his own way.
    That sucks. Take it easy and try not to overdo it.

    Well, basically, the long and short of it is that management removed my position. Apparently, there's not enough hours to go around, and it's technically a taskforce position. However, there's "no room" on the taskforce for me, so two other employees will be doing my job now, along with whatever else they have to do as well. I still have a job, but I'll be going back to doing whatever.

    So, yeah, they pretty much screwed me out of my position, and I'm not down with that, so I'm looking for something new. :I
    Jeez, what did you do to it? I hope it feels better soon! :<

    Yeah, things are alright. Just focusing more on irl stuff at the moment. I have to find a new job, haha.
    Nah man, that's not derailing. That's discussion of something that I wrote. That's the point! Although I wish Falcon could deliver his point more articulately, because it's not a bad one, but that's out of my hands.

    Man, this blog is so much longer than I though it would be. I'm probably going to hit at least 10,000 words :urg:
    Thanks, man. I appreciate it. <3

    Yeah, I'm trying to keep that in mind and keep things in perspective, haha. One thing at a time. :3c
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