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  • I did. Well I posted it in the Video archive. Should I post it in the critique thread?
    Okie doke!! That's totally fine then!!

    And yeah, sure! Add my Wii # and Brawl #, I'll add yours!
    Hey hey, Sil! I remember asking Sole if it was okay to be School is in Session 3 in the OP of the results thread. <3 Can you do that for me and hype it up? Thanks a bunch!!
    If we do brawl - poolz it will have to be quick and to give better seeding for everyone

    people are bound to be late but im not saying its ok to be late because they will be even more late , but poolz for better seeding if i find time
    idk man, im just sick of not improving, losing to the same ****. Traveling so far just to get same results over and over. Its frustrating. If I do come back, it might just be for dubz.
    we are going from st. louis and it bring us to richmond then to colombus. Dayton is right below so it shouldn't be far out of the way at all. We only have two people wanting to go right now though (me and nicole) so we are kinda screwed unless someone helps us out with gas

    if you want you can catch me on aim
    I posted the full stuff in the social group last week. My first tourney in March was Fusion 1. What exactly was the first weekend of the season? March 6th or Feb 27th?
    "i played an mk main, someone who doesnt use dedede, in tournament, after beating their mk on battlefield with 13%, and lost game 2 to their dedede.

    ban dedede." -Stingers

    Hahahahahahaha. I guess that settles it.:laugh:
    When are you leaving? I'm confident that I can convince my mom to take me to Nope's at the very least. But she might just change her mind in the morning, I'm willing to give you up to $15 for gas but would prefer to give a little less.
    It's about a 35min drive. If anyone from Springfield goes to the Lexington tourney next weekend, convince them to give me I ride (I can probably get dropped off in Springfield if necessary).

    Also, teach me to play ROB well so I can stop losing to qqLain's Climbers. If that doesn't block namesearch, I'm boned.

    edit: no homo :laugh:
    Do I ever?:( I looked back and saw you posted the question before deciding to go to Kiest's thing and assume it's no longer relevant. Right?
    God, Sil. Your avatar has me dying of cuteness.
    I saw you got some new videos. Would you be so kind to post the best ones on the video thread?
    Negative. Honestly, I'm a brawl-haterrr. Melee is my style & I plan on keeping it that wayyy :] Sorry it took me forever to respond! Literally.
    Hey man, I'm gonna except your friend request, just wondering why you sent it lol.

    do I know you?
    haha i weesh.
    it's actually just a color that shows you purchased a premium membership.
    nothin special ^_^ i just like green.
    Hey whats up bro. you dont know me but im good friends with MHoltz, and i was reading the posts about the smashfest this weekend which im coming to with MHoltz group. But i see that you go to OU in Athens, I dont attend there but i go down there all the time, and I always wonderd if anyone played smahs there. whenever im down there would love to meet up and play some brawl (im not very good at Melee). but we can discuss it this weekend at the fest.
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