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  • I know I haven't talked with you in like, a year and a half. Just wanted to see what you were up to. I remembered going to that smashfest of your's in Oct '08, and we hauled that big TV back a couple blocks to your place. Then you hooked me up with a vitamin water for "helping" hahaha.

    Figured I'd drop you a line or two since I remembered. Hope you're doing alright.
    Would you happen to have the link to the haters gonna hate picture with the red turtle saved? If so, could you help me out, so I don't have to search through your posts?
    Since you can't send the all the files then just send me the lasttt 7 files that were in the folder that I left on your desktop, and just delete the rest, i guess
    Uuuuuh...I know this is a little random, buuut, do you remember when we played on wifi? By any chance at all, do you have any replays or did you record any of the matches? I'm just wondering...
    Actually, the "sword" Zero uses is just the sword glow kept on constantly. So, I wasn't able to place the actual sword anywhere it wasn't already. So unfortunately, unless Ike ever puts his sword in those places, then I don't know how to do that.
    Thanks for the DT info.
    btw, how exactly do you look at frame data in SA? I have it but I'm having a little trouble navigating. I plan on finishing the rest of the Lucario frame data, but I'm not sure if it's under Sub actions or Actions tab, or really what I'm looking for for that matter lol.
    I know this sounds annoying, but do you have that write up of the Ike vs. Lucario MU yet?
    Any chance you're going to Winterfest in December (FL) or Pound 4 in January (MD)?
    I like these ideas for jin Marth, when I get back I'll work on him and put him for download soon. I'll see what I can do about the Ice Ride move. I have an alternative to his Ice Ride incase I cant generate the ice effect.
    Hmm...Alright. Could you link me to your argument in the debate thread? A lot of people have been mentioning it, but I can't find it.
    I understand that, but if Snake bans Rainbow Cruise, he doesn't get in any 4-6 situations either. I'm still not fully decided, but I'm not sure about that point.
    You should come to my house with Balanced Brawl SOON so we can play that ****. I'm extremely interested. Plus, I feel Marth vs. Ike will be far more epic with Ike being fast . . . like he was in his game, lmao. You don't get gimped to oblivion, and with better recovery and approach, this turns a 60-40 into what seems like a really fun match-up.
    im interested in trying out some balanced brawl..*hint* *hint* so I will attempt to sometime next week with you. =)
    I am getting my Wii back tomorrow so add me so I can send the replays... if you haven't already added me

    Brawl: 4983-4610-6053
    Wii: 1072-6658-4759-9073
    I'm assuming it will be easier to put the replays in one folder and upload them online to a sharing website. To make it easier, I will also upload a Word .doc file that tells you at what time interval the sequences are at. I can't send them to you now, but I'll be returning home from college this coming Friday. So I'll send it to you then.
    i think we have to have eachother added in brawl to send replays
    here's mine

    i've added you already
    Hello Ryoko, I was wondering if ur in charge of the Ike vid, and what the deadline is.

    Ive heard good things about u btw ^^;
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